15 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Supernatural Villains Of All Time, Officially Ranked

Supernatural is currently celebrating 13 full seasons on The CW, with a fourteenth right around the corner, and it's fair to say loyal audiences have been on quite the thrill ride with the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).

The dual protagonists have been hunting demons and evil entities ever since they first hit the small screen in 2005, building up an incredible legion of fans and enjoying consistently brilliant ratings and viewership.

Throughout that time, millions of viewers have seen the siblings collaborate on a number of intense and world-changing missions, teaming up with other do-gooders and saving the universe from a terrible fate.

When you've literally gone up against enemies including Lucifer, what darkness is there left to face? Actually quite a bit, as we've found out over the years.

Of course, when there are so many episodes of a show and monsters for the brothers to take on, not all of them are going to be incredibly strong Big Bads that last for a full season. In fact, some of them are so weak, we wonder why writers decided to shoehorn them into proceedings in the first place!

With all of that in mind, we've decided to take a look back at some of the strongest and weakest villains to have ever come up against the Winchesters (and one that's never actually been seen on screen). There may be some controversial choices made here, but we think we can make a good case for each of their placements!

Here are the 15 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Supernatural Villains Of All Time, Officially Ranked.

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Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural
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25 Strongest: Meg

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Meg has had quite the up and down journey during her time on Supernatural, first going up against the Winchester brothers before aiding them for a couple of seasons, in a bid to battle Crowley effectively following his takeover of Hell.

She's been one of the most charismatic demons the series has ever played host to, and used her skills to not only take down a trio of Leviathans, but an angel as well.

Meg even came close to taking out Bobby, which would have made for an incredibly emotional sequence.

24 Strongest: Zachariah

Working under Michael and Raphael following Lucifer's casting down from Heaven, the angel Zachariah proved to be an incredibly manipulative figure, even using the deceased matriarch of the Winchester family to torment the demon hunters when he wanted to get them on side.

With the apocalypse looming, Sam and Dean were in everybody's sights for recruitment, and Zachariah was handed the job of getting them on board.

When he failed, however, he was toast, taken out by Dean in a dramatic season 5 scene.

23 Weakest: Eve

Also known as the Mother of All, Eve was released by dragons to arrive on Earth, and caused a heck of a lot of chaos.

Despite her powers and ability to create "Alpha" troops to fight on her behalf, she makes this list because of the way in which Dean was able to take her out.

Mixing Phoenix ashes into his drink before being bitten by Eve, he would take her down in one of the least satisfying ends to a monster's story that's ever been shown.

22 Strongest: Cain

Also known as The Father of Murder, Cain was the firstborn child of Adam and Eve, and the brother of Abel.

Having trained the Knights of Hell, his strength has always been incredibly clear.

History saw him cement himself as one of the most powerful demons of all time, and though he went into retirement because he fell in love, he came back out to take on Abaddon's forces.

Falling under the influence of the Mark of Cain, however, Dean would eventually be forced to take him down.

21 Strongest: Gabriel

As the brother to Michael and Lucifer, Gabriel is one of the strongest entities we've ever witnessed in Supernatural.

Sibling rivalry saw him join Dean and Sam's forces to take on Lucifer, but that wouldn't stop him from using his powers to teach the Winchester siblings a few lessons if they needed a slap back to reality.

Super strength and time travel were just two of his many powers.

While he's been a force of good in much of what we've seen, he's not someone we'd want to get on the wrong side of.

20 Weakest: Gordon Walker

Ranking Supernatural villains

Though he's a trained hunter and a threat to many, Gordon Walker is a simple human being with no special powers or abilities.

His ego got the better of him on a number of occasions, with the psychotic nature of his personality boiling over the surface far too many times for the Winchesters to ignore.

Turned into a vampire before his eventual end, he would prove no match for Sam in a final showdown that saw him quite literally lose his head. It was a fitting end.

19 Strongest: Azazel

As the original Big Bad, this yellow-eyed demon took out Mary Winchester and set the rest of the family out on a path of hunting down demons in a bid to take Azazel down once and for all.

Using a variety of different powers, including possession and super strength, Azazel's most memorable move came when he dipped his own blood into Sam's mouth on the night of Mary's death.

This allowed him to manipulate the brothers in the hopes of raising Lucifer from Hell.

He's an incredibly smart demon, who used his brains just as much as his brawn.

18 Strongest: Gadreel

What's more powerful than being the sole reason for pretty much all of the bad things going on in the Supernatural universe?

As God's most trusted angel, Gadreel broke ranks when he allowed Lucifer into the Garden of Eden.

This served as the catalyst for the world to plunge into madness, pushing God to leave Heaven and seeing Gadreel imprisoned and tortured for his crimes.

In that time, he lost sight of his original goals and hoped to redeem himself, lying to Dean and living in Sam's vessel. He is a true manipulator.

17 Weakest: Leviathan

Supernatural Quiz - Leviathan

God's first creatures weren't actually angels, but Leviathan. Unfortunately, the beasts were wild and would devour anything that came in their path.

This led to God being forced to step in and take action, creating Purgatory and leaving his first species there.

When Castiel accidentally released them, they seemed they may be a problem, but in the grand scheme of things, it was only their leader Dick Roman who made a lasting impression, taking out Bobby for good and only being destroyed when the Winchesters teamed with the Alpha Vampire and Crowley.

16 Strongest: Raphael

The 25 Most Powerful Supernatural Villains Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Though he was one of the youngest archangels to exist, Raphael is somebody who wanted to take over, and would do anything to do so.

With more strength than God, Death, and any other archangel on his side, he would prove to be one of the most threatening entities in the universe.

His takedown of Castiel proved his immense power, and it would take his adversary "digesting" the souls of Purgatory to give him enough power to take Raphael out.

15 Strongest: Alastair

Alastair, Supernatural

This white-eyed demon was tasked with torturing both John and Dean Winchester during their times in Hell, and he took great pleasure in doing so.

As Hell's main torturer, who can really deny this demon's power?

Another entity who was able to overpower Castiel in a number of battles, it was the start of the apocalypse that proved just how dangerous Alastair could really be.

Breaking down Dean, he'd bring on one of the scariest events in history, but eventually fell foul to Sam's psychic powers.

14 Weakest: Asmodeus

Asmodeus King of Hell Supernatural

Though he was the last Prince of Hell standing, Asmodeus was incredibly disappointing throughout his season 13 run of episodes.

Imprisoning his father Lucifer in a bid to take over Hell for good, he'd make a huge mistake in trying to go up against Gabriel, and in his passing would cement the extinction of his species.

Perhaps it's because he was introduced so late into the series when so many other powerful beings were at play, but Asmodeus felt like a huge waste of time.

13 Strongest: Metatron

Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

As the entity responsible for recording the Word of God, Metatron is one of the most important beings in the entire universe.

Following the start of Lucifer and Michael's war however, Metatron would flee to Earth so he couldn't be blackmailed into revealing the Word of God.

Unfortunately, during his hiatus from Heaven, he decided he would do everything in his power to take over and become the new God.

If not for Amara, Metatron would likely still be ruling over Heaven right now after kicking out the angels.

12 Weakest: Alpha Vampire

After being created by Eve, the Alpha Vampire looked to be one of the most threatening and hard to take down villains the Winchesters had come up against.

Though he did last for a number of seasons before meeting his maker in season 12, the impact he had on the series as a whole was never something that proved his ultimate power above all other vampires.

It's a shame, as the ideas for this character were certainly in the right place.

11 Strongest: Lilith

As the first demon ever created, Lilith is a white-eyed entity that has had plenty of time to hone her strength, building her power and outranking all other demons to come from Hell.

Though she did fear the archangels, she had no trouble taking angels down, and had one half of the Winchester siblings in her palm thanks to her hold over Dean's soul.

Despite eventually being defeated by Sam, Lilith was smart enough to know that her sacrifice would allow for Lucifer to be freed.

10 Weakest: Leshi

Leshi may have just been a resident Monster of the Week, but we couldn't put together this list of the weakest Supernatural villains without bringing them up.

They took on the bodily form of Paris Hilton, for goodness sake.

Despite being a God, and with a number of different abilities at their disposal, Leshi was taken down in a single episode after not only embodying Paris, but Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi.

It's certainly an episode that sticks in the mind.

9 Strongest: Abaddon

As the final demon Knight of Hell in play alongside the man who trained her, Cain, Abbadon was a woman with a plan that could have caused complete chaos.

Sam and Dean would come to realize that normal demon-destroying methods wouldn't work on her, and she would eventually be the one responsible for bringing the first Men of Letters to their extinction.

It took a sacrifice from Dean and the Mark of Cain to finally take her out, but she certainly provided some of the most entertaining scenes in Supernatural history.

8 Weakest: Alpha Skinwalker

Sam Winchester Make No Sense Supernatural

The Alpha Skinwalker hasn't actually yet made an official appearance in an episode of Supernatural, but the character was spoken about in an episode of season 6 called All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Tthey were revealed to be preparing skinwalkers as sleeper agents in a looming war.

Since that point, however, the plot has been cast aside, and it's assumed those plans have been abandoned.

This makes the Alpha Skinwalker potentially the least successful villain in the series' history, which is pretty sad.

7 Strongest: Crowley

Crowley in Supernatural

This red-eyed demon is so charismatic that he's actually had the audience on his side more times than he has deserved.

While Crowley has teamed up with Sam and Dean on a number of occasions, he's still a powerful villain and the former King of Hell.

Making an incredible impact throughout the show, Crowley has enjoyed immortality, super strength, super stamina, teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis and many, many more abilities.

Crowley's so powerful in fact, that it took the demon taking his own life for his journey to be brought to an end.

6 Weakest: Styne Family

The Styne Family were actually quite powerful at times, but bringing them into the series so late on meant that they would never be a match for the Winchesters, and in particular, the Mark of Cain.

In Supernatural lore, the Stynes were the real-life inspiration for the Frankenstein novel, in that the men of the family would destroy and then use body parts of fellow humans in a bid to give them special powers.

They even helped other baddies in history, proving just how evil they could truly be.

5 Strongest: Lucifer

We may not be putting the literal devil Lucifer at number one in our list of strongest Supernatural villains, but his positioning near the top is something well-earned.

There are only a handful of beings more powerful than Satan despite his archangel status and his creation of demons, but that doesn't take away from the impact he's had on this series as a whole.

If it weren't for Lucifer, Sam and Dean's mother would still be alive, and their demon hunting journey wouldn't exist.

4 Weakest: British Men Of Letters

British Men of Letters Supernatural

The British branch of the original Men of Letters don't do their country proud during their time in Supernatural, and fail to prove their power across two seasons of the show, despite a lot of hype surrounding them.

Keeping tabs on Sam and Dean for a long while, the organization failed to do anything worthwhile and stuck far too rigidly to their code of conduct.

Thank goodness they're now extinct, because we're not sure we could deal with many more episodes of watching them not do very much at all.

3 Strongest: Michael

Jake Abel as Adam Michael in Supernatural

Michael is the most powerful of all angels, and is an archangel you would never want to annoy.

With an ultimate goal of allowing Lucifer to rise from Hell so that he could go up against him in an apocalypse-causing battle, he proved to be one of the trickiest villains for the Winchesters to navigate.

Though Michael's currently imprisoned, he's still alive, which means he'll likely make a vicious comeback at some point in Supernatural's future.

This should make for some extremely compelling viewing.

2 Weakest: The Benders

There were four members of the Bender Family, but that didn't mean they were interesting or exciting villains with any sort of actual power.

In fact, they were just a bunch of humans with a major chip on their shoulder, and a hatred for Sam and Dean Winchester after capturing them.

Unfortunately for the psychotic villains, they didn't realize just who they were dealing with.

The Bender patriarch would end up deceased, while the rest of the family are presumably rotting away in a jail cell.

1 Strongest: The Darkness

Supernatural Quiz - The Darkness

Amara, otherwise known as The Darkness, turned out to be the most powerful being the Supernatural universe has ever seen.

Though she was God's sister, her jealousy over his creations would see her destroy anything he brought forth.

Released by Dean, The Darkness did her all to destroy everything, but thankfully the majority of her plans never came to complete fruition.

Still, this doesn't stop her from being the strongest entity Supernatural has ever seen. She'll take some beating in upcoming seasons.


Are there any powerful or weak Supernatural villains we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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