Survivor: 5 Players Who Did Better Their Second Time Around (& 5 That Did Worse)

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As Survivor just started off its 39th season, there are definitely a lot of castaways that have come and gone from the show. In fact, with so many seasons, we often get to see our favorite players return for a second, third, or even fourth time. As there have been several all-star seasons, many players have gotten a second chance at the title of Sole Survivor. For some it went better, and for others not so much. In case you can't keep track of all your favorite castaways that have taken a second stab at your favorite show, we've done it for you. Here are 5 players that did better their second time around, and 5 that did worse, based on days lasted in the game.

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10 Worse: Richard Hatch (Day 39 to Day 15)

Richard Hatch was our very first Sole Survivor, taking the crown for Survivor: Borneo. This legend returned to the competition for Survivor: All Stars, but these other returning players weren't going to let a previous winner stay on the beach for too long. Richard was the fourth voted out, only making it to day 15. That's okay, he already has one title anyway, right? This all-star never played again, but we'll remember him as the first winner of the hit show.

9 Better: "Boston" Rob Mariano (Day 21 to Day 39)

We first met this Survivor legend on Survivor: Marquesas, where Rob was the 7th voted out, making it only to day 21. However, this man returned for Survivor: All Stars, where he made it to day 39. Unfortunately for Rob, he lost to Amber (but they're literally married now, so it's okay). Rob returned for Heroes vs. Villains, and then finally took the crown on his fourth attempt on Survivor: Redemption Island. If that wasn't impressive enough, he's now a mentor on the newest season, so this Survivor legend has it all under control.

8 Worse: Colby Donaldson (Day 39 to Day 19)

We first fell in love with this absolute challenge beast on Survivor: Australian Outback, where Colby fought his way to the final three alongside Keith Famie and Tina Wesson. Unfortunately, this powerhouse lost the title to Tina in a 4-3 split. Colby came back to the game for Survivor: All Stars, but this fierce competitor was voted out pretty early on, on day 19. A man this good can't be kept around too long, right? Colby will always be remembered as one of the castaways who holds the record for most immunity challenges won in a single season.

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7 Better: Parvati Shallow (Day 36 to Day 39)

Parvati originally played in Survivor: Cook Islands, where she immediately stole our hearts as one of our favorite villains. She was voted on day 36, though, not quite making it to the finale. On her second season, Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, Parvati was determined not to get cut so close to the end this time. She clawed her way to the final three, and miraculously convinced Amanda Kimmel to take her to the final two over Cirie Fields, where Parvati ended up taking the title of Sole Survivor in a vote of 5-3. Those three extra days made all the difference.

6 Worse: Ozzy Lusth (Day 39 to Day 27)

Ozzy originally played on Survivor: Cook Islands, where he made it to the final three. Through amazing social skills and challenge awesomeness, Ozzy made his way to the end, but he lost to Yul Kwon in a 5-4 split. Giving it a second go on Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, Ozzy was too much of a threat, and was cut loose on day 27, becoming the second member of the jury. It's alright though, because Ozzy went on to play two more times to give us our Ozzy fill — though he still has never won.

5 Better: Jeremy Collins (Day 24 to Day 39)

Jeremy first joined the show for Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood vs. Water, where he was the 7th castaway voted out on day 24. However, Jeremy was voted back by fans for Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance, and he wasn't fooling around this time. Jeremy made his way to the end alongside Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox. However, Jeremy came out on top, and became the Sole Survivor in a unanimous vote.

4 Worse: Tony Vlachos (Day 36 to Day 21)

Tony first dominated this show on Survivor: Cagayan, where he was crowned Sole Survivor after making it to the end through his impeccable strategic skills and relationships. However, when he returned for Survivor: Game Changers, these other returning players were smart enough not to keep a previous winner around. Tony was the second player voted out, making it only to day 6. Clearly Tony was satisfied with his one win, because he only played the two times.

3 Better: Brad Culpepper (Day 14 to Day 39)

We first met this powerhouse on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, where Brad appeared as the hubby of previous contestant, Monica Culpepper. He was voted out pretty early on, on day 14, although his wife did make it to the final three. However, Brad was invited back for Survivor: Game Changers, where he also made it to the final 3 because of his strategy and challenge skills. However, he also missed out on taking home the title. As a fun fact, Monica was also voted out on day 14 during her first season. We're sensing a theme for these Culpeppers...

2 Worse: James "J.T." Thomas Jr. (Day 39 to Day 27)

J.T. first came to the show on Survivor: Tocantins, where he climbed his way to the final three through challenge wins, social relationships, and strategic skill. This powerhouse took home the title of Sole Survivor with a unanimous vote, and he even won "Sprint Player of the Season." When this winner returned for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, it was pretty clear that these other players didn't want him around for too long. J.T. became the third member of the jury when he was voted out on day 27.

1 Better: Sarah Lacina (Day 19 to Day 39)

We first met Sarah on Survivor: Cagayan, where this gal just couldn't quite get into the game, becoming the 7th player voted out on day 19. On Sarah's second time around, on Survivor: Game Changers, she dove headfirst into strategy and removed all personal links in the game. She wasn't afraid to break hearts, but she did it so brilliantly that everyone applauded her game. In the end, she was voted the title of Sole Survivor. This girl killed it, and all she needed was a second chance.

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