Swamp Thing Producer Teases Finale's Post-Credits Scene Surprise

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DC's Swamp Thing producer Mark Verheiden teases a post-credits scene surprise during the final episode of the series. Swamp Thing, which many might argue is easily the best series on the DC Universe streaming subscription platform, is currently on the receiving end of a lot of bad luck. It all started when production for the series shut down early and DC made the decision to downgrade its first season from 13 episodes to 10.

After the first episode aired, though, more disturbing news arrived. Despite rave reviews by fans and critics, DC Universe cancelled Swamp Thing. However, the service did promise that it would air all 10 episodes of the first season. There was no reason ever given for the cancellation, although many have speculated that parent company WarnerMedia was concerned about the show's massive budget. Some believe it has something to do with WarnerMedia planning to launch its own streaming service.

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There is just one episode left to air in Swamp Thing's first and only season, but it seems that there's a surprise in store for fans. Verheiden tweeted that fans could expect some closure, as well as some emotional moments that could result in tears. More importantly, though, Verheiden told fans to stick around through the credits because there is a post-credits scene that should surprise them.

So what could this post-credits scene include? Maybe it has something to do with Justice League Dark, which is something that many feel the series has been building up to. Derek Mears, the actor beneath Swamp Thing's costume, has previously expressed interest in seeing Justice League Dark happen onscreen. Perhaps the scene has a cameo by Matt Ryan, who portrays Constantine on The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow and previously led a solo Constantine series on NBC. In DC Comics, Swamp Thing and Constantine are friends and allies, so such an appearance wouldn't be entirely out of the question.

However, what fans really want is Swamp Thing season 2. Is there still a chance that WarnerMedia could change its mind about the show's cancellation? After all, the #SaveSwampThing hashtag is still trending on social media. At this point, though, any return for the character, even in a Justice League Dark series, would be a welcome one. Fans can only hope that Verheiden is teasing something that goes beyond a thank you to the fans. Here's hoping that the post-credits scene of the final episode is a tease of more to come for Swamp Thing.

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Swamp Thing season 1 finale premieres Friday August 2 on DC Universe.

Source: Mark Verheiden/Twitter

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