The 25 Strongest Supernatural Villains, Officially Ranked

While Supernatural started out as a monster-of-the-week television series, over the years it has built up one of the densest and most interesting mythologies in all of television.

With a war between Heaven and Hell trapping Dean and Sam Winchester in the middle, there has been no shortage of nasty villains to fight the boys in any given episode.

Of course, the biggest villains up front were the demons. The four main forms of demons -- red-eyed, yellow-eyed, black-eyed, and white-eyed -- each had their own strengths and powers, and they also had the power to turn normal people into pawns for their battles.

The angels in Heaven were no better, with regular angels pulling off dastardly deeds that made even some of the demons step back in awe. The fact that the entire war was caused by two of the four original Archangels should tell Supernatural fans all they need to know about the lines of grey in the war.

Add in monsters and even deities like The Darkness, The Cosmic Entity, and God's own sister, and there are powerful heroes and villains in every corner of the universe.

With Sam and Dean Winchester and their closest allies fighting a battle that always seems to travel uphill, here is a look at The 25 Strongest Supernatural Villains, Officially Ranked.

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Ranking Supernatural villains
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Ranking Supernatural villains

Gordon Walker doesn't rank high on the list because he is a human without any special powers. However, while he isn't an angel or demon, Walker has one thing going for him that makes him a very dangerous opponent -- he is a trained hunter.

With that said, he is a hunter who stepped over the line and had no problems taking out anything without remorse.

Gordon not only was a psychopath, but he was also completely crazy and realized at the end that there was an evil in himself that he would destroy once he finished with Sam.

Gordon was a vampire hunter who hunted out of hatred after losing his family to the creatures.

However, he ended up turning into a vampire before the end of his life.


Naomi was an angel who served as part of the intelligence division in Heaven. She was ruthless in her quest to stop the angel tablet from getting into the wrong hands, but was also the being responsible for the resurrection of Castiel.

While that seems to make her a good guy, she did it just to use him as a spy on Earth. Like most angels, she had her own reasons for everything that she did.

To keep Castiel in her grasp, she took the lives of numerous people, claiming that she was doing it to protect Heaven and Earth.

However, she only cared about the angel tablet and no lives mattered to her in the long run as long as she achieved that goal.

She was a key in trying to stop Metatron and was one of the strongest angels on Supernatural, but that was not enough to save her.


Ruby was a black-eyed demon who showed up in season 3. She convinced Sam that there could be "good" demons when she joined them as a hunter.

As a matter of fact, Ruby holds a strong place in the history of Supernatural since she gave the boys the demon-destroying knife.

However, as with most demons, Ruby could never be trusted and it was later revealing that she was working for Lilith the entire time.

While Ruby possessed no special powers and was just a normal demon, her emotional and psychological power over Sam was what made her such a formidable foe. She was able to convince him to go against his better instincts and drove a huge stake between him and Dean, something that still affects them on some level years later.


When Dean was trying to rid himself of the Mark of Cain, they found a spellbook titled The Book of the Damned.

This perked the interest of an ancient mystical group known as the Styne Family -- individuals also known as the Frankenstein family. They consist of multiple generations of mystics and were the basis for the original Frankenstein novel.

The men in the family take the lives of people and then use their body parts to give them greater powers than normal humans. They used their magic for power and were even using it to help the Nazis, where they profited from their rise and fall.

When Eldon Frankenstein took the life of Charlie, it was one step too far and Dean massacred the entire American version of the family.

21 MEG

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Meg was completely evil... until she wasn't. As the "daughter" of Azazel, this black-eyed demon was named Meg after the woman she possessed and was a loyal follower of Lucifer.

She was as dangerous as anyone, taking out a lot of the Winchester boys' friends and allies and she even possessed Sam, took down a hunter, and tortured Jo before her defeat.

She later returned as an ally to the Winchester boys and worked in that method for two seasons. Of course, as a demon, this was for her own well-being, as she wanted help battling Crowley when he took over Hell and knew that she needed Dean in order to do that.

As for powers, black-eyed demons are not the most powerful, but she took out an angel and took down three Leviathans easily.


As anyone who works in business knows, upper management has a lot of power. This is the spot that the angel Zachariah holds in Heaven. He was the direct supervisor to Castiel and only answered to the archangels themselves, serving under Michael and Raphael after Lucifer was cast down.

Zachariah had some impressive powers and was a constant thorn in the side of Dean and Sam, giving Dean cancer and then sending him into a future where Lucifer destroyed him.

He altered the Winchester's reality and even used their deceased mother to torment them.

He was more powerful than almost all demons and monsters on Earth, but it was his failure to recruit Sam and Dean for the apocalypse that finally did him in.


This is the original Cain -- the son of Adam and Eve who took out his own brother, Abel, causing his damnation and servitude of Lucifer.

It turns out that in the world of Supernatural, Lucifer wanted Abel and was corrupting him. Cain sacrificed himself to Lucifer to save his brother's soul.

The weapon he used became the First Blade and Lucifer marked Cain, turning him into the first demon Knight of Hell who helped to wreck havoc on Earth.

Cain eventually retired and lived with a human he loved. However, when the Knights of Hell threatened his wife, he took out every one of them except for Abaddon, who then caused Cain to accidentally take down his own wife.

While he was very powerful at one time, his torment eventually got to him and prevented him from fighting when Dean finally confronted him.


These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Bible -- Death, Pestilence, Famine, and War. All four of these beings have their own special powers.

War can read minds and cause hallucinations that influences people to fight each other. Pestilence creates terrible diseases. Famine consumes souls, and, finally, Death can command reapers and raise the deceased.

What keeps this formidable group from ranking higher is that Sam and Dean were able to run through three of them quite easily, with only Death proving to be strong enough to give them problems.

When it comes to his power, not even God is able to take down Death, but he is respectful of the order of the universe and won't do anything to disrupt it. His only weakness is his own scythe, which he mistakenly allowed Dean to get his hands on.


Azazel is the one who started it all. The yellow-eyed demon is the one that took down Mary Winchester and set John and his sons on their path to becoming relentless demon hunters.

He was one of the most powerful demons to appear on Supernatural and was the only yellowed-eyed demon until season 12.

He also proved to be a worthy adversary by taking out John twice and causing the demise of Sam at the hands of one of his "special children."

Azazel had super strength, demonic possession, the ability to psychically injure humans and reality warping abilities through deal-makers.

He also changed the course of Sam's life by dipping his own blood into his mouth the night Mary passed away. This led to his manipulation of both boys, with the end game of raising Lucifer from Hell.


Gadreel is the reason why the entire world is such a mess. He is directly responsible for everything including the war between Michael and Lucifer.

Gadreel was God's most trusted angel, but he allowed Lucifer into the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve. This is what ended up causing God to leave Heaven and cast the entire world into chaos.

Gadreel was imprisoned and tortured for so many years that he lost sight of his original task to protect humanity. Instead, he just wanted to redeem himself and seek vengeance for his mistakes.

Gadreel also lied to Dean in order to hide in Sam's body for his own selfish reasons. While he was weak when cast down, he grew in strength and power the longer he remained in Sam's vessel and was close to Castiel's level of power on Earth.


Gabriel is the brother of Michael and Lucifer, and while he is not as powerful as his siblings, he is still very powerful in his own right.

Supernatural fans first met this archangel when he was impersonating someone else -- the Trickster Loki. Of course, this was just because he wanted nothing to do with his brothers' battles. In reality, he is quite powerful.

Gabriel eventually joined Dean and Sam to battle Lucifer. The interesting thing about Gabriel is that he was not a villain as much as an antagonistic force who used his powers to teach Dean and Sam lessons.

His powers were considerable, including super strength, shapeshifting, telekinesis, and time-travel.

The problem is that he was the youngest archangel and was therefore no match for his older brothers.


The 25 Most Powerful Supernatural Villains Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Rafael was the third oldest of the archangels, only older than Gabriel. Unlike Gabriel, who went into hiding after Lucifer's rebellion, Raphael stood by Michael and worked with him in an attempt to take over.

If there was any question about how strong Raphael is, the fact that he took down Castiel should quell any doubts.

He was one of the most powerful beings to ever exist, stronger than just about anyone or anything outside of other archangels, God and Death.

Castiel admitted that Raphael was stronger than him and he would never win in a fair fight, adding that it is also almost impossible to entrap him. Luckily for Castiel, he was able to eventually win thanks to taking in the souls of Purgatory to power up.


Alastair, Supernatural

Alastair is a very powerful white-eyed demon and might be the second ever created following Lilith. His job is to serve as the main torturer in Hell.

This means that he was the demon to torture both John Winchester and Dean while they were there. He also has an immunity to many demons weaknesses, which was showcased when Sam stabbed him with a demon-destroying knife and he barely flinched.

He is even powerful enough to withstand Castiel's attacks and often overpowered him in fights.

He was also strong enough to finally break down Dean and start the apocalypse, so he gets credit for that. However, he was clearly subservient to Lilith, and Sam was able to eventually taking him out using his psychic powers.


There is no telling how powerful the Cosmic Entity is, but the mystery of this being is enough to spread fear to anyone who learns of its existence.

This Entity was there before God and the Darkness and is considered a place of nothingness. Its only appearance on Supernatural was seen as a shadowy figure that first appeared in season 13.

The first appearance saw the Entity take on Castiel's form to speak to the angel, explaining that its true form is too frightening to behold.

The Entity is also the ruler of the Empty -- where every angel and demon end up in an eternal sleep when they perish.

From its appearance, The Entity is omnipotent and has no equal, but it's low on this list because Castiel was able to annoy it enough to get his way.


Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

Metatron was a very important being in Heaven -- he was the Scribe of God who recorded the Word of God. When Lucifer and Michael began their war, Metatron fled Heaven to hide out on Earth because he didn't want either to use him as a pawn to read the Word of God.

However, he soon became the Big Bad when he decided that he wanted to take over Heaven and kick the angels out so that he could become the new God.

Metatron needed to gain the tablets that the Word of God was recorded on to achieve his plan. Much like archangels, he retained his powers on Earth despite leaving Heaven for a long time.

His plan to take over Heaven worked, but he didn't count on the Winchesters being so relentless and finally met his match when battling Amara.


There are vampires and then there is the Alpha Vampire. Created by Eve, this is a vampire that won't perish by traditional methods and needs something special if anyone wants a chance of bringing down this big bad evil.

The Alpha Vampire was so powerful that he stuck around for multiple seasons. The boys weren't able to take him out until the 12th season.

The Alpha Vampire was the father of all vampires. This means that he has the strength and power of all vampires but at a heightened level due to his age and Alpha status.

After Crowley started to destroy all of the Alphas, the vampire was the most powerful monster left on Supernatural until his eventual demise at the hands of Dean Winchester.


Lilith is a white-eyed demon and was the first demon ever created. This means that she outranked other demons from Hell, including Alastair.

As the first demon, she was the most powerful-- only the Princes of Hell and Cain came close to her raw power.

She is also immune to most of the demonic weaknesses.

However, while she often defeated angels in battle, she did fear the archangels.

Her main attack is a devastating blast of white energy, but she also had something else that made her extremely dangerous to the Winchester boys-- she held sway over Dean's soul.

Even more impressive is that while she perished at the hands of Sam, she did it for the love of Lucifer because her demise freed him from his cage.


Rowena was first thought to be a witch that the Winchester brothers were hunting. However, her tenacity and perseverance made her someone who always seemed to cause problems, and there was a good reason for that. Rowena was none other than Crowley's mother.

When it comes to the villains on Supernatural that caused the most problems, Rowena heads that list.

She had great influence over her son when he ruled over Hell and she was born with the powers of a witch and therefore never used a demon to achieve these abilities.

Her spells are too powerful for normal humans and she is immortal, always returning from the grave to cause more trouble.


Abbadon was one of the last of her kind, a demon Knight of Hell. The only other remaining Knight of Hell was her mentor Cain.

She had one very devious plan. Abbadon wanted to go to Earth, reclaim Crowley, and turn all humans into her own private demon army. She also had a strong hatred for Crowley, as she despised him becoming the King of Hell because of her love of the realm and all it represented.

Her power is immense and she actually single-handedly caused the extinction of the first Men of Letters.

She was probably the most powerful demon that Sam and Dean ever faced because normal methods of dealing with demons did not work on her. It took Dean making the ultimate sacrifice and getting the Mark of Cain to finally take her down.


Dick Roman

Before God created angels, he created his first creatures -- the Leviathan. The problem with these beasts is that they were wild and ate just about everything that God created, so he had to do something with them.

He created Purgatory and left them there. Sadly for humanity, Castiel accidentally let them back out. Their leader was a being named Dick Roman and he was the creature that took down Bobby.

Dick Roman was a monster that lived in corporate America, which made him even more powerful than a typical monster.

The Alpha that took over Roman used his corporation to create a world where the Leviathan had an endless supply of human food.

Dick was so powerful that both Crowley and the Alpha Vampire agreed to help Dean and Sam defeat him.


The 25 Most Powerful Supernatural Villains Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Crowley is easily one of the best characters on Supernatural, as he's a villain who has also helped the Winchester boys on more than one occasion.

However, he has all the traits of a perfect antagonist, as he only thinks of himself but still leads viewers to cheer for him more often than not.

When it comes to his power levels, he is easily one of the strongest characters on the entire series and often commits his atrocious acts with a smile.

He is possibly the most powerful red-eyed demon in existence.

He also was Lilith's right-hand man and the former King of Hell. How powerful is he? He had a hand in taking down Roman and got the best of Dean and Castiel.


Eve is an extremely powerful being related to the Leviathons -- the original monsters that existed before even angels and demons, and Eve had the power to take down both.

She also created the Alphas and experimented with other monster creation over time as well, making her the Mother of All. This included the Alpha Vampire.

Eve is almost indestructible and unbeatable, her only weakness being the Phoneix ash.

She was stronger than any monster, angel, or demon and has Leviathon powers, which includes a resistance to angel powers.

She was also one of the only beings able to permanently alter souls into the form of monsters. She could even call on souls for more power, which is similar to angels and demons, and only adds to her already immense powers.


When one thinks of the most powerful villain from any story, the Devil seems like a perfect bet for number one. However, this didn't happen in the world of Supernatural because there are at least two villains even more powerful than Lucifer.

Satan is still extremely powerful, though, as he pulled many strings in order to make Dean and Sam's life a living hell for almost the entire series.

Lucifer is an archangel and his sin -- the reason why God cast him out of Heaven -- was the created demons. This means that every demon on this list exists because of Lucifer.

He had so much pent up anger that he was even too powerful for his first vessel. His only weakness is his vanity, but his power rivals all, and only Michael, God, Death, and Amara are stronger.


Jake Abel as Adam Michael in Supernatural

The two men whose war trapped the Winchester boys in its snares is the archangel Michael and his brother Lucifer. As the oldest of the archangels, Michael is the most powerful of all of angels, but has a huge problem.

He wanted, more than anything, to help Lucifer rise from Hell so that the two could have the fight to end all fights -- the apocalypse.

There is no one in Heaven or Hell that can match Michael. He has the power to possess any member of the Winchester family and he even used Dean and Sam to try to achieve this world-changing goal.

Castiel has said that Michael is one of the only beings stronger than Lucifer, and only Lucifer, God, Death, Darkness, or an Archangel Blade used by an archangel can end him.


The most powerful being in the Supernatural universe is The Darkness -- a being that turned out to be none other than God's older sister.

The two were very close siblings, but Amara was not very nice. Every time God created new worlds, she would destroy them out of jealousy, so after he created humans, God then trapped her to keep her from destroying them.

When Dean accidentally released Amara, she decided that she was going to destroy everything, which is what she was best at.

Since she is God's sister, there isn't a demon, angel, or monster who is stronger than her, although God created the Archangels to battle her originally.

The Darkness is the most powerful being in existence.


What do you think? Are there any other Supernatural villains who deserve to be here? Let us know in the comments!

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