Survivor: Is it an island or a glass house?

I only hope that if I were in the same situation I would behave better.

They should call this season: Survivor - Sociopath. Tonight's episode left me slack-jawed at some of what I saw transpire.

The highlights....

Reward Challenge:

1. The tribe votes Rob as the person upon whom they would trust their lives.

2. On the other hand, Rob thinks the others believe he is the most trustworthy, but they don't. (Yet they'd trust him with their lives? Huh?)

3. Alicia's pals think she is least worthy to be there and tell her she's not as smart as she thinks. (Double ouch!)

Reward challenge aftermath:

1. Tribe is annoyed that Alicia is ticked off at them (Tribal sociopathic trait #1).

2. Rupert is not bright enough to just have the tribe draw straws to see who gets what food item. Talk about laying it out there for all the world to see. In the words of Shi-Ann: "Stupid, stupid".

3. Shi-Ann, to whom it has been made abundantly clear that she is not only the next to go, but is an outsider, gets a cold bowl of rice and camp water and is not expected to make some noise about it at dinner. (Tribal sociopathic trait #2).

Immunity Challenge:

Shi-Ann (aka "The Rock") wins the challenge and does a happy-dance-in-your-face-losers diatribe. Suddenly with the shoe on the other foot, tribe takes it personally. (Tribal sociopathic trait #3).

Immunity Challenge aftermath:

1. Rob accuses Shi-Ann of "being a schemer... always scheming". Uh, Rob, hullo?? Pot, kettle, black? Those words mean anything to you? (Blatant sociopathic trait #4).

2. Alicia blows off Shi-Ann when approached about strategy because "it's all been planned". Ok, so this wasn't post immunity challenge, but if fits great here. :-)

The Vote:

Glass house/sociopath stuff all over the place here. Amazing how if you're on the outside you should just take ejection gracefully but when the tables are turned you get indignant. Alicia was pissed.

In conclusion, I can't imagine what it's like to be on an island for over a month with one set of clothes, very little food and no camping gear out in all kinds of weather. That adds a cranky factor that I'm sure most of us don't really appreciate. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching bugs in a jar.

Can't wait for the finale when Rob makes it to the end because everyone is too afraid to vote him off because they think that if they go against him they will win. He's certainly made enough people angry, but you never know how the vote will go... sometimes respect for game-playing skill wins over personal feelings.

If they were smart they'd vote him off and then it would be a total free for all from then on out.

We'll see...

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