Swamp Thing Cancelled After One Season By DC Universe

Swamp Thing TV Show

The Swamp Thing TV show is cancelled after one season by DC Universe. DC Universe has been building out its online media platform with plenty of comics, movie and TV offerings, including original TV series like Titans and Doom Patrol. The third of these original live-action TV shows is Swamp Thing, based on the comic book character of the same name created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.

The Swamp Thing pilot premiered Friday May 31 on DC Universe, introducing fans to Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) and Alec Holland (Andy Bean), the latter of which turns into the titular creature, played by Derek Mears. Based on Swamp Thing reviews, the series had the potential to be another hit for DC Universe. However, following earlier reports of Swamp Thing season 1 shutting down production early after DC Universe cut its episode order short, it seems the streaming service has pulled the plug entirely.

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Deadline is reporting that Swamp Thing has been cancelled after one season by DC Universe. The remaining Swamp Thing season 1 episodes will release on DC Universe, with the second episode scheduled to premiere tomorrow morning. Deadline's report confirms earlier reports by The GWW and Bloody Disgusting that Swamp Thing had been cancelled.

Swamp Thing is first of DC Universe's originals to be cancelled, with Titans being renewed for season 2 before it premiered and Doom Patrol still awaiting its fate. As of now, it's unclear why Swamp Thing was cancelled, but reports about the production ending early cited both "creative decisions" and a larger reevaluation of the DC Universe product in light of the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner. Deadline's report indicates it's still unclear how DC Universe fits into the larger company's plans for a WarnerMedia streaming service. Since, like Netflix, DC Universe hasn't released any user data, it's unclear how popular the product is, especially since it's currently only available in the United States. Though Titans season 1 was released internationally on Netflix, it's unclear when (or if) the other shows will be made available to audiences outside the U.S.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what becomes of Swamp Thing and the larger DC Universe. The remaining Swamp Thing episodes will be rolled out each Friday until the season concludes, as was the original plan. Perhaps the remainder of Swamp Thing season 1 will offer some insight into the potential "creative" reasons DC Universe shut down production early. Otherwise, fans may have to wait until the series' showrunner and/or stars weigh in on the matter to learn why Swamp Thing was truly cancelled.

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Source: Deadline

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