Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg Has Ever Done

Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Throughout her run on Supernatural, Meg enjoyed an interesting character arc. She went from an evil demon that wanted nothing more than to see the death of John Winchester and the corruption of Sam to an antihero that actually worked with the brothers in later years.

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Meg also went through serious transformations, with different hosts at different times of her existence, and she eventually entered into an interesting relationship with the angel Castiel. However, while Meg became a fan-favorite and an ally, she did some really bad things on the show. Here are the 10 worst things Meg has ever done on Supernatural.

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Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done
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Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Meg first appeared in the season 1 episode "Scarecrow" and just appeared to be a regular girl at the start. Sam and Dean had just agreed to go their separate ways, as Dean wanted to keep investigating and Sam wanted to find their dad. As Sam was hitchhiking, he came across Sam and the two hit it off.

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They later happened to meet at a bus stop and struck up a great conversation where Sam broke down and told her his problems with Dean. She became a shoulder for Sam to lean on. Sadly for Sam, she was also a demon, using her charms and feigning innocence to try to manipulate the more innocent (at the time) of the Winchester brothers.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Meg made her return in the season 1 episode "Shadow," when Dean and Sam were investigating in Chicago and Sam ran into her in a bar. This allowed Meg to try to come between the brothers. They had experienced some conflicts before this, but Meg really wanted to drive that wedge between them when she ripped into Dean for how he treated his brother.

This was something that has played out over the years since, as Dean and Sam have always had everyone from demons and angels to hunters and associates try to splinter their relationship. Meg went a long way to put doubt in both Winchester brothers' minds and did the unthinkable: she tried to turn Sam and Dean against each other.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

While Meg worked hard to cause Sam and Dean to splinter when it came to their trust and family bonds, the Chicago meeting with the Winchester boys was not really about coming between them. This was all a trap to bring John Winchester out into the open and capture him.

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Meg was working with Azazel and was just using Sam and Dean, knowing that John would give his own life to save his sons. It worked and John showed up to save his boys, almost dying in the process. However, there was something else about this that made it so horrible. John knew then and there that he couldn't stay with his boys because they made him weak, knowing he had to protect them. Meg drove John completely away from his sons at this moment.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Meg needed to lure John Winchester out, and when she learned that the boys had retrieved the Colt, she went all out to destroy their father's life in order to get what she wanted. That included going after John's friends and fellow hunters.

In "Salvation," Jim Murphy was a pastor at a church and Meg showed up for a confession. However, when Jim realized Meg was a demon, he went into self-preservation mode, and fans learned that Jim was a hunter and former friend of John Winchester. Jim refused to give up John's location, so Meg killed him.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Jim was just the start. The death of Jim brought John, Dean, and Sam Winchester to Salvation to investigate when Caleb called them. John was distraught because Jim was a close friend of his, and he set out with his boys to find if any child in the town was born that fit the description of the demon's targets.

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As John, Sam, and Dean attempted to set up a plan to save the family in Salvation, he got a call from Meg. She revealed that she had Caleb and killed the man while speaking to John on the phone. Meg then told him that she would kill anyone and everyone he loved until she got the Colt.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

They say that the one thing that TV shows and movies should never do is kill the pet dog. Supernatural didn't seem to get the memo, as, in the episode "Devil's Trap," Meg heads out to try to kill Bobby Singer. She had already killed Jim Murphy and Caleb, and Bobby was next on the list of John Winchester allies for her to take out.

Luckily for Bobby, he was too smart and strong for Meg. But, unlucky for him, his dog was not. Rumsfeld was Bobby's pet Rottweiler and was lying on Bobby's truck resting when Meg showed up. A yelp and silence showed that Meg had killed and eliminated Bobby's pet before heading in for him—an unforgivable deed.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

When an angel or demon takes over someone's body, they live in that host and can do just about anything they want as long as the person allows them access. A college student named Meg Masters was who this demon chose to possess, and she spent a year with the demon in her body, killing people and torturing the Winchesters.

Finally, in "Devil's Trap," the Winchester brothers capture Meg and begin to interrogate her. It was at this time that fans and the Winchester brothers learned that any injuries suffered by a possessed host will hurt the host and not the demon. The Winchesters finally exorcised the demon and Meg died from all the injuries she suffered while possessed.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

Meg suffered in Hell after her banishment from her host's body and was ready for revenge when she returned in season 2. In the episode "Born Under a Bad Sign," she came back and set off for Sam Winchester. Later on, Sam woke up covered in blood and didn't remember anything. It turned out that Sam had killed a hunter named Steve Wandell.

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It was revealed that Sam was possessed and Meg was inside his body, causing him to commit these terrible acts, including shooting Dean at one point. Luckily, Bobby was smart enough to know what was happening and helped Dean exorcize Meg. He also gave the boys charm amulets to protect them from future possessions.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

By season 5, Meg was in a new host and was causing all sorts of problems. Dean, Sam, Jo, and Ellen arrived to go after Lucifer and find Meg in her new body. She was ready for them and released her hellhounds, which put all four hunters' lives in danger.

However, this attack caused fatal wounds to Jo. This really affected Dean, who felt a true bond to her. All of the hunters soon realized they would never survive the hellhound attack and Meg could take them all out in one place. As a result, Ellen agreed to sacrifice herself to save Dean and Sam by staying with a propane gas bomb and iron nails to kill the hellhounds.


Supernatural: The 10 Worst Things Meg has Ever Done

If there is one person that owed Meg a painful and torturous death, it was Dean Winchester. She did more bad things to him than anyone in her time on Supernatural. Even when Meg began to work with the boys in season 6, Dean really wanted to see her dead and only worked with her at first because they needed her.

She tried to get Sam to kill Dean in the first season of the show. She possessed Sam and had him shoot Dean in season 2. She sent hellhounds after them in season 5. She also did what she could to drive a wedge between the boys, making the fact that she became an antihero alongside Dean so hard for many fans to accept.

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