Make Your Own Surrogate

Hollywood loves Viral Marketing. The phenomenon took off a decade ago when the makers of The Blair Witch Project used several "real sites" to market their movie. Since then films as diverse as AI, The Dark Knight and Cloverfield have all used the technique to get film fans curious about their forthcoming release.

The newest film to use this marketing technique is the Bruce Willis starrer The Surrogates. What does it entail? Well you can choose your own surrogate!

If you visit Virtual Self Industries you can choose different attributes for your personal surrogate. Play with the models they give you (not as kinky as it sounds) or upload your own image and tweak it - it's your call. The site is pretty fun - but in all honesty it‘s nothing more than 21st Century dress up

The Surrogates based on a graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldelle is set in the future where human beings stay at home and live life through "surrogates" better looking (robotic) versions of themselves. However, Willis' character decides to leave his home for the first time in years in order to solve a crime that puts "surrogate life" in the balance. The film is directed by Jonathan Mostow, the man behind Terminator 3, U571 and Breakdown.

The Surrogates opens 25 September, 2009.

Source: Joblo

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