Survivor All-Stars Finale = Sensory Overload

This had to be the wildest Survivor conclusion in the series entire run. It was obvious that even Jeff Probst (the host of the show) was caught off-balance.

The final on-island episode was a jaw-dropper. With a million dollars on the line, neither Rob nor Amber trusted each other enough to forfeit immunity. The closing remarks/questions by the jury had the most venom since the first season. Lex's and Alicia's speech had been percolating for a while, but Tom's dissing of Rob at the end almost made me spill my drink.

The "after the vote" portion of the show could have gone on for another 30 minutes easily. There was just so much to process. The producers are going to have a heck of a time following up this latest run.

Let's summarize:

- Rob asks Amber to marry him.

I don't know... have you ever met a couple where there's a gorgeous girl in love with a guy who will take your head off with a baseball bat if you so much as give her a second look, yet she thinks he's the best thing ever?

- Tom still hadn't forgiven Rob.

I see that Tom watched the show. Rob can say what he wants, but it sure looked like he was being a serious jerk with some of the stuff he said in the off to the side interviews.

- Jenna and Ethan are now an "item".

That's cool. The both seem like nice people. It took courage for her to leave the show when she did.

- Jerri is basically booed off the stage.

I think this season was truly hard for her and I think she actually hit the nail on the head with her comments. Not everyone has rhino skin, some people get hurt more easily than others, and the point of the show is to show drama via conflict. She shouldn't have been booed for what she said. I never liked her during her first stint, but come on, folks.

- Susan gets an extreme makeover.

What can I add to that? :)

- Lex's righteous indignation is turned back on him.

I don't agree with what some of the other tribemembers said. Cathy was right... when Rob made the request it was obviously "outside the game". You could tell he wasn't doing it for strategy. He wanted to save his girlfriend. Backpedaling on that pledge was a crappy thing to do.

- Amber gives a car to Shi-Ann.

Wow, who'd have guessed that? I'll be Jenna was fuming. :)

- Another million is going to be given to another survivor.

All I can say is it should be Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert .


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