Suspiria Remake Teases Trailer Release Next Week

The much-anticipated horror remake Suspiria is set to unleash its theatrical trailer soon, and the official social media account for the movie announced it in the best way possible. The only 'official' images that have been released online so far, have been fairly standard BTS shots of lead actress Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) and a teaser poster. But with this latest update it looks like we can expect to see a full trailer sometime during the next seven days.

Suspiria is a full-on remake of the 1977 Dario Argento supernatural thriller, which has become iconic within the genre for it's blood-spattered visuals and frenetic soundtrack. The new film is directed by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) and reprises the main plot of the original, although the director has said that it will be "completely different" in some respects. Johnson plays US ballet student Susie Bannion, who travels to a highly-ranked dance academy in Germany, only to become entangled in a "bloody, sighing nightmare". The film picked up a lot of media interest at CinemaCon, where some raw footage of a dancer's death was described as being "sickening" by some.

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Up until now though, the existence of any kind of trailer has been lacking. However, the Suspiria movie account has just posted a teasing image on Twitter which seemingly confirms the imminent release of one, just by showing a picture of an actual trailer, along with the words "Next week is going to be a trip". You can see the post below:

Bad puns aside, there seems little doubt that we can expect to see some kind of official teaser or full trailer next week. The account deserves credit for the playful way in which it's been done, and also for responding in a similarly humorous way to every reply that's been posted to them as a result. The most important thing though is just where and when the new footage will land, and whether it will be a red-band version with the gory visuals that were shown at CinemaCon. It's a lip-smacking prospect for horror fans.

Whilst studios have been monitoring the box office performances of the big franchise movies, horror films have still continued to impress in 2018 with the amazing success of A Quiet Place being the standout example. The last quarter of 2018 will see heavy-hitters Halloween (2018) and Overlord also reach theaters just days ahead of Suspiria, which could spark another surge of popularity for scary movies.

Along with Guadagnino and Johnson, Suspiria also has an excellent group of actresses appearing in the film, including Chloe Grace-Moretz, Tilda Swinton, and Mia Goth. With the acclaim given to the director's previous work. the sheer power of the original, and the troupe of talent attached, the film has no business being anything less than interesting. Hopefully, next week's trailer will confirm that Suspiria will be a must-see for genre fans when it opens on November 2.

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