Supernatural: 15 Things You Never Knew About The Wayward Sisters

Supernatural has been on television for twelve seasons now, and with season thirteen approaching, it’s only gaining popularity. While Sam and Dean obviously receive the most attention, viewers are obsessed with the demon-fighting women on the show.

Fans of the long-running CW series are known for being very passionate and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions to the stars and the writers. Viewers constantly ask to see more of Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) and Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), as well as her adopted daughters Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) and Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton).

Lucky for the fans, that’s exactly what they are giving us. The spin-off Wayward Sisters is currently in development and fans couldn’t be more excited. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but they’ve announced that Buckmaster, Rhodes, Ramdeen, and Newton will all star in the spin-off, as well as some fresh faces.

While you wait to hear more details about the series, here are the 15 Things You Never Knew About Supernatural's Wayward Sisters.

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15 New character Patience Turner is related to a psychic from Season 1

While fans are excited to see the familiar faces of their favorite characters, there is also a new one joining the cast. Clark Backo will be playing Patience Turner, a psychic hunted down for her power. Jody Mills takes her into her wayward family.

Patience is actually related to a psychic who appeared in the first season of Supernatural. She’s the granddaughter of Missouri Moseley, played by Lorette Devine. Missouri helps Sam and Dean banish a Poltergeist from their childhood home in Lawrence, Kansas in an episode called "Home". She’s also briefly mentioned in season seven.

With the introduction of Patience, fans are hoping to see Missouri make an appearance in the spin-off. Honestly, it’s hard to believe she’s still alive in the crazy and tragic Supernatural universe. Most characters don’t live that long.

14 Claire and Jody have each been possessed at some point

Many fans may not realize that Jody and Claire have more in common than simply hunting monsters. They have also each been possessed at some point in Supernatural, although by different creatures.

In episode twenty of season four, Claire is possessed by the angel Castiel. Jimmy Novak begs Cas to let his daughter go and possess him instead, and Claire is freed. In episode six of season twelve, Jody is possessed by the demon Jael. Mary saves Jody and sends Jael back to hell.

Having their bodies taken over by supernatural creatures is yet another reason why Jody and Claire can bond. It also makes it all the more meaningful when they can hunt a demon and save an innocent person from being possessed, just like they were, which thus makes them better hunters.

13 They were originally called the "Wayward Daughters"

Sam and Dean are known to the fans as the “Wayward Sons,” so it makes sense that the female characters were dubbed the “Wayward Daughters” by fans and stars alike. Before the spin-off was even announced, fans liked the idea of female hunters banding together.

The original idea for a spin-off was created by the fans, and the name “Wayward Daughters” appeared all over social media. They even wore t-shirts with the name on it. There was a bigger push for female characters to appear more often and to become more complex.

The creators of Supernatural liked the idea, but changed the name to Wayward Sisters instead. Supernatural focuses so much on Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond. The name of the spin-off seems to imply the show will focus on sisterhood and the bond between the women.  

12 Jody will take in more orphaned girls

Fans are already excited to meet Patience. A psychic will fit right in with Claire and Alex.

It’s well known that Patience will join their wayward family, but could more girls become involved with the spin-off? It’s obvious that Jody has a big heart, and if she’s fighting more monsters there is bound to be other children who need help, and her instinct might tell her to take them in to ensure they have a good life.

The original idea for the show was dubbed "Wayward Daughters," after all, so it makes sense that she would continue to take in more daughters. Sheriff Donna could take in some daughters of her own. Fans are always wanting more female characters to admire. The bigger the family, the better.

11 Fans campaigned for the creation of a female-based show

Mary Winchester and Jodie Mills Supernatural

The “Wayward Daughters” fad was more than just a hashtag-- fans really wanted it to become a spin-off.

Fans started a petition online asking Supernatural to create a spin-off with the female characters. Viewers adored Jody Mills and wanted to see more of her dynamic with Alex, Claire, and Donna. It grew into a movement about wanting to see empowered female characters in the Supernatural universe. Stars Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster noticed the fan-fueled idea and began to support it, even dropping hints about the show on Twitter.

After many tee-shirt campaigns, fanfics, and Tumblr posts, fans finally got their way. Rhodes and Buckmaster don’t just treat it like a show, they treat is as a community. They acknowledge how much the idea means to fans and fully embrace the significance. It’s great that the Supernatural crew heard and listened to the fans.

10 There are rumors Charlie could come back and join the show

Felicia Day as Charlie on Supernatural

Charlie is a fan-favorite character, and people were devastated when she was killed off in season ten. Even before Wayward Sisters was announced, fans were begging the writers to bring her back.

Now that there’s an all-female spin-off in the works, the push for her to be revived is stronger than ever. Rhodes herself even hinted at Charlie’s return on Twitter. As one of the most popular female characters on the show, she’d be a perfect fit in Jody’s wayward family.

It was revealed in season twelve of Supernatural that there is an alternate universe. Even if it’s a different version of Charlie, she could be alive in that universe. It isn’t that far fetched considering how many weird way Supernatural has brought back characters in the past.

9 It's the second spin-off Supernatural has attempted

Supernatural Bloodlines

Many fans remember watching the episode "Bloodlinesin season nine and being very confused. It was supposed to launch a new spin-off series, but people weren’t impressed. It focused on a conflict between hunters and monsters in Chicago. Unlike Supernatural, it was going to take place in one setting for the entire show.

There was no emotional connection between any of the characters and it didn’t feel anything like Supernatural. Fans hadn’t asked for it and the episode was not well received.  

Wayward Sisters is a concept fans have been begging for. After the first failed spin-off, the creators researched more of what the fans wanted. The new show will center around characters that fans passionately care about, and will feel more like it’s part of the same universe.

8 The premise of the show will be introduced in season 13 of Supernatural

Supernatural Jodie Mill's house dinner with Claire Novak

Fans won’t have to wait too long to see their favorite female hunters again. The spin-off will be introduced in the upcoming season of Supernatural, and that will help determine if the spin-off will be picked up for sure. The episode will supposedly include Jody, Donna, Alex, and Claire, as well as the new faces like Patience. Under Jody’s protection, the women all ban together to fight a monsters.

Wayward Sisters doesn’t have a release date set in stone yet, but season thirteen of Supernatural premieres on October 12th. If the backdoor pilot episode is well received (fingers crossed), then fans will know when to expect the spin-off to premiere.

Tumblr is already full of fan-made ideas for future episodes of the spin-off.

7 Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster sold shirts promoting Wayward Daughters

The female stars of Supernatural are nothing but supportive of their fans. Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster both took the “Wayward Daughters” idea and turned into into something even better- charity.

They promoted a shirt with the Wayward Daughters logo on it, and all of the proceeds went to the charity Random Acts and helped at-risk women. Cast-mate Misha Collins was super supportive of the campaign, posting a picture wearing one of their sweatshirts.

Rhodes and Buckmaster also started a campaign called Wayward AF, and the proceeds also went to Random Acts. The term “wayward” is much more significant than it used to be, representing empowerment and community. The t-shirt campaigns do a great job at illustrating this.

6 Claire and Alex are the new Sam and Dean

Supernatural fans are all too familiar with the strong brotherly bond between Sam and Dean. There have been many episodes ending with the boys leaned against the Impala, drinking beers, and bonding over their shared experiences.

Fans hope to see a similar bond between Claire and Alex. They’ve both been through supernatural-related tragedies and have grown up hunting. They aren’t related by blood, but in the wise words of Bobby Singer, “family don’t end with blood, boy.”

The girls protect each other and depend on one another, but they also have their differences. In season twelve, it was revealed that, much like Sam, Alex seems to be pulled towards a normal life and getting an education while, like Dean, Claire has fully embraced the life of a hunter. It’s a similar dynamic to what the fans are used to.

5 Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster once wrote a Wayward Daughters fanfic

When we said Rhodes and Buckmaster were supportive of the “Wayward Daughters” idea, we weren’t kidding. Not only were they vocal about their encouragement, but they even went as far as writing a Wayward Daughters fanfic and posting it on Twitter.

The two stars went back and forth on their social media, writing as if they were their characters. They even included the setting for the story. Fans were obsessed with the conversation, asking them to write an entire script for an episode of Supernatural. Others mentioned the creation of a spin-off.

Rhodes and Buckmaster know how passionate fans of their characters were, and they used that to their advantage. Their short but hilarious fan-fiction encouraged fans to make their voices heard even louder than before.

4 Claire and Alex have both been cured of being supernatural creatures

Claire and Alex already have a lot to relate over. They’re similar ages and have both lost family in tragedies. However, they have also both become supernatural creatures at some point, and then been cured of them.

Alex was first introduced in Supernatural after being taken by her “family” of vampires. She agrees to be turned into one. Before she drinks human blood, she’s injected with dead man’s blood, curing her of her vampirism. In season twelve, Claire is turned into a werewolf after trying to hunt by herself. Sam, Dean, and Mick show up to help. Curing a werewolf is nearly impossible, and Claire almost dies in the process.

For both girls to survive becoming supernatural creatures proves their strength and deepens their sisterly bond.

3 Wayward Sisters will highlight empowered female characters

Supernatural -- " Hibbing 911" -- Image SN1008a_ 0033 -- Pictured (L-R): Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills and Briana Buckmaster as Sheriff Donna Hanscum -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Female fans of Supernatural have voiced that they aren’t exactly happy with the way the show treats its women. Many female characters have been killed off in order to further Sam and Dean’s pain, igniting arguments on social media. Fans at conventions have even asked why they treat women so poorly. Another time, actor Misha Collins expressed that he thought Supernatural could be "gratuitously misogynistic". 

Supernatural’s executive producer Robert Singer is finally listening to fans with the creation of Wayward Sisters. He addressed the female-based show at this years Comic-Con. “We’re excited about it, and we really think it’s female-empowering,” Singer said, “And we don’t think there’s anything really like this on TV right now, and after 12 years of super-testosterone guys, we’re excited about watching what the women can do.”

With the majority of the audience of Supernatural being female, it’s not a surprise that there was a big push for a female-dominated spin-off. Characters like Claire and Donna are more relatable than Sam and Dean. Fans are excited to see more empowered women in the Supernatural universe.

2 Jody Mills is the longest living female character on Supernatural

Supernatural is infamous for killing off their female characters. Jody Mills, however, has lived through eight seasons. She was introduced in season five, and she’ll continue into season thirteen and beyond.

Before Jody, fans loved Jo and Ellen, who were tragically killed in season five. Since then, fans have prayed for their favorite female hunters to make it through each episode. Each time Jody appears, Twitter is filled with fears of her death, but each time she has lived to fight another day.

After the deaths of Rowena and Eileen this past season finale, fans have grown more nervous. But not only has Jody survived, but she has helped keep Claire and Alex alive as well. Between those three and Donna, fans have high hopes for the future of their favorite female characters.

1 The name originated from the Kansas song "Carry On My Wayward Son"

“Carry On My Wayward Son” has become the theme song for Supernatural. The Kansas song plays in the opening in every season finale. To fans, it’s more than just a fun song to listen to, it encompasses the meaning of the show. It’s an ode to the characters.

The song was even performed in the musical Supernatural episode, causing some fans to get choked up. It’s also performed at the karaoke shows put on at conventions. Sam and Dean are known as the “Wayward Sons”. That’s where fans originally got the name “Wayward Daughters,” which evolved to Wayward Sisters.  

Wayward Sisters is about more than just brothers. It celebrates sisterhood. That makes if the perfect name for a spin-off about Jody’s wayward family.


Season 13 of Supernatural premieres on the CW on October 12th.

Can you think of any other interesting facts about the Supernatural's Wayward Sisters? Tell us in the comments!

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