Swamp Thing Cast: Lead Roles For DC Universe Series Confirmed

DC Universe's Swamp Thing streaming series casts IT: Chapter 2's Andy Bean as Alec Holland and Derek Mears as the creature Swamp Thing.

DC Universe casts Andy Bean and Derek Mears as the two-halves of Swamp Thing's titular character for its upcoming streaming series. In an effort to further expand their empire, DC launched a digital service just a few weeks ago. The platform is home to comics, old TV shows and movies, and original programming, with Swamp Thing eventually joining the lineup.

The series comes from Aquaman director James Wan, and has been casting up for the last two months. Although the series is titled Swamp Thing, the show's co-lead was actually cast first, with Crystal Reed playing Abby Arcane. The cast has been expanding quickly as of late, as Will Patton was the latest to join. Through the casting of the co-lead and other supporting characters, the biggest question that has remained is who will play the actual lead role. What made casting Alec Holland aka Swamp Thing more difficult looks to be that two different actors will be responsible for bringing the DC hero to life.

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Variety shared the news that Andy Bean and Derek Mears have joined the cast of Swamp Thing. Bean will play the regular human form of Alec Holland. He's fresh off wrapping production on IT: Chapter Two where he played the older Stan Uris. Meanwhile, Mears will play the creature portion of the role and actually become Swamp Thing - as previously rumored. He's no stranger to comic book properties after appearing on The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while also lending his imposing 6'5" frame to playing Jason Voorhees in 2009's Friday the 13th.

With Bean and Mears aboard, Swamp Thing's cast has really taken shape. Maria Sten joined as Liz Tremayne, a friend of Abby's; Jennifer Beals will play Lucilia Cable, the local sheriff; Jeryl Prescott has been cast as Madame Xanadu, an ancient sorceress; and Virginia Madsen is playing Maria Sutherland. With six major roles already cast, any additional Swamp Thing additions that are revealed may be smaller roles. Filling such roles can now become the focus, with the actual Swamp Thing actors cast.

At this point, it's unclear how Swamp Thing will balance Holland's life before and after becoming Swamp Thing. Holland is a biologist who discovers his work in the swamps may be the cause of the disease that has hit the town. Upon investigating the swamp, he is transformed into the being known as Swamp Thing. Traditionally, Swamp Thing does not switch between his plant and human form because Holland's consciousness has simply been absorbed by the plant life, as the real Alec Holland died in the swamp. The show appears to be told from Abby Arcane's point of view upon the discovery of Swamp Thing, so flashbacks could be the primary outlet for Bean to appear, while Mears is used in the present day story. This is just speculation for the time being, so hopefully Wan's vision for the series' story structure will be revealed soon.

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Swamp Thing is currently set to premiere sometime in May 2019.

Source: Variety

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