James Wan's Swamp Thing Series Ordered For DC Streaming Service

Swamp Things from DC ComicsSwamp Things from DC Comics

DC Universe is looking to add Swamp Thing to its upcoming slate from the mind of James Wan. Even though the movie side of DC is still looking to really get off the ground, the small screen is where the comic giant has hit its stride. The CW continues to pump out multiple shows as part of the Arrowverse and Fox has continued with Gotham. But, the half-dozen shows on network TV isn't enough apparently. DC is launching a digital service later this year, now officially titled DC Universe, and is bulking up its library.

Previous announcements brought a live-action Titans to the service and a revival of Young Justice. There's since been the announcement of an animated Harley Quinn series and a possible Metropolis TV show, too. None of these shows have yet to debut, and there's already another one coming.

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DC Universe handed out a script-to-series order for a live-action Swamp Thing series. The show's official series order is contingent upon Mark Verheiden (Smallville), Gary Dauberman (IT), and Michael Clear (Lights Out) delivering a great script. The talented duo aren't alone in this process though as Aquaman director James Wan is part of the project as an executive producer. In fact, Wan's Atomic Monsters production house is producing along with Warner Bros. Television. If all things move along as planned, the series will debut in 2019. Wan confirmed his involvement on Twitter while DC additionally unveiled the show's logo; take a look at both below.

For a script-to-series order, there's already a ton of information out there for Swamp Thing. The series is described as a drama that will feature hour long episodes. The descriptions being used sound as though CDC researcher Abby Arcane will be a prominent character if not the main character. Arcane will travel back to her hometown of Houma, Louisiana where she'll meet Alec Holland. They investigate a swamp-borne virus together, only for Holland to die. It is then that Abby will discover the mystical nature of the swamp and the possibility that Holland is still alive.

Swamp Thing is a popular character that looks to have found a great team to bring him to life. Wan's involvement alone points to a horror-style take on the character, and that is very much the case with Dauberman and Clear writing the scripts. There's certainly horror elements to the source material and Wan confirmed on Twitter that's what he's going for too, saying it's "more horror than anything." This gives the show a completely different audience to target than the other DC Universe projects appear to be going after. If it is going to come out next year, then the remainder of 2018 should be full of developments on the series. Considering just how far along the series appears to be already, it's safe to say a James Wan-produced Swamp Thing is one of DC's most exciting TV shows in development.

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Swamp Thing is in development and expected to debut sometime in 2019 on DC Universe.

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