15 Supervillains Whose Kids Are Even More Evil

Comics are known for having alternative realities and timelines, full of various supervillains and heroes. Within these complicated constructs are a host of characters and adaptations which are generally unknown to the wayward comic book fan.

While the superhero kids are often highlighted in movies and television series, the supervillains kids are often overlooked.

Another issue involving comics is continuity. The timelines and characters aren’t often the same as the ones we see on the big screen. Even within the comics, characters will get taken out, revived, switch sides, or even have multiple adaptations.

Amongst all this confusion lies a bunch of supervillain kids most have probably never read about or heard of. Which is why we’ve dug through the trenches of Disney, Manga, Marvel, and DC to bring these wayward souls forward and out of obscurity.

A majority of these characters arcs and storylines have gone through major changes over time. But a few have stayed on course, based on their origins while moving older storylines into a new age.

From the evil witch of the sea and the queen of riddles to the villain of the film Black Panther and a secret supervillain son, here are 15 Supervillains Whose Kids Are Even More Evil.

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15 Loki – Vali Halfling

Val Halfling first appeared within the Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #379 (1991) Modern Age Villain. Halfling goes by several aliases such as Agamemnon, James, and Aggy. His father is the infamous Loki and his mother is an unknown mortal human.

Odin caught Vali stealing large amounts of Asgardian secrets, so Odin cursed Vali to be a teenager forever who cannot age. The only downfall to his curse is that due to his half human side, Vali will eternally experience hormonal teenage issues.

Like his father, Vali is a master tactician and strategist. His Asgardian blood helps him to regenerate when injured while also giving him superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. Val is proficient in sorcery, allowing him to control minor demons, teleport, project energy, and even levitate. He regularly carries guns loaded with mistletoe to injure the gods if necessary.

14 Ursula – Uma

Uma is 17 years-old and resides in the Isle of the Lost as captain of her own pirate crew. Unlike her mother Ursula, Uma is attractive to which she uses to her advantage and she has legs.

She did however inherit Ursula’s ability to use sea magic, can use Mal’s spell book (her rival), and can turn into a giant cecaelia (octopus, which also might be her true form).

Uma is featured in the Disney movie Descendants 2 as the main antagonist. She will also be returning for Descendants 3.

According to the book Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Uma’s weakness is that she gives off a shrimp odor due to getting dunked with shrimp larva by Mal. To the others, this has earned her the nickname Shrimpy.

13 Prince N'Jobu – Erik Killmonger

Born N'Jadaka, but known as Erik Stevens in his hometown of Oakland California, Erik Killmonger is the main villain in the recently released Black Panther movie.

In the comics, Erik was exiled from Wakanda, leading him to work for Ulysses Klaue as a means to usurp the throne of Wakanda from T’Challa.

The scarification markings on Erik Killmonger’s chest and torso resemble that of the Mursi and Surma tribes. His weapons include a Daniel Defense DDM4 MK18 assault rifle, a Wakandan short spear that he turned into a knife, and a Wakandan sword.

Erik’s time as a black ops SEAL taught him martial arts (he is self-taught too) and he’s a master tactician. In addition to being on equal strength with T’Challa, Erik Killmonger has a PhD in Engineering and an MBA from M.I.T. He used these smarts to create weapons and various devices as part of his armory.

12 Dr. Gero – Android 17

DBZ Kai - Android 17 and 18

Created by Dr. Gero, Android 17 was originally a human who went by the name Lapis. He’s the secondary antagonist, turned on-and-off protagonist, in Dragon Ball Z. Android 17’s future self is the main villain of the history of Trunks special, and Android 18 is his twin sister.

Android 17’s signature attack is Photon Flash, which allows him to charge a golden-yellow energy sphere.

Once charged, he releases the sphere in the form of an energy wave dealing serious amounts of damage towards his opponents. Android 17 has many of the same abilities as other fighters within the Dragon Ball franchise. Since he is an android, he has limitless stamina.

According to Akira Toriyama, Android 17 is stronger than his twin sister. During Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 is noted by scriptwriter Toshio Yoshitaka as the third strongest within the initial Team Universe 7.

11 Deathstroke – Rose Wilson

Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Sweet Lili. Despite ending up on the good guy's side, Rose didn’t start off that way.

Left by Deathstroke to grow up in foster care in Chicago, she was manipulated by her father to join his side. In order to prove herself worthy, she gouged out her eye.

In the comics, Rose was given a kryptonite eye by Deathstroke and was ordered to eliminate Superman. She also trained under Nightwing after he gave up on being a hero. Nightwing informed Rose that the kryptonite eye was slowly deteriorating her body, which led to her rebellion against her father Deathstroke.

Slade gave Rose the same serum that gave him his powers, making her an equal to his villainess. She could regenerate, has super enhanced abilities, and she intuitively understands what's going to happen through the power of Future Probability Cognition.

10 Red Skull – Sinthea Shmidt

Sinthea Shmidt, also known as Sin, is the daughter of Red Skull. She was raised by Susan Scarbo, and under her tutelage became Susan’s prize pupil. Sinthea was a beast of a child, earning the respect of Red Skull.

Upon learning that he was perishing, Red Skull used his Deus Machina to artificially age Sinthea Shmidt into adulthood. He also mentally indoctrinated her empowering Sin as Mother Superior to four orphan girls who revered Sinthea as a goddess.

She had a high intellect and was could go toe-to-toe with superheroes in martial arts. At one point in her story, she obtained the Hammer of Skadi, which enhanced all her abilities.

She believed the destiny of Red Skull was hers, taunting her father while he was already 6-feet under. Despite her drive, she eventually ended up being defeated by Captain America.

9 Medusa – Crona Gorgon

Crona Gorgon, known as the Demon Sword Master, is one of the reoccurring antagonists from the anime series Soul Eater. Crona’s gender is unspecified within the manga and anime, in which creator Atsushi Okubo has stated that even he is unaware of Crona’s gender. Crona’s mother is Medusa who wants Crona to become the next Demon God.

Crona is infused with Black Blood via Medusa, which includes a melted down Ragnarok, fusing Crona and Ragnarok together as one.

The Black Blood protects Crona from harm and can provide healing. Once Crona collects enough souls, he/she can use the Black Dragon ability. This creates wings of black blood from a dragonized Ragnarok to take flight.

Crona was also induced with an enhanced version of Black Blood called Mad Blood. This allows Crona to trap an opponent in an enlarging ball of blood or consume an entire city in utter madness.

8 Kraven the Hunter – Alexei Kravinoff

Alexei Sergeevich "Alyosha" Kravinoff is the son of Kraven the Hunter and an unknown mutant woman. Often referred to as Al, he is a classic foe of Spiderman.

Because Al looks so much like his father he uses his appearance, which works to his advantage since Kraven the Hunter has passed on.

Alyosha can communicate with animals, who serve by his side as companions. He often travels with his pet wolf, Nickel. He has battled with the Punisher and Spiderman. Al enjoys fighting with older weapons and is a prime hunter and tracker. He also has super senses which allow Al to track better than a human can.

Al has an accelerated metabolism which allows for him to heal faster. It is unknown, however, whether this ability can prevent disease or prolong life.

7 Grim Reaper – Death Reaper

Created by Joe Casey and Nathan Fox, Death Reaper is the daughter of Nekra and allegedly the Grim Reaper within the Marvel comics universe.

She first appeared in first appeared in Dark Reign: Zodiac #1 - For the Sake of Mischief and has since appeared in 14 other issues.

Her powers include Darkforce Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, and various forms of magic. In the comics, Death Reaper has assisted Zodiac, and his Zodiac gang, in attacks against the Fantastic Four and Avengers. In addition to planning attacks against the Avengers, she also seduced Pete Wisdom and stole a magical tome from him.

Death Reaper is also featured in The Heroic Age: Villains, Age of Heroes, and Dark Reign: The Underside comics. She is a part of the new supervillain class in Marvel comics.

6 Lex Luthor – Alexander Luthor Jr.

Alexander Luthor Jr. is the son of Lois Lane-Luthor and Lex Luthor on Earth-Three. On Earth-Three, Lex is a good guy fighting the evil version of the Justice League. He sends Alexander Luthor Jr. to Earth-One in order to keep him safe, in which there are various story arcs where Alexander Luthor Jr. takes a walk on the dark side.

While being trapped with Superboy-Prime, Luthor Jr. becomes detached from other living beings and works with Superboy-Prime to escape their entrapment. Together, Superboy-Prime and Luthor Jr. set into motion the events that culminate in Infinite Crisis.

Alexander pretends to be Lex Luthor and starts the Society of Super-Villains. His actions would lead the death of the wizard Shazam. He would also take control of the Brother Eye from Batman, giving him access to the OMACs and Checkmate's files on Earth's meta-humans.

5 Mastermind – Martinique Mastermind


Martinique Jason Mastermind is the daughter of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind. She has two half-sisters named Regan Wyngarde (Lady Mastermind), and Megan Gwynn (Pixie).

Born in London, Martinique Mastermind can create super elaborate psionic illusions, much like her father could. She also has minor telepathic capabilities, allowing her illusions to be even more accurate. She even put the entire city of San Francisco under an illusion, returning it to its state during the 1960s.

Her first appearance was in Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #2 – Victims and Martinique Jason Mastermind has been in 203 other issues since then. She has worked with Mystique as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and she was later recruited to join the Red Queen's Sisterhood of Evil Mutants.

4 Riddler – Enigma

Enigma is the daughter of the Riddler, first appearing in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #38. She started off with the Teen Titans, but eventually left — along with Duela Dent, who went by the alias of Jokers Daughter and Harlequin. Enigma takes after her father, being a master of riddles (and a few jokes) while sporting a question mark-shaped cane as a weapon.

After leaving the Teen Titans, Enigma would join up with Deathstroke and his villainous Titans East gang. Enigma and Duela would work together on missions, in which one would include psychologically torturing Raven inside a hall of mirrors.

Enigma has admitted in the comics that she joined Titans East to gain the acceptance of her father. In the most recent of issues, she is seen fighting side-by-side with Riddler against Batman.

3 Laura De Mille – Gemini De Mille

Gemini De Mille first appears in DC’s Beast Boy #1 - Nobody's hero. She is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and blames Gar Logan for the death of her mother. Gemini De Mille even went so far as to frame Gar Logan for murder and discredit his name.

Gemini’s powers include shape-shifting, allowing her body to take on any form including rubber protoplasm (elasticity) in which she uses herself as a weapon. She can also mimic voices, perfecting her illusion within a shape-shifting form.

Currently, Gemini rejoined with The Brain and Monsieur Mallah as a member of the new Brotherhood of Evil to fight against Teen Titans. She is also known for being an escape artist and one who can adapt to any situation. Geoff Johns, Ben Raab, and Justiniano are the creators behind Gemini De Mille.

2 Avalanche – Dancing Water

Listed as the illegitimate daughter of Avalanche, Dancing Water is a member of Red Skull's S-Men. She was a part of the team which removed Professor X's body from his mausoleum while also taking Rogue and Scarlet Witch as prisoners.

Dancing Water first appeared in Uncanny Avengers #1 - New Union and would later perish in Uncanny Avengers #25 - The Low Road. Created by writer Rick Remender and artist John Cassaday, her body consists of a semi-transparent blue water-like substance that she can reshape at will.

In this state, Dancing Water can alter her density, allowing objects to pass through her. In addition to essentially becoming water, she can also mentally direct water near her through Hydrokinesis while also using it as a mode of transportation.

1 Thanos – Thane

Thane and Thanos

Thane is the son of Thanos with his mother being an unknown. Thane was first featured in New Avengers #10 - The Thanos Seed and has appeared in 57 issues since then. He was a secret unto himself until his powers were awakened by the Terrigen Bomb.

Thanes abilities include his left hand which can alter all existence. He lacks control of his power, so if he uses his left hand, everyone within a certain radius of him perishes. His right hand can trap everyone around him, leaving his opponents in a state of living death.

During the Black Vortex arc, Thane would be led to believe that the X-Men and the Guardians had committed a massacre. In fighting for control of the Vortex he would be pitted against Captain Marvel.


Can you think of any other supervillains with children who are even more evil than they are? Sound off in the comment section!

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