'Supernatural' Season 6 'Unforgiven' Episode Preview Clips

Supernatural Season Six Video Clip and Preview for Unforgiven Season 6 Episode 13

One of the best, longest-running genre shows on television returned last week with one hell of a bang. Indeed, despite being six seasons old, Supernatural is as good as it's ever been and doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon.

Last week’s excellent episode saw the once soulless Sam returned to his normal, empathetic self (if only temporarily), as well as the addition of this season’s villain, known simply as the "Mother of all". Today, we’ve got two video previews for this Friday’s episode, entitled “Unforgiven.”

Because Sam Winchester was walking around the planet without his soul for a while, he did some terrible and heartless things to his friends, his family, and various other innocent people. Some things we saw firsthand this season – allowing Dean, his brother, to be transformed into a vampire; attempting to murder his father figure, Bobby Singer, as a means to keep his potentially tattered soul outside of his body – and many more we didn’t, as they occurred between seasons five and six.

Though Sam can’t remember any of the heinous acts he committed prior to regaining his soul, he knows he did them and he wants to make amends - which is what “Unforgiven” seems to be about. So far as I can discern from the previews, it appears that ‘Soulful Sam’ will have to pay for the at least one of the crimes that ‘Soulless Sam’ committed -- crimes that we may finally get to see for ourselves, thanks to the magic of flashbacks.

Check out the videos below:


“Unforgiven” Preview


“Unforgiven” Clip


Color me excited, because Soulless Sam is hands down my favorite version of the guy. He’s creepy. He’s a bit of a sociopath. He’s tough as nails. And, amazingly, he’s kind of funny, which is something Soulful Sam has never, ever been. (Despite trying so hard!) Now, I’m happy that the show didn’t needlessly drag out the ‘Sam needs a soul’ storyline, but I just wish there were a way I could have both story development and Soulless Sam. Simultaneously.

This, I suppose, is the next best thing.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm on The CW.

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