The Surge 2 Launch Trailer Is Surgical About Limb-Targeting Combat

The Surge 2 Launch Trailer

The Surge 2's launch trailer arrived this week from developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive, and it leans heavily into one of the most-praised elements of the sequel in its limb-targeting system and visceral, compelling combat. The Surge 2 is the follow-up effort to the original The Surge, and follows in its footsteps by maintaining customizable gameplay and precise combat as a central focal point while expanding the world for players to explore.

The Surge 2 takes place in Jericho City, a post-apocalyptic dystopia with varied environments and even more varied characters. The world of The Surge 2 is harsh, and survival is a priority, with players tasked with creating their own character and deciding which way they want to approach the deep melee combat and the RPG character-building skills that make the game so distinct. Character progression and customization have been recurring points of praise for reviewers of the game, while the new additions to The Surge 2, like directional parries and improved companion drones, make for a more refined experience. The ability to almost constantly target, loot, and equip items taken from enemies really adds variety to the approaches players can take, and it's for that reason The Surge 2 has appealed to so many at launch.

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The Surge 2's launch trailer hones in on the limb-targeting system that has really separated the game from its peers, displaying the many ways players can use the feature and dismember enemies to acquire new equipment. It's also a strong showing for the game's graphics, which are much-improved over the first title, and motion capture, which fans were able to see behind-the-scenes footage of thanks to a Screen Rant exclusive. Here's the game's launch trailer in full:

The Surge 2 certainly hasn't been shy about putting all of its gameplay elements out there for fans to find, however. There has been plenty to learn from The Surge 2's trailers in the build-up to release, and those who have been paying close attention won't be surprised to see critics favoring the game's unique approach to dystopian combat. For a game that's been described as a Soulslike title by some, it lives up to the intricacy fans of that genre might expect.

Now that The Surge 2 launch trailer has been released and the game is available for purchase, fans can begin to dive in to what could be one of the most memorable post-apocalyptic titles released this year. With a busy holiday season ahead of gamers, The Surge 2 has still managed to carve out a place for itself out of the crowd of other titles attempting to do the same.

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The Surge 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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