Survivor: The 10 Biggest Challenge Beasts (Ranked by Individual Immunity Wins)

Survivor has been our favorite reality show since it debuted all the way back in 2000. As we head into its 39th season, we thought we'd look back at the best challenge beasts of the show. While there are many contestants that have impressed us with their ability to slay in the challenges, there is a clear bunch that definitely got used to having that immunity necklace around their neck. Here are the 10 biggest challenge beasts, ranked by their total number of individual immunity wins.

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10 Kelly Wiglesworth, 4 wins (4 in a single season)

While there are no women who have won more than 4 immunity challenges, there are seven who have 4 under their belt. Kelly Wiglesworth is the only one to have won 4 in a single season (which was the most of her season by a landslide), which puts her right up there with the rest of the challenge beasts on this list. Kelly played on Borneo (Season 1), where she definitely set the bar for women and made it clear that they are just as tough as their fellow male contestants. Kelly was the season's runner-up, losing to Richard Hatch in the end. But we're still commending her for her beast-like ability to slay those challenges.

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9 Mike Holloway, 5 wins (5 in a single season)

Mike Holloway won the title of Sole Survivor on the Worlds Apart season (Season 30), and he goes down as one of the most deserved winners we've ever seen. Mike was placed on the Blue Collar tribe at the beginning of the game, and became a huge target after the merge due to his challenge and social skills. However, Mike was a total beast and won five of the final six challenges, using a hidden immunity idol for the only challenge he lost. Despite his competitors' best efforts, Mike quite literally couldn't be voted out. The jury couldn't help but give him the title. Mike was a beast when it mattered, and we were rooting for him the whole time.

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8 Brad Culpepper, 5 wins (5 in a single season)

While Brad wasn't exactly known as the best social player on his first season, this ex-football player slayed during the challenges during his second season on Game Changers (Season 34). Learning from his first season on Blood vs. Water (Season 27), Brad played a more patient and strategic game his second time around. He was known for blindsiding another challenge beast, Malcolm Freberg, and allowed himself to win 5 immunity challenges and take runner-up, landing 3 votes in the Final Tribal Council.

7 Terry Deitz, 5 wins (5 in a single season)

Terry played during the Panama season (Season 12), where he scored a total of 5 wins before he was voted out a day before the Final Tribal Council. We saw the famous Terry again in Cambodia (Season 31) before he left the game to tend to his son's health. Terry was the oldest contestant during his returning season, in which he stole all our hearts, breaking them when he had to call it quits.

6 Tom Westman, 5 Wins (5 in a single season)

Tom Westman actually took home the title of Sole Survivor in Palau (Season 10), and later went on to compete in Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20). This hero is known for his strategic moves and challenge skills, and he ties several other challenge beasts with five total wins. Tom goes down as one of the most likable players in the game's history, and won the title during his season in a 6-1 vote.

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5 Colby Donaldson, 5 wins (5 in a single season)

Colby was a contestant on The Australian Outback (Season 2), and ties for the most wins during a single season, at 5 immunities. However, Colby was the first to do so, since he played in the second season of the show. Colby set the record high, and while five other contestants have matched him, his record is yet to be broken.

4 Spencer Bledsoe, 6 wins (3 in a single season)

Spencer showed us his resilience, challenge skills, and social abilities on Cagayan (Season 38), when his tribe (the Brains tribe) was completely decimated and he was quite literally left to fight for his life in the game. Despite this adversity, Spencer made it all the way to Day 37, before he just couldn't hang on any longer. He then returned for the Second Chance season, Cambodia (Season 31), where he won another 3 individual immunity challenges and made runner-up, losing to Jeremy Collins.

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3 Joe Anglim, 6 wins (4 in a single season)

Joe takes the silver medal with the second highest number of immunity wins over his Survivor career. He originally played in Worlds Apart (Season 30) as part of the No Collar tribe, where he won 2 immunity necklaces after the merge. He then went on to play in Cambodia (Season 31), where he won 4 individual immunity challenges before he was voted out on day 32. Joe did play a third season, but was voted out early. He has become one of the most lovable players of the game, and definitely gave Ozzy a run for his money. Fun fact: Joe is now engaged to fellow Survivor contestant, Sierra Dawn Thomas.

2 Ozzy Lusth, 7 wins (5 in a single season)

Ozzy takes second place with 7 total wins across two seasons, with his highest being 5 times in Cook Islands (Season 13), which is the record for wins in a single season. Ozzy has almost literally become the poster child for Survivor challenge beasts, and many have followed in his footsteps as the new "Ozzy", such as Malcolm Freberg and Joe Anglim. With his long, curly hair, stellar food provider skills, and unbeatable challenge expertise, Ozzy will always go down as one of the best challenge beasts we've ever seen on the show.

1 "Boston" Rob Mariano, 9 wins (4 in a single season)

We all know the famous player Boston Rob, and in fact, we'd argue he's probably the most well-known contestant ever to play the game of Survivor. Rob originally competed in Marquesas (Season 4) then went on to play in All-Stars (Season 8) and then Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20). Rob finally became the Sole Survivor in Redemption Island (Season 22) in 2011. While he doesn't have the most immunity wins in a single season, Rob is the reigning career champion, with a total of 9 wins. His most during a season was 4, which is still pretty impressive.

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