Supernatural: 10 Worst Things Lucifer Has Done To Sam & Dean Winchester

Lucifer may have turned out not to be the big bad in Supernatural but he was far from heroic. Here are the worst things he did to the Winchesters.

With God having been placed as the real Big Bad of the CW’s Supernatural, the former main antagonist Lucifer’s motives have been brought into better context as fans have realized he was right all along. However, despite Lucifer bringing in quite a bit of comedy on the show and having a fair point, he wasn’t a good guy by any means.

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We know this for sure because of the horrible things he did to Sam and Dean Winchester, as Lucifer’s actions - whether he directly did them or had his cronies do the job - brought a number of tragedies and problems toward the heroes. If you’re still sympathizing with Lucifer, then let us point out these 10 worst things he did on Supernatural to the Winchesters.

10 Causing The Death Of Their Mother

It was old Yellow-Eyes who made the deal with Mary and took her life, but the machinations of this coming about were squarely from Lucifer. It was the devil who instructed Azazel to find Mary and put her in such a position that she would agree to let him in her house in the future. 

With this part of the plan set, Azazel waited until Sam was born in order to put things into motion for Lucifer to make him his vessel. This means all of the mental trauma Sam and Dean went over due to their mother’s death were brought about just so Lucifer could have the adult Sam say yes to him.

9 Giving Sam An Impossible Choice

One of Sam’s many deaths was when he was mauled by vampires in the Apocalypse World and had his body dragged deep into a cave. Here, he found himself resurrected at the hands of Lucifer, who had just escaped his captivity from Rowena in the main universe. 

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Naturally, Lucifer’s little Lazarus trick had a catch in that Sam was required to introduce Lucifer to Jack as appreciation. If Sam refused? Well, Lucifer had a particularly gruesome fate waiting for him as a huge pack of vampires were lying in wait for Lucifer to lift the barrier he had on them so they could rip Sam to shreds, leaving him no choice but to give in to this extortion of favor.

8 Beating Up The Brothers And Castiel

When Castiel and Dean came to rescue Sam from Lucifer in the makeshift cage the latter was trapped in, Lucifer laughed the idea off by apporting all of them to where he was. The heroes put up a fight, but Lucifer was clearly toying with them for sport as he delivered a curb stomp beatdown.

He wasn’t without his intentions, though, as Lucifer had Dean in an inescapable stranglehold in order to intimidate Sam into giving his consent for possession. Everybody knows Sam would never let Dean die, so this was another impossible choice to make.

7 Killing Future Dean Using Sam As A Vessel

In an alternate future Dean was sent to, he found out that Sam ended up allowing Lucifer to use him as his vessel which led to the apocalypse coming about. The future Dean planned a final rebellion against “Samifer,” but found himself at the latter’s mercy.

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Knowing that the younger Dean was watching, and that Sam would be watching powerlessly while Lucifer used him, the devil crushed future Dean’s neck without a second thought. He even followed up by mocking the younger Dean about the certainty that this would be his eventual fate, and that Lucifer planned on using Sam forever to cause total annihilation of the world.

6 Killing Castiel Just For Fun And To Antagonize Dean

Lucifer became the thorn he is by the heroes’ side in the finale of Season 12, where his involvement led all the characters into the Apocalypse World. There, despite Crowley’s sacrifice, the rift between the universes didn’t close soon enough, allowing everyone a way back.

Even though he had his opening, Lucifer chose to have Castiel return first with the belief that he’d been successful, only to reveal his presence and stab Castiel in the back. He then confessed he didn’t really need to kill Castiel, looking Dean in the eyes and telling him that taking Castiel’s life was “fun” for him. The death of his best friend caused Dean severe depression, but you know Lucifer would’ve just laughed about this.

5 Beating Dean To Within An Inch Of His Life

Before the Season 5 finale, Lucifer put on the facade of an understanding person who meant no direct harm, but this deception fell through when Dean interfered in his fight with Michael. By this point, Lucifer had had enough playing around and claimed he would take his sweet time in beating him to a pulp.

He wasn’t kidding either, as we saw Lucifer flay Dean so severely with his blows that Dean’s face was left unrecognizable. Lucifer didn’t let up either, as his victim was clearly in his final breaths by the time the intended final blow arrived.

4 Forcing Sam To Fight Jack To The Death

When it became clear that Jack had no loyalty towards him, Lucifer figured the best way to get his revenge would be to take Jack’s powers and make him fight Sam, who saw Jack as his son. Knowing it wouldn’t end well, Lucifer took pleasure in watching the scene play out. 

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Sam, unwilling to kill Jack, handed the boy the archangel blade and asked him to take his life, all the while Lucifer looked on with a sense of amusement as he witnessed his most hated rival in Sam having to forfeit his life to Lucifer’s own son. Fortunately, the timely arrival of Dean did save the day.

3 Mentally Torturing Sam As A Hallucination

Although Sam had managed to keep Lucifer locked in the cage, a projection of the devil lived on in his mind to antagonize him. This got to the point where Lucifer was constantly around Sam, not letting him even sleep as he made Sam see terrifying images to scare him. 

Nothing that Sam tried worked in getting Lucifer out of his head and the latter took things to such extremes that by the end all Sam saw were visions of Lucifer wherever he turned his eyes. Lucifer was almost successful in haunting Sam to death, before Castiel transferred the vision onto himself.

2 Using Castiel As A Vessel To Manipulate And Try To Kill The Winchesters

Lucifer’s plan of intimidating Sam to become his vessel might not have worked, but he did snag Castiel as the second-best choice as he posed as the angel to fool the Winchesters into trusting him. Things went swimmingly well too, with "Casifer" then being in a position to kill both Winchesters by revealing his true identity.

Watching Castiel be controlled in this way brought the boys a whole set of problems, as they were wracked with worry over how they could get the devil out while managing to save the life of their friend. During this time, Lucifer had the boys in his grasp numerous times, with him nearly causing them to die in painful ways.

1 Torturing Sam For Over A Century

Since time in Hell passes differently, with one month equating to ten years down there, Sam’s year or more inside the cage tallies up to at least about 150 years that he was trapped with the devil. Flashbacks in Season 6 and Season 11 showed us the ghastly ways Lucifer tortured Sam.

The younger Winchester was at times burned to a crisp by Lucifer, while other times he had hooks inserted in all parts of his skin that Lucifer then tore apart. The poor guy endured over a century, and after all this Lucifer still greeted him later on by mockingly claiming they were “roommates.”

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