I Survived The Prison Break Season 4 Premiere!

Wowza. No that's not a word, but that is my expression. I enjoyed the premiere of Prison Break as it breaks into its 4th season and as far as I can tell, everything we loved about Prison Break is still there.

The suspense, surprises, worries and other twists were there and there was at least one spot that kind of smelled lame. I presume it was to move the story along at a faster clip, but you'll see what I mean in a moment.

First, this isn't your normal everyday recap. Nope. That makes sense, being that I'm not your normal, everyday writer! What I am going to do is chat about a few of the characters I saw in the 2-hour premiere and the details from those snippets will fill out some of the storyline.

WARNING: If you have DVR'd the Prison Break premiere for future viewing, there are details and fillers that will spoil the episode if you look for the surprise, shock and awe in an episode.  On the other hand, I don't spell out the order of things, so there still might be some surprise for you... if you dare!

So here we go...

After getting out of Sona, everyone gets busted - again.   It goes down real fast and they all end up back in jail. Which is pretty convenient since now a small federal effort (At least that's what it seems for now) is underway to take down "The Company."

The brothers Scofield: After Michael hunts down Whistler and our favorite girl to hate, Gretchen, he interrupts a job where they were trying to steal some data off of a weird looking card / device.  All in the name of The Company.  Gretchen is completely unaware that during the heist, Whistler was doing some side work.  He made a copy of the data thingy and passed the copy off someone else.

Michael and Lincoln are brought together with their old gang of associates to get this data back, known as Scylla, for the feds. A new player in the show, Donald Self, is the gangs wrangler and watch dog. (He's put GPS anklets on everyone to keep track of them, which in itself worries me that somewhere down the road, that technological leash will be exploited by the bad guys in this whole scheme).

Sara Tancredi: The biggest point for me in this season opener is the new loose cannon, Sara. Yes, I said loose cannon, and we've got two of them. I think as far as explaining someone's "death" away as an accidental identification of a severed head in a box in a dark location wasn't too bad. I've seen worse explanations in other shows, so I'm OK with that. But Sarah is having what appears to be real issues with PTS from her torture sessions at the hands of our favorite lying beeotch, Gretchen Morgan.

Bruce thinks: Something is going to go terribly wrong for Sara, in her head.  I don't know when it will pop up, but you know it's going to be a the worst possible time.  And I think it's the next time she might see Gretchen.

Alex Mahone is the second loose cannon to watch out for.  Mahone is in on this party to collect the much coveted components of the Scylla. He's got great operational insight that helps them locate one person already and I like Mahone as far as taking the action necessary to get a deed done.  And done right.

Bruce thinks: With the death of his wife and child at the hands of our newest, soft spoken, torturous bad guy, Wyatt, Mahone now has an inner demon that I predict will get in the way at crucial moments and I'm betting when there's a well laid plan in place, and he sees the man responsible for the death of his family, he ain't gonna stick to plan.  At least not the groups plan.

T-Bag. Can we ever be rid of Theodore Bagwell (T-Bag)?  Well it turns out he has the dead Whistler's bird book of codes and is making his way to Los Angeles to confront Michael.  He's blaming Michael for a lot and thinks he and Michael are a lot alike and Michael just won't admit it.  Sheesh.  He's got himself a building list of emotional scars going on, starting with his hand.  And now, you can add cannibalism to the list of travesties that he blames Michael for. Yeah, yeah... you'll have to watch the episode to understand that one, but sure enough, he's got one more emotional scar to pack on top of the rest of his twisted psyche.

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