Survivor: Vanuatu

Apart from the first time Survivor has included the native culture of the island they've invaded so heavily, at least so far it seems like it's the same old same old. The natives involved the contestants, or should I say the male contestants, in an initiation ritual, basically dissing the women completely and virtually ignoring them.

The proportion of women that are "hotties" and guys that are "hunky" seems to increase with every season, with a couple of plain ole' looking folks thrown in just for comparison, I suppose.

In a couple of seasons I'm sure it will be supermodels-only.

This time around once again we have the men vs. the women (at least initially) and of course the women do much better than the cocky guys had hoped. For some reason the show seemed really short... by about 5-6 minutes, and they combined the reward and immunity challenges into one.

I suppose I'll watch since I find the "Lord of the Flies" aspect of the show fascinating, and the producers are sure to throw in some twists to keep things different from prior seasons.

Overall, the opener was really a bit of a yawner.

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