Swamp Thing BTS Photos & Video Offer First Look At DC Universe TV Show

Len Wiseman, director of the pilot episode for the upcoming DC Universe title Swamp Thing, shares a new behind-the-scenes look at the show.

Len Wiseman Swamp Thing

New behind-the-scenes photos and a video have been shared from the set of the upcoming TV show Swamp Thing. The show will be based on the popular DC hero that made his debut in 1971 in the comic House of Secrets #92 and is set for a 2019 release date on DC's new streaming service, DC Universe.

Even though Swamp Thing is a few months away, a lot of information has come out surrounding the series. The show was first announced in May of this year with James Wan attached as executive producer, and it's said to be scary, violent, and mature - much like the comic books tend to be. The cast for the show has also started to fill out in recent months with Andy Bean playing Alec Holland, while Derek Mears will play the creature portion of the character known as Swamp Thing. Crystal Reed has also been cast as Abby Arcane, along with Henderson Wade as Matt Cable, and Will Patton as Avery Sunderland. Len Wiseman will be directing the pilot episode, which is also who fans have to thank for this new behind-the-scenes look at Swamp Thing.

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Sharing on his personal Instagram account, director Wiseman posted three behind-the-scenes looks at the upcoming superhero show. The first image shows Wiseman standing in some brush of a swamp, and the second shows Wiseman standing in what appears to be a morgue with Bean and Reed. Wiseman's third post is a video that shows off some of the swamp scenery that will be featured in the show. All three of Wiseman's posts can be found below:

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Swamp Photo Booth

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Swamp Thing will be premiering on DC Universe in May, but it's by no means the only exclusive show the streaming service will be offering. The first season of Titans is currently available to stream, the third season of Young Justice (called Young Justice: Outsiders) will become available in January, and Doom Patrol will be released in February. Though DC Universe has several other projects in developmentSwamp Thing won't be in the same universe as Doom Patrol and Titans.

While there are several DC superhero shows available to fans right now, like all of the titles on The CW, many fans are more than looking forward to Swamp Thing. Given Wan's background in horror - and now superhero projects thanks to Aquaman - Swamp Thing has become an intriguing title for comic book fans. Wiseman is also no stranger to horror and action, having worked on notable projects like the Underworld series and Live Free or Die Hard, so it seems as though Swamp Thing is in capable hands for the time being.

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Swamp Thing will premiere on May 10, 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: Len Wiseman

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