DC's Swamp Thing TV Series May Start Filming This Fall

There are reports that James Wan's Swamp Thing TV series could start filming in fall 2018, with production expected to take place in North Carolina.

Last month, the DC Universe online streaming service handed out a script-to-series order for a live-action Swamp Thing series, with Aquaman director James Wan producing, though quite a few details about the project remained unclear. Although the series order is contingent on a strong script, recent casting breakdowns have suggested work on the series is proceeding at a pace.

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In the latest news, Omega Underground reports that Swamp Thing is expected to begin shooting this fall in North Carolina, but that timetable hasn't been confirmed yet. The site speculates that moving to a less busy slate could give the series a little more wriggle-room in terms of production schedules.

Swamp Thing will be an hour-long drama series airing exclusively on DC Universe. So far, details have suggested CDC researcher Abby Arcane will be a major character, possibly even the series lead. She'll travel back to her hometown of Louisiana, where she'll meet the ill-fated Alec Holland. It's only after Holland's death that Abby will discover the mystical nature of the swamp, and will gradually realize that Holland may still be alive. Casting calls for Abby have suggested that Matt Cable, the government agent who became Abby's first husband in the comics, will also be a major character in the new show.

The real question, though, is whether or not this show will be part of the Arrowverse? The sorcerer Constantine has often crossed paths with Swamp Thing, and it would be great to see Matt Ryan play the part. Of course, that would be subject to scheduling; Ryan has a busy year ahead of him, with Constantine becoming a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow.

And since Swamp Thing is one of a handful of shows slated to release on DC Universe, that also makes a crossover unlikely. It's believed this service will launch in late August, and will include movies, TV shows, comics, and more. The service's new series are eagerly anticipated, especially the live-action Titans adaptation and the renewed Young Justice: Outsiders. If Swamp Thing does indeed begin filming in fall, it would suggest that DC is looking to release new content throughout the year. Meanwhile, the fact that DC is launching a digital platform containing their comics is sure to delight their fans.

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Source: Omega Underground

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