'Supernatural' Spin-Off in Development at The CW - Will It Work?

Sam, Dean and Cas in Season 9 of 'Supernatural'

During a press event at Comic-Con on Saturday, Supernatural executive producer Bob Singer revealed that The CW is developing a spin-off series based on their hit show about the monster-hunting Winchester brothers. The network has already created a spin-off show for their other popular fantasy show, The Vampire Diaries, titled The Originals, which will air in the Tuesday 8/7c timeslot just behind Supernatural starting in October, and The CW has apparently decided that spin-offs are the way to go.

Supernatural is still going strong after eight seasons, and is unofficially The CW's flagship show, so it makes sense for the network to test out another spin-off show in the same universe. There have already been two such extraneous shows based on Supernatural: Ghostfacers, a mockumentary web series about the nerdy team of wannabe monster-hunters who occasionally appear in the main show, and Supernatural: The Anime Series, which was produced by Japanese studio Madhouse.

There are plenty of existing characters who have appeared on the show and could potentially be interesting to put at the forefront of their own spin-off show - the third Winchester brother, Adam, for example, who appeared on the show for a few episodes and was then quietly dropped down a hole and forgotten by both the writers and the characters - but according to TV Line the protagonist of the Supernatural spin-off will be a new character, introduced in the main show around season 9, episode 20, which will also serve as a pilot for the new show.

'Supernatural' spin-off series 'Ghostfacers'

The only other tidbit of information is that, whereas Supernatural is perhaps best known for the Winchester brothers' never-ending road trips through sweeping American landscapes and visits to small, quirky towns, the spin-off show will be "citified" - possibly based in a single urban location. There are any number of directions that the show could go from here, but perhaps a supernatural detective show could be on the cards; something along the lines of The Dresden Files, the short-lived adaptation of Jim Butcher's novels that aired on Syfy.

The big question, of course, is whether or not a major spin-off Supernatural show would actually work. After all, the core dynamic and main attraction of the series has always been the relationship between the two main characters, so a show set in the same universe but without the pair to lead it would likely be a risk. Having said that, Supernatural already has a large and dedicated fandom, and there will always be a market for shows about things that go bump in the night. The best bet for the Supernatural spin-off would probably be to detach itself from the storyline of the current series and do as much as possible to build up an independent cast of characters with a strong original premise.

During Screen Rant's own coverage of Supernatural at Comic-Con 2013, we learned that both showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki are eager to see the main show go on to at least season 11 or 12, which could explain The CW's desire to bolster the Supernatural franchise with a second show. However, since several movie studios have expressed an interest in signing Jensen Ackles on for a superhero movie role, and the main actors are only contracted for Supernatural up to the end of season 10, it's possible that the spin-off could be intended as a back-up in case Supernatural ends within the next couple of years.

For Supernatural fans, and even those who have never seen the show, would you be interested in watching The CW's new spin-off?

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Supernatural season 9 premieres Tuesday October 15 at 9/8c on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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