How The Surge 2's Concept Art Made The Leap Onto Your Screen

The Surge 2 Concept Art Exclusive

With The Surge 2 finally arriving for players looking to get their deep, action-based combat fix, developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive have taken the time to share some of the game's concept art with fans as a Screen Rant exclusive to show what the process from pen to pixel looks like in game development. The Surge 2 has been in development for several years, and the concept art has been as well - some of the pieces being shared here are from 2017.

The Surge was well-received by fans who enjoyed its gritty world-building and gripping battles, but The Surge 2 is looking to up the ante by expanding the world players can explore through the city of Jericho. Jericho City features many different districts that represent a lot of varied environments, including artificial forests in Gideon's Rock and the suffocating desperation of the Slums. There's also the Underground, a hidden area where hardened city dwellers find the means to survive the apocalyptic Jericho City and it's many demands from its citizens. A lot of work clearly went into the way that The Surge 2 built its city and its people, which fans have already gotten glimpses of in looks at the hard work that went into the game's motion capture.

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Now, Screen Rant can bring fans another exclusive in the form of The Surge 2 concept art, and some of it is, quite frankly, stunning. There's a lot of hints about where the game would eventually end up from a design standpoint, and one of the most interesting pieces of art is that of the android, which breaks every aspect of the model down and even showcases how it's parts might degenerate through use or combat. For other pieces, like those about the environment - the Powerplant Arena especially - it's clear that Deck13's goal from the very beginning was to create some visually appealing that challenged what fans might have expected from The Surge 2 and surpassed expectation. Take a look at the full gallery of images here:

01_android The Surge 2
11_statue_3D The Surge 2
11_statue The Surge 2
10_prison_yard_3D The Surge 2
10_prison_yard The Surge 2
09_powerplant_exterior The Surge 2
08_powerplant_arena The Surge 2
07_park_stairs_3D The Surge 2
07_park_stairs The Surge 2
06_park_canyon_3D The Surge 2
06_park_canyon The Surge 2
05_nano_spike_3D The Surge 2
05_nano_spike The Surge 2
04_hunter_3D The Surge 2
04_hunter The Surge 2
03_government_patrol_3D The Surge 2
03_government_patrol The Surge 2
02_enemy_police_drone_3D The Surge 2
02_enemy_police_drone The Surge 2
01_android_3D The Surge 2

One of the other interesting elements fans get a glimpse into with the new concept art is how it makes the leap from drawn concept to 3D representation. The whole process is an interesting one that consumers don't often get to see in such detail.

The Surge 2 arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One today as the latest action-RPG from Deck 13, bringing back its signature limb-targeting system that allows players to rip equipment from their foes for their own use. Although the game's many trailers already showed this off, the concept art is just another indication of how visually compelling The Surge 2 is as well.

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The Surge 2 releases September 24, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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