Wayward Sisters Spin-Off Is Exactly What Supernatural Needs

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Supernatural is heading into its thirteenth season this fall, and the fantasy/horror series shows no signs of slowing down. Over its long run, the Winchester brothers have gone from straightforward monster hunters to the ultimate in supernatural adversaries. They have journeyed through Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, encountered ever-greater threats, multiple apocalypses, and even met God himself. In the twelfth season, things calmed down somewhat as the show returned to its hunter roots, before ending with the birth of a new being - the Nephilim son of Lucifer.

The show is also (finally) getting a spin-off, and one that is bound to do a little better than the failed Bloodlines. Earlier this month, it was announced that a spin-off centered on Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) would be getting its own backdoor pilot in Supernatural season 13, to be titled Wayward Sisters (a slightly odd choice, given that Wayward Daughters would be a more logical homage to the theme song, 'Carry On My Wayward Son').

Wayward Sisters

Supernatural Jodie Mill's house dinner with Claire Novak

According to reports, Wayward Sisters will continue to tell the story of Jody as a foster mother to young girls orphaned by supernatural tragedy. This is something that has already been explored in the series, as Jody has taken in both Claire Novak (Kathryn Love Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) and is raising them in a household that understand the supernatural threat. It's a premise that may also involve the character of Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster), another fan-favorite female in the series who has teamed up with Jody in the past, although this hasn't yet been officially confirmed.

This is a concept that fans have been vocal about for some time, calling the concept Wayward Daughters, and creating a grassroots fan campaign to have it made. Jody Mills quickly became a fan favorite after she joined the show in season 5. Jody was introduced as the Sheriff of Sioux Falls, where Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) lived. At first, she was dismissive of the Winchesters as they attempted to work a case in the town, but after Sam (Jared Padalecki) rescued her from her zombie son (who had just eaten her husband), she quickly changed her mind. Since then, she has become a staunch ally of the Winchesters, helping them on cases and becoming a close friend.

Balancing Out The Boys

Mary Winchester, Castiel, and the Men of Letters in Supernatural

Despite being hugely popular and long-running, Supernatural isn't without its flaws - and one of the biggest issues is that it lacks central female characters. The vast majority of the characters in the show have been male, and while there have been several great female heroes (and villains) over the years, they are generally short-lived. It's an issue that fans have been vocal about, and at this point in the show, it's not an easy one to remedy.

Things have improved somewhat in recent seasons, of course. Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) returned to the series after being dead since the boys were children and has proven to be an incredible hunter and a powerfully complicated character throughout season 12. Jody Mills herself has also been around for quite a few seasons, but has only shown up in a grand total of twelve episodes - it's definitely time to turn the focus onto great characters like Jody, and a spin-off is a perfect way to do this without having her (and any other women in the series) take an inevitable backseat to Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles).

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