I Survived The Prison Break Season 4 Premiere!

Brad Bellick: I've always thought he's a big mama's boy, and it was proven quite nicely early on in the premiere. Bellick and Sucre get off a bus after busting out of Sona and Bellick's mom is waiting for them.  He goes running to the car yelling mama!  It was a bit frightening to see a grown man do this.  I'm scarred for life.  He's in on this suicide chain gang because he was there when Sucre needed back up. No other reason, according to Michael.

Bruce thinks: I have to wonder what Brad Bellick's role in this whole this is going to be. At least in one scene, they've shown that he's got some intellect as he seems to realize that the feds have collected this bunch of ex-cons as a throw away gang, a suicide gang type thing. Is Bellick really getting smart on us?

Wyatt: The new bad guy. Quiet, subtle, efficient, assassin.  Not bad qualities to have when your only assignment from The Company is to kill Michael Scofield and the gang! Very bad qualities to have in someone who is pursuing you because he will stop at nothing to get at you and that leaves a trail of dead or tortured folk in his wake.

Bruce thinks: He's insidious, dogged and determined.  I like him to some extent, but don't want to see him succeed because I like Michael and his brother too.  I'm confused.

Gretchen Morgan: Oh yea, in the front half of the first hour of the premiere, after things went awry with the data theft, the boss asked our lovely forked tongue lady what went wrong and she started trying to explain herself. Then again everything that comes out of this weasel wenches mouth is a lie.  The only time she's being honest is when she kills someone!  Any how, the boss man behind it all tells his henchman something to the affect: "You know what to do." I presumed she had gotten that well earned lead slug in the head thing, but it seems they have her holed up somewhere while they torture her (Serves her right) because they think she knows something.

Bruce thinks: in case you haven't picked up on it, I really hate this character.  I want to be clear on that.  I would be surprised if she was in on Whistler's side deal, but then again, wouldn't it make sense if she was?  Gads, I hate her.  Oh sorry.. I'm obsessing.  I'd be curious to know her back story.  Could make for an interesting spin-off.  Of course, I'd hate it but I'd have to watch it.

Roland Glenn: He's a super genius computer hacker who, we are told, is also working off his potential time by helping the Govt guy, Don Self, take down The Company and is tossed in as an additional team member with the gang.

Bruce thinks: He doesn't trust this ragweed extra to the team.

Don Self is the special agent / government guy / cop / federal agent in charge of this.  I actually am not sure who he is, but in charge and made it possible and got all the guys together, arranging their releases from all their different prisons and other arrangements.

Scylla: The secret data / code thingy they have to get.  It's reported to be the black book of The Company.  It's also the name of a 6 headed mythical monster whom Odysseus has to encounter and that is brought up.  The question being, if Odysseus had to sacrifice 6 men to get past the monster, is there a parallel here with Michael's group?

Bruce thinks: He has a headache now.  Is there a relation to the tale, or are we going to start chasing our tails with theories on who the 6 might be?

Didn't I mention there was at least one lame scene in the show?  There was.  All I'm going to say is that they somehow manage to infiltrate the heavily fortified house of the boss-man of The Company and steal something from there, all within a few minutes time.  Too easy, too clean.  I think that whole process could have taken a few episodes, but we were whisked right through it for better, more enduring storyline.

Oh, did I forget something?  Well I did leave out interweaving story chunks and characters intentionally, but I think there's one that might fall under nifty: Michael got his tattoo removed!   Michael said to Self... (No, not talking to himself!) something about not standing out in the crowd, implying his tattoo.  Self asks him about his tolerance for pain and Michaels answer is that stoic look / stare that Wentworth has made famous. (I can scowl! Can I be famous?)

If I were reviewing this show, I'd give it 4 and a half things.  They're not stars, they look more like Tetris blocks... So I'd say 4.5 Tetris blocks!

That's it gang.  Let the fun begin.  It looks like this is going to be a fun ride!

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