Survivor All Stars - Rupert's revenge!

So Rupert wins the surprise second million dollars in Survivor All Stars. Good for him... he seems to be a good man in a line of work where he's out there every day helping those less fortunate than you and I. There's no doubt he won't blow the money but will instead put it to good use.

I'm glad the public wised up and gave him the win. I was stunned when I heard Rob's name called out. Favorite player? Rob? Man... sure he played the game well, but the vote wasn't for best player, it was for favorite. People actually like this guy more than someone like Ethan? It's beyond me.

Jeff Probst (the host of Survivor) certainly said his peace (or is that piece? I never know) at the start of the show. He basically told the survivors that if they didn't want to be there, get the heck off the stage.


He did acknowledge Jerri Manthey's comments from Sunday's show, but hey, as Screen Rant commenter TerriO has said: Everybody knows what they're signing up for.

It was fun to see some of the greatest clips from the show over it's entire run. Seeing "Johnny Fairplay" again cemented my vote for him as best villain. I'm sorry but there's just something totally slimey about the guy. What adds to it is the fact that he seems to revel in this.

Well, he is supposedly a professional wrestler after all....

Good episode, satisfying conclusion to the season.

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