Survivor: The 10 Best Male Players Of All Time, Ranked

With the 39th season of Survivor underway, true fans of the show definitely have their favorite (and least favorite) players. With so many castaways each season, there are a LOT of players to keep track of. While some of it is up for debate, there are definitely some statistics to help us determine who the best players are, whether it be immunity challenge wins, hidden immunity idols found, or how many days they lasted in the game, there are some pretty clear cut numbers of success. In case you can't keep track of all of the wonderful men they've had on the show, we've done it for you. Here are the 10 best male players, ranked.

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10 Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm played in three different seasons, and was even included on Survivor: Game Changers for his incredible strategic moves and social skills. Malcolm won a total of 7 individual immunity challenges and lasted a total of 79 days on the island throughout his three seasons. He made it to day 38 once, and day 30 in his second season. He was so good, he was voted out pretty darn early in his third season, but we don't blame the tribe for getting rid of this target. Malcolm definitely made a name for himself in this show.

9 Nick Wilson

Nick won the title of Sole Survivor for Survivor: David vs. Goliath, the only season he played. While Nick only played one season, he is still incredibly memorable for his strategic alliance and challenge skills. He won individual immunity at the last three challenges, securing him a spot at the final tribal council where he was crowned the winner. Nick proved himself as a challenge beast, but also built many strategic relationships that got him to the end of the game. For a David, this contestant definitely proved his worth, and he deserves a spot on this list, as well as the crown he got for his season.

8 Terry Deitz

Terry was known for using a hidden immunity idol to keep himself in the game, right before he went on to win five consecutive individual immunity challenges in Survivor: Panama (that's a record, by the way). He also played in Survivor: Cambodia.

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He lasted until day 38 in his first, and day 13 in his second (where he left only for family reasons). Terry does actually hold the record for most post-merge wins (including reward and immunity), with nine! This lovable player definitely proved himself, and it's a shame he had to leave so early on his second try.

7 Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer was the runner-up on Survivor: Cambodia, which was the second season he played. He also made it to day 37 in his first season, Survivor: Cagayan after hanging on by a thread the entire time (after the brains tribe was decimated). In total, he's won six individual immunity wins (three in each season) and lasted 76 days (which is pretty much the maximum for two seasons!). Since he ties the record for most tribal councils attended in a single season, we think the fact that he lasted so long is totally impressive. This guy's strategic skills are definitely not to be messed with.

6 Joe Anglim

Joe played in three seasons, starting on Survivor: Worlds Apart. In Cambodia, his tribe won every single immunity challenge before the merge (with a large thanks to Joe himself). He made it to day 24, day 32, and day 19 in his three seasons, respectively. Joe also won 10 individual wins, including both rewards and immunity challenges. Joe holds an interesting record, which states that he either won individual immunity OR received votes against him at every post-merge tribal council he attended. That's pretty wild, and actually pretty impressive. This well-rounded heartthrob was definitely a threat with his challenge skills and social likability.

5 Mike Holloway

Mike was the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Worlds Apart, the only season he played. Mike also ties the record for most individual immunity wins in a single season, at five! Although Mike only played once, he pretty much dominated his entire season. He was a target pretty early on, but no one could get rid of him. Mike won FIVE out of the final SIX individual immunity challenges, and used a hidden immunity idol for the one he didn't win. He made it to the end because he won challenges, and won the game because he was, well, the best player. This man's strategic skills, challenge awesomeness, and likability put a target on his back, but he held on to be named the winner.

4 Tom Westman

Tom was the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Palau. He played again when he was brought back as a hero in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Tom ties for the record of most immunity challenge wins in a single season, at five, and even went on to win one more before he was voted out in his second season.

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He's lasted a total of 53 days, and for two seasons, that's pretty impressive. Like Malcolm, his brilliance was too well-known, and his tribe got rid of him pretty fast his second time around.

3 Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy was the runner-up of Survivor: Cook Islands. He played three other times, making it to the merge every single time. He also holds the record for playing the most days, with a total of 128! If that isn't enough, Ozzy has also won 16 individual challenges (including reward and immunity), and won 6 duels in the season of Redemption Island. Ozzy blew us all away with his provider skills, beast ability in challenges, and social relationships. In fact, every totally well-rounded and challenge god from that point forward was officially known as the "next Ozzy".

2 Colby Donaldson

Colby also holds some pretty impressive records, and even created a new record for number of individual immunity challenge wins in a single season, with 5 in The Australian Outback. He also won these five challenges in a row (which is also the record), no big deal. In total, he has nine individual wins, and lasted 98 days on the island. He was runner-up in his first season, and made it all the day to day 37 in his last, where he was a hero on Heroes vs. Villains. Colby is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and it would be a crime not to name him as one of the top 10 males.

1 "Boston" Rob Mariano

Rob is a four-time contestant, and finally won the title of Sole Survivor for his fourth time on Survivor: Redemption Island. However, he was even runner-up on Survivor: All-Stars, and is now the mentor for Survivor: Island of the Idols. He lasted 39 days in two of his seasons, and even won 11 individual challenges, either for reward of individual immunity. He lasted a total of 117 days in his four seasons, and he definitely didn't coast by. Boston Rob is one of our all-time favorite players, and clearly, there's something to do that if he's been asked to be a mentor this season. We're confident there's little dispute that this man deserves the gold medal for best male player of all time.

There are so many players to count, and we definitely didn't include everyone. Here's a shout out to Russell Hantz, Brad Culpepper, Tony Vlachos, and many, many more. You guys kill it, and we don't want to mess with any of these guys from our favorite competition show.

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