Supernatural Spinoff Wayward Sisters ‘Evolves Organically’

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Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb discusses the upcoming Wayward Sisters spinoff. One of the main reasons fans cited as to why Supernatural's last attempt at launching a spinoff - season 9 backdoor pilot episode Bloodlines - didn't work was that the story asked viewers to be invested in a group of newly created characters operating within a never before seen environment. In short, Bloodlines didn't at all feel similar to Supernatural, despite supposedly being a spinoff of the popular series.

In TV history, many of the most successful spinoffs started by taking a well-liked supporting character (or characters) from a hit show, and focusing in on the adventures or comic circumstances that they get up to when not interacting with the leads of the show that spawned them. Some great examples of this set-up include Frasier, Angel, and AMC's current Better Call Saul. That creative track seems to be the one that Supernatural is heading down with its upcoming spinoff Wayward Sisters, which stars four established recurring SPN characters.

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During a press event at this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb talked about why the time is now right for an SPN spinoff to succeed, and how Wayward Sisters evolves organically from the first half of season 13. Here's what he had to say.

I think we have been talking about internally since we introduced Claire Novak to the show. Which I believe was Season 9, and the idea that Jody had already taken in Alex Jones, that 'Well this might be a real opportunity to make this happen.' It's kind of something that simmered for us and fans really latched onto in a way that we never could've expected in a really awesome way, and then for us it was like, last season because of the British Men of Letters and because of Mom and everything like that, it didn't feel right. This season it feels right and the way it's going, as you'll see it as you watch the show in the first half of the season, it evolves very organically out of the first half of the season in a way that we were able to do because we have such a high amount of lead time. And it feels like, unlike the first spinoff we did, which was by design made not to feel like Supernatural, this is meant to feel like Supernatural, but a different side of stories in that world but very much the same sensibilities, the same driving forces, the same core themes, which are family.

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One thing that sticks out from Dabb's statement is that Bloodlines was designed not to feel like Supernatural, which seems like an odd direction to take. In that respect they clearly succeeded, but one wonders why The CW ever thought a Supernatural spinoff that felt nothing like Supernatural would go over well in the first place. Either way, the idea with Wayward Sisters seems to be creating an extension of the existing Supernatural world, but this time focusing on a family of women instead of two brothers.

While it remains to be seen how Wayward Sisters' backdoor pilot will go over with fans, Dabb and Supernatural's creative team appear to be doing everything possible to stack the deck in the spinoff's favor, clearly having learned from the massive failure of Bloodlines. With a character as popular as Jody Mills leading the charge, one assumes that should a full season of Wayward Sisters get ordered, Supernatural fans will be more than willing to give it a chance to win them over.

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Supernatural season 13 premieres October 12 on The CW.

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