Suspiria Remake Gets a (Very Creepy) Teaser Trailer

Something is very wrong at Dakota Johnson's dance school in the first trailer for Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria. A remake of Italian director Dario Argento's 1977 cult horror classic about the creepiest ballet organization this side of Black Swan, Suspiria will serve as Guadagnino's followup to his Best Picture Oscar nominated Call Me By Your Name. Suffice it to say, though, those who are only familiar with the director for his sensuous tale of summer love are about to get a crash-course in just how dark and twisted a storyteller Guadagnino can really be.

Johnson stars in Suspiria as Susie Bannion, an American dancer who journeys to Europe to join a world famous ballet company, only to slowly discover that her dream school is really something out of a nightmare. Other key cast members here include Chloë Grace Moretz and Mia Goth as some of Susie's fellow dancers, along with Tilda Swinton as the head of Susie's new dance school, Madame Blanc. Suspiria further serves as a reunion for Swinton, Johnson, Guadagnino, and writer David Kajganich, who teamed up with the trio on their dramatic thriller A Bigger Splash before he created this year's acclaimed AMC historical horror series, The Terror.

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Original Suspiria star Jessica Harper, who cameos in the remake, has already praised Guadagnino's new take for being the "most brilliantly scary film I have ever seen". Harper may not be the only one who ends up feeling that way, either, based on the reactions to the grotesque Suspiria CinemaCon footage that was unveiled back in April. Amazon is capitalizing on the increase in buzz around the movie post-CinemaCon by kicking off its marketing and dropping the Suspiria trailer online this week. Take a look at the teaser in the space above, then check out the newest Suspiria poster below.

The Suspiria teaser trailer showcases the creepy atmosphere and style of Guadagnino's remake, leaving it to a future trailer to unravel the movie's actual plot. Most of the film's main players make an appearance here all the same, including Lutz Ebersdorf as Dr. Jozef Klemperer, a "grieving psychotherapist" who figures into the story. Naturally, this being a green band preview for general audiences, the teaser doesn't feature anything quite as freakishly nasty as the Suspiria sequence that was shown back at CinemaCon.

Between the beautifully grainy photography by Sayombhu Mukdeeprom (Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name cinematographer) and glimpses of supernatural madness to come, the Suspiria teaser certainly bodes well for this particular re-imagining. At the same time, the remake seems to lack the bold Technicolor splashiness that helped Argento's film to become a cult classic in the first place. That may prove to be a sticking point for longtime Suspiria fans who remain wary of any remake, much less one that may take a noticeably different approach to creating tension and horror than Argento did.

Whatever the final result ends up being here, Guadagnino is clearly aiming for the fences on Suspiria - so here's to hoping that he succeeds in hitting this one right out of the ballpark.

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