'Surrogates' Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

Today we have a new behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming sci-fi/thriller, Surrogates. Based on the graphic novel, the film stars Bruce Willis and is set in a world where humans live their lives through Avatar surrogate machine versions of themselves, all the while in the safety of their own home. Willis plays a man who if forced to once again live in "the real world" in order to investigate the murders of other Surrogates and their users.

The Surrogates featurette we have for you today is relatively short (about the length of an average trailer), but nonetheless gives us a good look at some of the technical stuff, as well as providing further insight into the world that the movie is set in. Check it out below:


I really like the idea of Surrogates, not only because it has potential for some really cool sci-fi action scenes, but also because it plays off of the very real and relevant (ingredients of good sci-fi!) issue of technology ruling our lives. There's some really cool details in there - for example, the humans can live their lives as machines, not feeling the pain that's inflicted if their surrogates get shot or hit by a car. Pretty wild.

The movie really reminds me (and a lot of other people, apparently) of the Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner, although obviously a lot sleeker (in an I-Robot kind of way) as opposed to the "down and dirty" feeling of BR. I just hope Surrogates lives up to its potential.

What do you think of the featurette? Are you looking forward to this movie?

Surrogates hit theaters on September 25th, 2009.

Source: IGN via  YouTube

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