Swamp Thing Gets October UK Release Date On Amazon Prime Video

DC's Swamp Thing will get a new lease on life, sort of, with Amazon announcing a UK release date on their Prime Video service. The show originally aired on the DC Universe streaming service, following Titans and its direct spinoff Doom Patrol. The R-rated, horror-themed show, however, was very much a standalone story. The streaming service is set to continue its run of original content later this year, with a highly-anticipated, equally R-rated Harley Quinn animated series.

Based on the character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing followed scientist Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), as she returned to her hometown to investigate the various maladies currently plaguing its residents. Along the way, she crossed paths with Alec Holland (Andy Bean) - a fellow scientist who would go on to become the titular elemental creature. Sadly, although the show proved immediately popular with critics and fans alike, it was canceled shortly after the first episode was released back in May.

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Despite that, the full series will still air in the U.K. next month. As reported by Den of Geek, the show will be distributed on Amazon Prime. Swamp Thing was initially commissioned for 13 episodes. Midway into production, however, the episode order was reduced to 10. Each of those 10 episodes will likely be released in the U.K. all at once rather than week-to-week. The official premiere date is October 4.

October 4 will also see the U.K. release of the Billy Bob Thornton crime-drama Goliath's third season. A week later will see the long-awaited premiere of Mr. Robot's fourth and final season. The Purge season 2 will kick off on October 15, alongside a couple of new movie releases. The Anthology drama, Modern Love, which stars Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway and recently dropped its first official trailer, will debut October 18. Numerous other series and notable movies will also join Amazon Prime's catalog on or around those dates.

In regard to Swamp Thing, the date of release will make it arrive perfectly in time for Halloween. What Amazon's picking up of the series means for its potential future, however, shall remain to be seen. A campaign for the show to be resurrected has been waged by fans ever since its initial cancellation. That campaign has seen star Derek Mears lend his support, and Ian Ziering, who played Daniel Cassidy (aka. Blue Devil), expressed hope it could ultimately prove successful. Amazon would certainly make for a fitting new home for the show, which recently branched out into similarly fantastical realms with Carnival Row.

Whatever happens, U.K. fans will no doubt be delighted by the opportunity to finally see what all the fuss is about with Swamp Thing. Though some may be hesitant to invest their time in a show that probably won't continue, everyone who worked on the project has come to view it as a 10-hour movie. Also, producer James Wan previously stated: fans should still watch the show, in spite of the cancellation and no matter what the future holds.

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Source: Den of Geek

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