15 Supervillains We Want To See Fight Each Other

Superheroes are supposed to be bastions of moral purity. Honor, trust, teamwork; these are the values of a superhero. So naturally supervillains are the exact opposite; petty souls hampered by greed and anger. You would think that clashes between villains would be common, yet time and time again, it's the heroes who wind up beating the stuffing out of one another.

Think of the movies that came out this past year: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, Moana. Okay, that last one doesn't feature superheroes fighting, but it was seriously so good, you guys. You should go see it. Anyway, the point is that while superheroes throw down for our amusement with shocking frequency, villains rarely get the chance to do so. This is a travesty which must be rectified. The villains are the often the most interesting part of any franchise, and having them face off can only lead to awesomeness. We've broken down the combatants, what their fight would be like, and who we think would come out on top. Enjoy these 15 Supervillains We Want To See Fight Each Other!


15 Doctor Doom vs. Lex Luthor

The Combatants: Two of the most intelligent and ruthless minds in comic book history. Both men crave absolute power and control-- Doctor Doom through his dictatorship and Lex Luthor through his business. Doom and Luthor both have a soft side, however. The men claim to be altruists at heart, continuing their controversial work for the sake of humanity as a whole. It's easy to see how two people with so much in common could come in conflict.

The Fight: This one would start off as a Cold War of sorts. Luthor might sell arms to a nation in conflict with Latveria. Doom could undercut LexCorp's bottom line by flooding the market with cheap Latverian tech. It would only be a matter of time before the tension escalated. They'd start proxy-battles with their henchmen and surrogates, both attempting to exhaust enemy resources that are functionally inexhaustible. Before too long, Luthor would have to suit-up in his Power Armor and face Doom one-on-one.

The Winner: While Luthor does have access to a very advanced suit of Power Armor, Doom never takes his suit off. Doom has more experience with hand-to-hand combat, he's more militarily minded, and he can do freakin' magic. In addition to running his own nation and being one of Marvel's greatest scientific minds, Victor von Doom is a powerful sorcerer. Doctor Doom takes this one.

14 Darkseid vs. Thanos


The Combatants: A God and a Titan. How incredibly appropriate. While these cosmic beings style themselves differently, they are both immensely powerful. Dedicated to conquering all of existence-- Darkseid with the Anti-Life Equation and Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet-- it's inevitable that these Big Bads would have to face off eventually.

The Fight: This one would be truly epic. At the zenith of their strength, Darkseid and Thanos are two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes. We're talking battles that would demolish planets, combat that would end entire star systems. It's not as if either of them care about collateral damage and protecting the innocent. Kind of like Superman in the DC films.

The WinnerNo doubt, this is one of the closest fights on this list. The battle would take a long, long time due to the fact that both are so evenly matched. That being said, we're giving this one to Darkseid. He's a better tactician and strategist than Thanos, and over time he would come up with a plan to defeat him.

13 Bane vs. Gorilla Grodd

The Combatants: A classic contest of brains versus brawn. And brawn versus brain. Both Bane and Gorilla Grodd are smart and strong is what we're saying here. Tactical geniuses with the muscle to back it up, Bane and Grodd could probably do a lot of damage if they teamed up. But it would be so much cooler if they kicked each other's butts instead.

The Fight: A total slug fest, punctuated by careful conservation of resources and high-level tactical analysis. Bane is used to fighting Batman, so he's no stranger to fights that have a large mental component. Gorilla Grodd has been shown to shake off punches from the Flash when the Scarlet Speedster is moving at the speed of sound, so he is no stranger to taking a beating. If we assume that Bane has enough Venom, this could take a while.

The Winner: The problem, however, is that Bane needs Venom just to be on equal footing. Grodd is not only a gorilla-- he's a super strong gorilla. And he has telekinesis and telepathy to augment his combat prowess. Ultimately, Bane would probably wind up with his back broken in this battle of the brainy brawlers.

12 The Joker vs. Norman Osborn

The Combatants: Insane and calculating in equal measure (okay, maybe not totally equal) the Joker is Batman's greatest enemy because not even the world's greatest detective can figure out what he'll do next. He can create chaos out of thin air. Norman Osborn-- aka the Green Goblin-- at least attempts to be geared toward order. Founder of OsCorp, an international conglomerate, Osborn makes an effort to constrain his insanity in the name of power.

The Fight: They say that crazy beats big every time, but when both people in the fight are totally insane, all bets are off. We can be sure of a few things, however: it's going to be brutal, there will be edged weapons, and both participants will probably laugh creepily the whole time. The sick monsters.

The Winner: While the Joker is probably the more insane and unpredictable of the two, we're going to give this one to Norman Osborn. The fact that he has metahuman strength and reflexes gives him a distinct advantage. In addition, his glider offers him an insurmountable aerial advantage.

11 Galactus vs. Ego the Living Planet

The Combatants: Galactus the Devourer of Worlds is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His energy output is so great, he requires entire planets to satiate his hunger. Ego the Living Planet is, uh, a planet. Except, you know, alive. Joking aside, Ego has vast psychic abilities and the ability to alter his own mass down to the molecular level.

The Fight: While these two have faced one another before, they received assistance from outside forces on all such occasions. They've never had to fight mano-a-planeto. The duel would take place in space, which is objectively awesome, and at first glance it may seem one-sided in Galactus's favor. Like a human fighting a bowl of spaghetti. But, remember, Galactus has never had to consume a planet that can fight back.

The Winner: In the short term: Galactus. His experience in planet destruction is probably too much for even the fierce Ego to handle. In the long term: Ego. Remember, he has complete control over his planet-sized body. He's definitely vindictive enough to change into something that would give Galactus some killer indigestion.

10 Kingpin vs. Ra's al Ghul


The Combatants: Masters of their respective self-created kingdoms, the Kingpin and Ra's al Ghul are no strangers to battle. Both men have keen strategic minds and command enormous material resources. While the Kingpin and Ra's often have their minions do the fighting for them, neither is a stranger to personal combat.

The Fight: Likely to be a drawn-out affair involving many economic thrusts and espionage parries, it would eventually come to a head when the two masterminds realize they have to take matters into their own hands. The Kingpin's raw strength and bottomless rage would clash violently with al Ghul's calculating and precise skills with a blade.

The Winner: Ra's al Ghul has the centuries of experience and knowledge neccessary to bring the Kingpin down. Surely, Ra's must have fought many enemies that have been physically larger and stronger than him. And even if the massive New Yorker took him down in their first encounter, Ra's basically gets infinite do-overs thanks to his immorality provided by the Lazarus Pit.

9 Sandman vs. Clayface

The Combatants: Shape-shifters capable of controlling aspects of the Earth itself, Sandman and Clayface are two of Marvel and DC's most criminally underused baddies. Destructive power and subtlety combined into a deadly package, Clayface uses his body to transform into basically anything. Similarly, Sandman can turn his fists into hammers and basically reform his body from almost any injury.

The Fight: While intelligence plays a key part in many of these match-ups, this one comes down to pure strength. Clayface is probably the smarter of the two, but there really isn't much to outthink when your opponent is raining blows on you with fists that are literally wrecking balls. This fight would be punch after punch of devastation.

The Winner: We hate to be indecisive, but this one comes down to a tie. It's an age-old case of unstoppable force meets immovable object. Both men have immense physical strength and bodies mutable enough to recover from being beaten to a pulp. Neither even requires food! They would probably still be wailing on each other come Judgement Day.

8 Loki vs. Ozymandias

The Combatants: The god of lies and illusions, Loki is one of the most vicious forces in the Marvel universe. Despite the dreaminess of Tom Hiddleston, Loki is not an Asgardian you want to mess around with. Ozymandias is easily one of the greatest minds in comic book history. He's a villain whose master plan actually succeed. That's like a dog that plays the piano.

The Fight: Likely precipitated by weeks of misdirection and manipulation, Ozymandias is probably self-confident enough to believe he could take on a god. After all, he's basically tried it before. Still, we imagine that this would be less direct physical conflict and more a succession of traps and counter-traps triggering over and over again.

The Winner: It's going to sound insane, but Ozymandias has this contest on lock. He's used reason and logical trickery to defeat a god before, and Loki has way more emotions and insecurities to manipulate. After all, Thor has bested his brother time and time again, and he's pretty much a block of marble with great hair and a sick hammer.

7 Venom vs. Bizarro

The Combatants: The dark mirrors of two of our favorite superheroes, Venom and Bizarro are powerhouses in their own right. Venom's strength and resilience put him on par with some of Marvel's toughest characters. And while Bizarro may seem dim, you really don't need much in the way of brains when you're strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Superman.

The Fight: With these two giants, one has to imagine the battle would span many locations. Bizarro can fly with super speed, but Venom can latch on to him with his "webbing" and survive in any environment his foe drags him to-- including space. While Venom has the intellectual edge over Bizarro, he's never been much one for planning. This would definitely be a straight-up brawl.

The Winner: Venom is very powerful, and easily one of Marvel's scariest villains, but he doesn't have what it takes to defeat someone on Bizarro's level. Consistently depicted as one of the mightiest beings in the DC universe, Bizarro is strong enough to make a puddle out of Venom.      

6 Deathstroke vs. Taskmaster


The Combatants: The criminal underworlds in the DC and Marvel universes do not lack for super-human badasses skilled in multiple forms of combat. Deathstroke and Taskmaster, however, have had no trouble rising through these ranks to become the best of the best. If you need somebody dead, these are the guys you call.

The Fight: Deathstroke can kill you with many different martial arts, and his talent with swords is only equalled by his proficiency with firearms. Taskmaster can instantly mimic any movement he sees, essentially copying his opponent's fighting style and using it against them. Therefore, Deathstroke would basically be teaching Taskmaster decades of training in seconds. Since Deathstroke is far too strict a tactician to allow for much improvisation, we imagine this one playing out like a very intense mirror match in chess. Only, you know, with swords and kicking and stuff.

The Winner: Despite Taskmaster's incredible mimicry, he lacks Deathstroke's enhanced strength and healing factor. He may be able to copy everything Deathstroke does, but he won't be able to do it nearly as well with his frail body. Rack up another kill for Deathstroke, folks, because Taskmaster is going down.

5 Ultron vs. Amazo

The Combatants: It seems that every time we build artificial intelligence in fiction, it inevitably tries to kill us. Ultron is certainly no exception. Created by Ant-Man, Ultron is a hyper-intelligent being bent on the destruction of organic life. Amazo, on the other hand, actually listens to his creator, Professor Ivo. Generally. His ability to replicate superpowers has allowed him to take down several incarnations of the Justice League.

The Fight: Ultron doesn't have any superpowers, per se, for Amazo to copy, so we imagine that Amazo would have to stick with his pre-downloaded Justice League abilities. That being said, those are some pretty kickass abilities. Imagine Ultron throwing wave after wave of soldiers at a being with the powers of Superman. It would definitely come down to single combat, and it would be intense.

The Winner: While Amazo might be the more objectively powerful of the two, Ultron has the intelligence to defeat him. Amazo is often bested by tricking his programming or providing some sort of logic puzzle. Ultron is more than smart enough to pose such a challenge. Although, if we're talking the version of Amazo from Justice League: Unlimited, then it's a totally different story.

4 Mr. Freeze vs. Captain Cold

The Combatants: Two of DC's coolest criminals, at least in term of temperature, Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold often get confused for one another. This has built a level of animosity between the two masters of thermodynamics. While Freeze may have the edge in science, Cold has more raw talent and doesn't need a special suit to survive.

The Fight: Wherever these two throw down, it's going to be winter. Both have been known to create changes in the ambient weather in addition to their directed ice and snow attacks. A cold, icy wasteland would frame the struggle as Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze attempted to kill each other. Make no mistake, these two have no mercy.

The Winner: Their powers are similar, their criminal modus operandi is basically the same, but when it comes down to it, Captain Cold is the better shot. Since he was a criminal before he invented his first freeze ray (with no formal education, mind you), Cold has more experience with combat than Mr. Freeze. And, honestly, Cold just has better temperature-based puns.

3 William Stryker vs. Amanda Waller

The Combatants: While they have been known to soften their stances from time to time, William Stryker and Amanda Waller generally represent their universes' hatred towards super humans. Often working from behind the scenes, they see themselves as champions of the regular people. Of course, villains rarely think they're bad guys.

The Fight: These two would probably come into conflict over the best way to eradicate Earth's heroes or something. Now granted, they are both just your run-of-the-mill Homo Sapiens, but Amanda Waller is used to handling herself around DC's deadliest villains and William Stryker has extensive military training. This wouldn't be a slap fight, that's for sure.

The Winner: William Stryker doesn't have what it takes. While he is probably better trained as a fighter, Waller is far and away more ruthless towards other humans. She's not above doing whatever is necessary to further her goals, whereas Stryker just really, really hates mutants.

2 The Governor vs. Red Skull


The Combatants: Two of the most despotic leaders in comic books, the Governor and Red Skull are both huge fans of loyalty through fear. Both men strive for complete control over their underlings while craving aggressive expansion. It's equally likely that they would be either best friends or bitter enemies if they met up.

The Fight: This one is most likely going to be a visceral affair designed to inspire their troops. Honestly, the people of Woodbury don't stand much of a chance against agents of Hydra, so the Red Skull is coming in at an advantage. Then again, he hasn't ever had to live through an apocalypse. Desperation can be a hell of a motivator. And you know both of these guys will fight dirty.

The Winner: Assuming that Red Skull isn't in one of his weird clone bodies, we're still calling this one for that Nazi supervillain. He just has too much training for the Governor to overcome. Plus, the Governor's gotten used to fighting slow-moving zombies or humans that can't really fight back. The Red Skull cut his teeth in combat with Captain America. This one wouldn't be particularly close, but it would be awesome to see.

1 Magneto vs. Brainiac

The Combatants: The Master of Magnetism and Metal, Magneto is one of Marvel's most powerful mutants. Able to reverse the polarity of Earth's magnetic field at the height of his powers, Magneto can take on most incarnations of the X-Men singlehandedly. Brainiac is no slouch either. Always learning and adapting, this extraterrestrial android is one of Superman's deadliest foes.

The Fight: One of Brainiac's greatest strengths is his ability to overwhelm opponents with metal constructs of his consciousness. Of course,Magneto can crush those with a mere thought. Brainiac, however, is no slouch in single combat either. As we said before, he can hold his own against Superman. In addition, he can think better and faster than all of the humans on the planet combined. This is basically a battle of mind over metal-with-a-mind.

The Winner: Magneto. Hands down. While the battle would certainly be epic, no one with metal in their body really stands a chance against him, no matter how strong they are. Wolverine and Colossus, for example, are vastly stronger than Magneto, but neither can hold their own against him. And it really doesn't matter how quickly you can think if your enemy can crush your head by looking at you.


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