Supernatural: The Top 10 Heroes That Need To Be Brought Back For The Final Season

After so many seasons, it is hard to believe that Supernatural can still deliver surprises, but they did just that in the last episode of Season 14. Sam and Dean discover that Chuck/God has been playing their struggles for enjoyment. Sam tries to kill Chuck/God, who then gets angry and brings souls back from hell. These hell souls happen to be souls that Sam and Dean have vanquished over the seasons from even Season 1 Episode 1, the Woman in White. Jack, killed by Chuck/God, finds himself in darkness, asks what is happening. Billie, Death, says, “Yeah about that, we should talk.”

"We should talk," Billie, Death, says to Jack on Season 14 Finale Supernatural

Billie’s statement echoes what the original statement Death made in Season 5 when Death talks about how, in the end, God will also be reaped by Death and complains about the leash that Lucifer put on Death, “He made me his weapon... hurricanes, floods, raising the dead. I’m more powerful than you can process, and I’m enslaved to a bratty child having a tantrum.” Billie feels the same way. She is powerful, and, with the help of Jack, can even the playing field for the last fight by bringing some of the dear and dead heroes back to life, just as Chuck/God brought back the villains. Which heroes, out of the 14 Seasons, need to brought back for narrative arc and their ability to help in the fight? Who would the fans want to see return?

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10 Jack with a Soul

Jack is only newly dead, but if brought back with his soul, he would be a formidable ally. He has powers that scare Chuck/God. He can make angels, and perhaps can bring past angels back to life. His power without a soul was scary, but his power with a soul can create change for good. Besides, it would be great to see him with his father figures again.

9 Gabriel, Archangel/Trickster

The reluctant hero, he didn’t want to get involved in the family drama between Lucifer and Michael, but he did. He didn’t want to go the alternate universe to save Mary and Jack, but he did and unfortunately died there by alternative-universe Michael. Gabriel is an interesting character whose final death, seasons after what the viewer saw as the final death, was still too soon. He is strong and has a gift for illusions. Besides, it would be nice for Jack to know a positive celestial family member.

8 Ash

Ash was able to decode and understand about anything, including the inner workings of multiple heavens. The “business up-front/party in the back” amazing mind of Ash could help the Winchesters with a strategy in the final fight.

7 Ellen

Ellen died with her daughter, Jo, in one of the most tragic scenes in Season 5. Both sacrificed themselves to avert what they believed would be the end of the world. Little did they know that Season 14 would bring about the literal end. Ellen was a talented hunter, fierce, loyal, and a strong mother. It would be great to see her back.

6 Jo

You can’t have Ellen without Jo. Just like Sam and Dean, Ellen and Jo go together, and their sense of family is what makes them strong. Jo was intelligent, fierce, and a good hunter. Besides, she and Dean had a love story that was never able to be explored. Although the latter seasons have stayed away from either Winchester having a love interest or love story, it would be good for Dean to have one with Jo. Jo was a fan favorite and returned to Supernatural as a ghost to “judge” Dean. Her reappearance was delivered with such sadness. It would be great to see her as the fierce hunter she is.

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5 Adam Milligan

The viewer barely met Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam, and then he was toast—taken over by the original Michael when Dean refused. Fans have speculated that Adam must be in a messed-up state, seeing how damaged Sam was after his time as Lucifer in the cage. The original Michael did tell Dean when he briefly took over a young John Winchester that he would leave his vessels in good shape. Although Adam is not a hunter, he is a Winchester, and his addition could add some needed family drama. Sam and Dean did not get him out of the cage, meaning that he has been down there for 9 seasons.

While some may be interested in seeing John and Mary resurrected, Mary’s send-off in Season 14 was so heartfelt that it would be odd to see her back so soon. Also, Adam is an incomplete story. It is an opportunity for more surprise.

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4 Benny

Benny and Dean got through Purgatory together and returned to earth in Season 8. If they were able to get through Purgatory the first time, then they can work together to escape this Purgatory Chuck/God has put on earth. It was the first time that Dean developed a strong bond with a “monster,” so having Benny the vampire would be a great reunion.

3 Original Charlie

The original Charlie was like a sister to the Winchesters, having died to save Dean in Season 10. Charlie added spunk and lightness that was needed in the show. She also was highly intelligent, adaptive—she does have a connection with Dorothy and Oz—and a hunter. All of these attributes would help in the final fight, and it would be nice to see the original Charlie back. Seeing her and Ash’s brains together working on a strategy would be pure viewer delight.

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2 Original Bobby

While the alternative universe Bobby is a solid hunter and a friend to Sam and Dean, the Original Bobby was more of a father to both Winchesters. Double the Bobby would be double the bounty and hunter. Plus, there would be an opportunity for comedy as the doppelgangers work together to save the world.

1 Crowley

Crowley was not always a hero, but he became one. He developed close bonds with both brothers and was resourceful. As the former King of Hell, he would know best how to deal with the souls from hell. Now that Rowena is an ally and grieves the loss of Crowley, her son, it would be a treat to see their interactions together fighting on a common side to save the world.

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