Surprise! It was all "a big misunderstanding"

After all the "tug-of-war" between the terminated CSI actors and CBS, guess who won? Who always wins? It should come as a shock to no one that after being summarily fired by CBS, cast members George Eads and Jorja Fox are playing the "big misunderstanding" card.

Fox was fired for not responding to a request by CBS to assure them she would show up for work, while Eads was fired for not showing up to work for the first day of shooting. In Fox's case, she says she thought she had mailed her response on time. In Eads's case, he says he overslept. Regardless, the word on the street is that both of them had been offered a $20,000 raise per epidode (in addition to the $100,000 per episode they currently make), but they had wanted quite a bit more. Now, after all this nonsense, they're back on the show for reportedly the exact same salary they earned last season. Congratulations, guys. After causing all that stress to CBS and to yourselves (not to mention disrupting production on CSI), you're right back where you started. You must be so proud...

Ironically, while this public battle has been ensuing, fellow cast member Eric Szmanda (who plays Greg Sanders) has quietly negotiated a pay raise. Can't we all just get along?

Source: E! Online


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