Swamp Thing Full Trailer Reveals Best Look At DC Universe Series

Swamp Thing DC Universe

The full trailer for Swamp Thing makes a point to play up the series’ supernatural leanings, especially with regard to the influence of executive producer James Wan. The third original offering from WarnerMedia’s niche streaming service, DC Universe, will continue to take subscribers on a dark, comics-inspired journey, though this time instead of angsty, hyper-violent vigilantes and a family of outcasts, Swamp Thing plans to deliver a giant muck monster and a supernatural battle between the light and dark. 

The series’ road to streaming TV has been a dramatic one, as the production order for the first season was cut by several hours — from 13 episodes to 10 — leading to an unsurprising amount of speculation regarding not only the faith the powers that be at WarnerMedia had in the series itself, but in DC Universe as a whole. Those questions were met with no small amount of equivocation from Warner when the reason for trimming the episode count was chalked up to a creative decision. 

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That, along with the fact that Swamp Thing is a fourth-tier character with little to no superhero-y qualities might have something to do with the more subdued sense of anticipation for the upcoming series. That may change as audiences get a glimpse of the full trailer for the series, which digs deep to prove its horror bona fides, and wears its Wan influence proudly. Take a look at the full trailer for Swamp Thing below: 

As with most comic book adaptation, the look of the main character is one of the most important aspects of the series. But Swamp Thing is playing it mostly coy when it comes to seeing the mossy one in all his green-thumbed glory. Admittedly, there are a few shots of Swampy’s face and several shots in silhouette offer up a good idea of the creature’s size, but for the most part, the trailer is selling the series on Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), and the moody (i.e., very dark) atmosphere of the show itself. 

Whether or not this will be enough for non-subscribers to part with more of their increasingly limited discretionary income remains to be seen. If most people weren’t convinced they needed to add another service to their list of subscriptions by Titans or Doom Patrol, perhaps a horror series will be the one to do the trick. 

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Swamp Thing season 1 premieres exclusively on DC Universe beginning Friday, May 31.

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