13Dignam - The Departed


Martin Scorsese’s Americanized remake of the popular Infernal Affairs Hong Kong films centers on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Billy as he goes undercover into the heart of a South Boston-based Irish gang in hopes of taking down kingpin Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) and his mole, who works in his department. That mole

is Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), whose character serves as a wonderful parallel to Leo's main character.

The one person none of these characters count on is the foul-mouthed Dignam, a crazed lawman with his own sense of justice unafraid of risking his career to get the bad guys. Mark Wahlberg contrasts the noble aspects of his character with an almost villainous extremism that you have to respect within the confines of the film’s 151 minutes. He’s awful, hilarious, and pure, and his appearance in The Departed’s closing moments has a way of making all right with the world in spite of the insane events that we'd just witnessed.

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