15 Things Wrong With Supernatural We All Chose To Ignore

The success and popularity of Supernatural is nothing short of staggering. The show that started with simple monster-of-the-week hunts has gone on for more than decade.

Supernatural has become bigger than anyone already imagined, expanding its world both in-universe and outside it, to an incredible degree. There are few fanbases that are more passionate and loyal than those who are devoted to Supernatural.

The fanbase that Supernatural has earned is mostly deserved. Yet the series isn't exactly perfect. There are several issues within Supernatural that mostly everyone watching overlooks. They don’t ruin Supernatural, by any means, but there are conspicuously significant issues that no one seems to discuss.

The reasons that these issues are ignored are plentiful. Some of them are just standard TV conventions that every show is afflicted with in one way or another. Others are just brushed aside because they would distract for the core of Supernatural-- the relationship between Sam and Dean.

All the entries on this list do share the same distinction of being a problem that is not well-known or widely discussed.

Again, none of these problems with Supernatural make it a bad show. In fact, they’re focused on so little they can be completely ignored but it’s foolish to think the show is without flaws.

Here are with 15 Things Wrong with Supernatural We All Chose to Ignore.

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15 The Status Quo, No Matter What Happens, Is Always Restored

The relationship between Sam and Dean, as well as the characters themselves, are the main reasons that fans watch Supernatural. Sam and Dean make the show.

However, when looking at Supernatural with a cold and appraising eye, it's rather disappointing (and weirdly remarkable) that the show has not really changed from its early days, despite reaching double digits in season count.

There have been some slight changes, like adding a new homebase or supporting cast members. For the most part though, Supernatural has kept the status quo of the series intact. Sam and Dean travel the country, fighting monsters and bickering with each other.

While this gives fans what they want, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Supernatural has been through several apocalypses but somehow Sam and Dean’s lives have remained roughly the same since season 1.

14 The Show's Mythology is WAY Too Complicated

In the first five seasons, the lore of Supernatural was stream-lined and simple. The show took famous and not-so-famous urban legends and made them into “reality.” After Supernatural had used most of the classic monsters, they then expanded out to Judeo-Christian mythology adding in God, angels and demons.

However, after season 5 ended, the mythology has become an unwieldy and complicated beast. Supernatural no longer just as had God in their lore. They have God’s “sister” Amara, Greek Gods like Zeus and the supposedly “fictional” land of Oz.

It stands to reason that Supernatural was going to expand after season 5 but there’s been way too much added to it to make proper sense.

The only way to truly absorb Supernatural’s mythology is to just accept it as it comes; no matter how contradictory or earth-shattering new bits of information might be for the world.

13 Castiel's Amazingly Resilient Vessel

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

Castiel has become a vital character to Supernatural and his actor Misha Collins is nearly as important. Obviously given the popularity of Cas and Collins, Supernatural will never recast the role and nor should they do so. However, given the lore of Supernatural, Cas’ human vessel should be showing some wear and tear.

It’s easy to forget but Castiel does not look like Misha Collins. He’s wearing a “meat suit” of another (now dead) man, Jimmy Novak. In the first five seasons of Supernatural it was a very big deal which vessels angels chose, so they didn’t overwhelm the bodies.

Castiel has not only lived in Jimmy’s body for almost a decade. He’s also been tortured, repeatedly, killed and resurrected, also repeatedly, literally blown up, once, and shared the body with Lucifer. Yet for all that trauma, Jimmy’s body has been in tip-top shape. How?

12 Death Really Means Nothing to Sam and Dean

Supernatural constantly underlines the fact that the life of hunters is a dangerous one and can easily lead to death. For most hunters, this is true. Sam and Dean Winchester are not most hunters.

Combined, the Winchester brothers have died (and been resurrected) a comically large amount of times. Despite all the talk that hunting is deadly, Sam and Dean are living proof that death can be (easily) conquered.

Even the immediate side-effects of some of their resurrections, like Dean becoming a demon and Sam losing his soul, were only temporary. It’s got to the point where the embodiment of Death frequently talks and has a grudge with Sam and Dean.

The reason for the easy resurrections is obvious. Sam and Dean need to survive to make Supernatural work. Still, the Winchester’s casual relationship with death is rather silly.

11 John Winchester Was an Abusive Father

Bad TV Dad John Winchester

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s John Winchester might’ve died in the season 2 premiere, but his reach has become incredibly long. John has become a nearly mythic figure on the show, especially for his son Dean. The respect that Supernatural seems to have for John overlooks a huge part of his character; John was a horrible and abusive father.

While it doesn’t appear as if John ever beat Sam or Dean, he certainly damaged them in other ways. More than the death of Mary, which opens the show, John is the reason that Sam and Dean became hunters.

He forced two kids into a life full of violence, murder and possible early death. Not to mention he was the exact opposite of nurturing and understanding.

After his death, John has been viewed as hero by audience and characters alike. This doesn’t stop the truth that he was a pretty terrible father and/or person.

10 Everyone Has Angel Blades Now

Supernatural Jack holding bloody angel blade

When they were first introduced Angel Blades were an incredibly powerful (and rare) weapon in Supernatural.

They were the sole property of archangels and when they were unsheathed, it meant that things were about to get very serious. Fast-forwarding several seasons, Angel Blades are now just as present on the show, if not moreso, then guns.

Every battle, with every angel on the show involves the Blades in some capacity. It’s made something that was once precious and rare, into mundane.It’s not a huge deal. Admittedly the fights with Angel Blades have been some of Supernatural’s best, even if they’re too short to do a proper sword fight.

Angel Blades have just become a quick and easy way to deal with angels, which is fine, but they used to be much more.

9 Adam Was Completely Abandoned

In the climatic Supernatural season 5 finale, archangel brothers Michael and Lucifer do battle wearing the bodies of brothers, Sam Winchester and Adam Milligan. During the battle everyone falls into Hell, being locked in a cage. While Sam and Lucifer made it out (at different times), Michael is still locked up and Adam has been completely ignored.

The status of Adam became a bit of running joke in the Supernatural fandom, spawning countless memes and quips. As amusing as they all were, it doesn’t soften the blow that Supernatural just completely dropped Adam and his importance.

Sam and Dean have sacrificed over and over to save each other but they have never cared about their half-brother, a true innocent. Supernatural has hinted that Adam is dead and at peace but his confirmed actual fate remains an abandoned mystery.

8 There's Been So Much (Literal) Deus Ex Machina

Chuck-Shurley- Season 11 Supernatural

Deus ex Machina is a pretty well-known trope that refers to an unexpected power or event saving characters from an impossible situation. Translated literally it means “God from the machine” and that’s something that Supernatural has taken to heart.

There have been numerous impossible situations that Sam and Dean have found themselves facing and they were saved by God literally waving his hand. God brought back Castiel from being obliterated, he saved Sam from being stuck in a Hell cage and he saved the world once by talking things out with his sister.

Considering Supernatural made God a recurring character, he should be incredibly powerful and able to save the day with little more than shrug. However, it has also set up a situation where fans just have to accept that God won’t always step in, even though he probably should.

7 There's No Way Supernatural Ends With a Happily Ever After

At one point it was possible for Supernatural to come to a relatively happy end. Sam, Dean or both could retire from their hunting lifestyle, settle down and be happy.

The longer that Supernatural continues the less likely it looks like there will be any light at the end of the tunnel. Sam and Dean have done and invested far too much to ever walk into the sunset. They’ll be hunting till they die, in one way or another.

This means that Supernatural can, reasonably, continue forever. However, if that scenario is looked at it realistically, it’s incredibly depressing and not just because no show hits its best material after season 13.

Supernatural isn’t a fun romp with two monster-killing brothers. It’s a dark tale of two people born into a life of violence and mayhem that they can’t quit. That’s just heartbreaking, on every level.

6 Sam and Dean Have a Huge Case of Arrested Development

Supernatural has a bit of wacky relationship with time. While it used to be that one season equaled one year in the life of Sam and Dean, things have changed. Now one season usually picks up right after another, making it possible that less years have passed on the show than they have in the real world.

However, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both getting close to 40. Yet Sam and Dean still act like they’re in their mid-20s and/or early 30s. While it was once acceptable how Sam was naïve and Dean was overly-emotional, now it’s just sort of frustrating and sad. Sam and Dean should be a lot more mature given their age.

The reason they haven’t changed much is because the formula works for most fans. Still, the fact that Dean and Sam act much younger than they are should be very alarming, not just ignored.

5 Sam Hasn't Had His Own Arc in Years

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural

When Supernatural began, Sam and Dean were very much on equal footing. In fact, it might have even been arguable to say that Sam was the main character.

It was his introduction back into the hunting lifestyle that started the series. The longer that Supernatural has gone on though the balance has shifted. Dean is very much the driving force of Supernatural and while still co-lead Sam is in a totally supporting role.

At most Supernatural has Sam reacting to Dean, not really doing anything on his own. The last time that Sam did have his own storyline was when he tried to live a domestic life with girlfriend Amelia. A storyline that almost every fan hated.

The imbalance might be for the best, as Jensen Ackles is the superior actor but it is rather odd that Sam hasn’t had his own arc in a very long time.

4 The Countless Fridged Female Characters

Mary Winchester and Jodie Mills Supernatural

It’s true that Supernatural has killed a lot of characters, both male and female alike. However, the show, by and large, has killed more female characters than male ones. Most importantly though, while the male characters like Sam and Dean might be brought back, the female ones usually stay dead.

Supernatural has introduced and created a number of incredible and interesting female characters of all different backgrounds and make-up. Almost all of them have died so the male characters, usually Sam and Dean, can feel angsty and mourn their loss. It’s “fridging” in its most pure and simple form.

This doesn’t necessarily make Supernatural prejudice. It does, however, set the expectation that any time a cool female character pops up that they’re going to die in a horrible fashion. It’s far from an ideal situation.

3 Dean is a Really Awful Person

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Sam and Dean spent most of their time killing things. They’re not obviously the most cuddly or calm people in the world and Supernatural recognizes that for the most part. Still the show and fans does tend to brush over the fact that Dean is, in all honestly, an awful person.

Throughout the seasons, Dean has shown a real interest and enjoyment in violence and killing. He’s taken great pleasure in killing monsters and has even gone after (and murdered) those who didn’t necessarily deserve it. This is not even to mention that he’s a terrible womanizer and awfully immature.

Dean Winchester is much more of an anti-hero than he is a true hero. He would be an utter monster if not for Sam’s calming influence. Dean’s questionable morality does make him an interesting character but it’s never really been explored outside the odd scene or storyline.

2 The Show Has Run Out of Villains

As wide-ranging (and confusing) as Supernatural has become, it does tend to fall back on the same old conflicts. Angels and demons will always be Supernatural’s first go-to villains and the only way to keep it from being annoying and predictable is to just accept it.

One of Supernatural’s best villains, and characters period, is Lucifer. Lucifer is a terrific source of personality and menace on the show but Supernatural really should have found a way to move beyond its first ultimate Big Bad by now.

Supernatural is into its thirteenth season, with no real signs of slowing down, and it’s still beating the same drum about angels and demons. Even if there are new villains introduced they tend to fall into the same archetypes that were established in season 3 through 5.

1 The Perfect Series Finale Already Happened

It’s incredibly hard, almost impossible, for a series to reach an ending point that is perfectly satisfying on every level. To have a series finale that works as an ending point and manages to honor everything that preceded it is an unbelievable feat.

This is why the biggest and most unacknowledged problem about Supernatural is that the show already had its perfect ending.

When Supernatural began it had a very clear and ambitious five story plan that, against all odds, the show managed to tell it to completion. The season 5 finale, entitled “Swan Song,” was and would’ve been the perfect series finale. Yet Supernatural has continued well beyond that expiration date.

Supernatural has hit several highs after season 5 and there’s plenty of reasons to keep watching. However, the show will forever keep chasing the glory of its first five years because they were, by far, the best.


What are some of your biggest (or smallest) Supernatural pet peeves? Do you agree with our list? Sound off in the comments!

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