'S-VHS' Teaser Unveils The Next Round of Found-Footage Anthology Madness


Out with the creepy man-eater, dubious girlfriend, found-footage tracking errors, alien baby-daddies and exorcisms, and in with what looks like a birthday party monster, a violent bright light, creepy ghost child, zombies and more, in the follow-up to last year’s horror anthology VHS, titled S-VHS.

In honor of S-VHS' Sundance Film Festival debut, we get the very first teaser trailer and it looks as though the new directing conglomeration – Hobo with a Shotgun’s Jason Eisener, The Raid: Redemption’s Gareth Evans, Macabre’s Timo Tjahjanto, Blair Witch Project’s Edúardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale, and VHS vets Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard – is eager to one -up the last group’s string of grizzly found-footage scenarios with loads more blood and grand-scale kills.

We only get a snippet of Barrett’s wrap-around portion in the teaser, but somewhat similar to VHS, this one connects the shorts using two investigators trying to track down a student who happenx to stumble upon a tape – and I guess it’s a tape with a blood-red “watch” on it. The framing narrative in the first film (sort of) did its job by putting the pieces together, but it was ultimately used more as a device and wasn’t much of a story. Having written that wrap-around himself and making this one his directorial debut, it should be interesting to see if Barrett manages to kick it up a notch this time around.

The meat of the teaser doesn’t really offer up a clear sense of exactly what each short will entail, but it certainly hints at some novel and wonderfully gruesome scenarios. That opening birthday party meltdown is particularly memorable because how could it not be a blast to watch kids freak out mid-cake time, courtesy of whatever is making that noise? And considering our current flu hysteria, the portion featuring that poor woman being dragged away by people in medical masks should play well.

And we’ll find out soon enough because S-VHS is locked for its first screening in Sundance’s Midnight program on Saturday, January 19th.



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