5 Things In Supernatural That Make No Sense (& 5 Fan Theories That Do)

Going into its 15th and final season, Supernatural is filled with insane tangents, convoluted storylines, and complicated characters. With over 300 episodes throughout the series, there are bound to be plotlines and people that make absolutely no sense.

Though it is a show that deals with the paranormal and magical, and fans often stretch their imaginations to get on board, there are just some things that don't work no matter how hard the show's writers try. Here are five things in Supernatural that make no sense, and five fan theories that do.

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10 Nonsense: Credit Card Fraud and Fake IDs Keep Working

After 15 years of impersonating FBI agents and other officers of the law, it seems like Sam and Dean should have been caught committing fraud by now. The Winchesters have only so many aliases, there is bound to be crossover at some point that would give them away.

They have also applied for so many credit cards and most likely have acquired an enormous amount of debt that they shouldn't be able to keep up the ruse. Demons, angels, and monsters the audience accept, but not getting caught with fake IDs and credit fraud is too far a stretch.

9 Fan Theory: Swan Song Death Was Final

Creator Eric Kripke intended to end the show with the season five finale, "Swan Song," where Sam jumped into the pit with Lucifer and Dean stayed behind and lived his life.

Some fans theorize that both Sam and Dean died in the episode and everything that comes after is the Winchesters' version of heaven. As twisted as it seems, the brothers appear at their happiest when hunting side by side. If this is their heaven, then Sam and Dean are a bit masochistic.

8 Nonsense: Where do Monsters Killed in Puragtory Go?

Before the Winchesters knew anything about heaven and purgatory, it was assumed monsters were creatures without souls. However, the introduction of purgatory in season eight proved that monsters aren't the soulless beings the brothers once thought them to be, as that is where they went after being killed on Earth.

But the series fails to address the issue after the audience sees Dean killing monsters alongside Benny in purgatory. If they had souls that originally got sent to limbo, where did the souls killed in that dimension go? Souls don't just disappear.

7 Fan Theory: Alternate Dimensions

The latest seasons of Supernatural have seen some wild plotlines, from the return of Mary and John Winchester to the revelation that Chuck is not a prophet, but God. Even for a show about magic and myth, there are an awful lot of recurring characters brought back to life, time and time again.

Some fans think the convoluted storylines and continuity issues come from alternate dimensions that crossover with one another. It would explain how characters like Castiel keep coming back after being shred to pieces.

6 Nonsense: No Scars

Dean got a pass at the beginning of season four when he was rescued from hell by Cass, but that newborn smooth skin only lasted so long.

In the years since, the boys have been bruised, battered and cut from here to tomorrow. They have engaged in more than their fair share of rituals that required them to slice open their skin for a little blood to get the spell going. Somehow, through all this, there isn't a scar in sight. For all the abuse their bodies have endured, there should be something to show for it.

5 Fan Theory: Death Didn't Die

In the season 10 finale, the show kills off Death when he removes the Mark of Cain from Dean's arm. Thus ensues the release of darkness and God's sister, Amara. But if Death is gone, then how do reapers keep collecting souls that have left their dead bodies?

Some fans think that Death isn't dead but in hiding. Some also believe that God, Amara, and Death are representations of Good, Evil and Neutral. This makes sense considering the roles each character has played throughout the series.

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4 Nonsense: Dean's Inconsistent Lore Knowledge

The continuity issues with Dean's knowledge of lore and monsters have come up a few times throughout the show's history. One prominent instance occurs between an episode in season four and one in season nine. In "Metamorphosis," the episode from the earlier season, Dean is introduced to the rRugaru monster. He had no clue what it was. However, in the season nine episode "Bad Boys," a flashback shows that John is away hunting a Rugaru, something that Dean knows. Maybe all the drinking is affecting Dean's memory.

3 Fan Theory: Bela Worked for the British Men of Letters

Back in season three, Bela (Lauren Cohan) tells the Winchesters that she works for a powerful clientele, gathering ancient and magical artifacts for them. Later in season eight, Sam and Dean discover the Men of Letters, a secret society of paranormal scholars who collect ancient and magical artifacts. Their grandfather Henry was one of them.

Fans think Bela worked for the British chapter of the organization. Since the British chapter seceded from the American organization, it makes sense they'd hire a shady thief like Bela to do their dirty work.

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2 Nonsense: Dean Returns to Lisa and Ben

When Sam takes the swan dive at the end of season five, Dean attempts to live a normal life with Lisa and Ben. His idolization of their family never clicked. Sure, he suspected Ben was his kid, but other than that, there was no solid foundation to warrant going back to them.

However, in season one, there was Cassie, a woman he loved so much he revealed his family's secret to her. If Dean wanted a shot at life, it would have made more sense to go with the woman he'd first been honest with.

1 Fan Theory: Crossover With The Walking Dead

With Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Negan and John Winchester, there were bound to be theories of the two shows existing in the same universe. Some fans think that the zombie virus outbreak in The Walking Dead has supernatural origins caused by some apocalypse that Sam and Dean set off.

Negan may be John, driven mad by his torture in hell and returned to earth only the find it overrun by zombies. There's even a mention of "Dad's bat" in Supernatural, a possible nod to Negan's beloved Lucille.

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