Survivor: Vanuatu - How low can you go?

I've watched Survivor since Season 2. I've always looked at it as a real life "Lord of the Flies", showing what can happen to people who are separated from civilization's rules and it's creature comforts. Of course the twist which keeps the show from being "pure" in this regard is the attachment of a big fat monetary prize at the end of the whole thing for the one who outlasts everyone else.

I believe that if one distills the contestants down to the core, one is left with two types of people:

1. Those who behave on the show just as they do in their normal lives. This group believes that the same rules of ethics and personal behaviour applies whether one is at home or involved in a competition on a tropical island.

2. Those who approach this experience as a pure game. They play it as they would poker, with it's own set of particular rules where the dynamic between people is completely different from "the real world".

I've always been fascinated by the interaction of these two types of people on the show and it's always fed into the "Flies" scenario, but for the first time, I've seen a shift in the personal dynamic on Survivor: Vanuatu. For the first time that I can recall, the women outnumber the men in the merged tribe, and something unexpected has happened...

Survivor: Vanuatu has turned into George Orwell's "Animal Farm".

The women, as a majority, have settled into a caste system mindset far beyond anything I've seen on the show previously. Sure there have always been conflicts, self-interest, and the occasional mean and nasty person on the show, but last night's episode was scary: These women are acting mean as a group.

The tribe has split squarely down gender lines, and the women are gloating it up in targeting the men as a group. In the reward challenge the remaining three men were picked off immediately and when Sarge made a comment, the women called the men "bitter".

I guess their bitterness was well justified, because later when the recipients of the reward returned with a stash of BBQ chicken wings, they distributed them only to the women and conspired to keep it secret from the men. They went as far as presenting the tribe with some chicken bones with hardly a scrap of meat on them, and acting is if they were very appreciative of this, just to fool the men.

When food is brought back from the reward challenge, it has always been shared with everyone. Sure, in the past it's been political at times, but I've never seen anyone deliberately left out like this. That was truly low, and then to see them conspire to lie about it just about made me want to spit.

This was truly the most disgusting display of behaviour I've seen on Survivor in 8 seasons.

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