Supernatural Star on Bobby’s Return & His ‘Strong Feelings’ For Mary

Supernatural star Jim Beaver has spoken about the return of Apocalypse World Bobby Singer in tonight's episode and how he feels about Mary Winchester. Over the years, Supernatural has gone to a number of interesting places, and it's not slowing down. We'll soon see a Supernatural crossover with Scooby-Doo, and the current season is finally visiting parallel worlds. We've had a taste of a few different dimensions so far, but Apocalypse World will be the major focus this season with both Mary and Jack trapped there. Plus, the reality allows for yet another return for Bobby.

Given the Winchesters all died in the Apocalypse World, the Bobby we've met is a lot darker. And Mary and Jack will face a number of challenges. We already know a new Zachariah is coming to Supernatural - one that looks to be even more vicious than the previous version. Fortunately, the new take on Bobby seems fully equipped to lead a war on renegade angels. But how will he feel when faced with the return of a Winchester?

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EW spoke with Jim Beaver about Bobby's return in this week's Supernatural, and how the lack of Sam and Dean will shape a darker take on the character. The actor also revealed how Bobby will feel about Mary, teasing a layer to the character we've never known:

"He’s VERY happy to see Mary because he had very strong feelings for the Mary of his world who didn’t survive. He sees Mary and Jack as new allies and of course he’s got a surprise ahead of him with Jack because Jack has unexpected qualities for Bobby. His heritage is a little suspect. So this episode will get into all of that."

We've never really heard Bobby speak about Mary (due to her absence from most of the show), but it makes sense that he grew close to her and John together. Whether the strong feelings Beaver mentions are merely for a new version of an old friend or something more romantic, we'll have to wait and see. And Bobby learning the truth about Jack promises to involve some of the character's legendary surliness.

Though Bobby died seasons ago, Supernatural has found plenty of ways to bring him back. In fact, just about everyone besides John has managed to make it back one way or another. But will Bobby continue on even when the Apocalypse World story is finished?

"I’ll be interested to see where this goes because most of Bobby’s revisits since his death in season 7 have suggested at least the possibility that this is the last you’ll see of him. This one doesn’t do that. This episode leaves it wide open for more Bobby. I’ll be interested to see how the character progresses if they return to him, and I hope that he’ll get to spend more time in the company of his boys … even if he doesn’t realize they’re his boys."

We haven't heard about any of The CW's renewals yet, but there's a good chance Supernatural will mirror its characters and refuse to die. With word that The CW will air shows on Sunday starting in the fall, 2 more hours will be open for TV shows on the network. That may not only mean another slot for Supernatural to head into season 14, but spinoff Wayward Sisters could finally help the network build out the franchise. Until then, Supernatural's return tonight should be action-packed and emotional, with Bobby back in the mix.

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Supernatural season 13 continues tonight with 'Good Intentions' on The CW.

Source: EW

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