15 Supernatural Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned

Any show that has been on for over thirteen years is going to have its flaws. The CW’s Supernatural is no exception. It is suspenseful, dark, compelling--and sometimes downright absurd.

The show has gone from simple monster hunts to complicated wars between angels and demons. Fans have stuck alongside the show for years, through the good and the bad. Supernatural is known to have both compelling and ridiculous plotlines. From introducing Lucifer himself to live, suicidal teddy bears, the show has gone in many strange, unique directions. Not every episode will be a hit, and passionate fans are not afraid to let the writers know when they are not impressed with the direction the show is going in. Getting frustrated with Supernatural is just a staple part of the fanbase at this point.

While anything is possible in the Supernatural universe, it doesn’t mean every idea the writers come up with will be accepted. They don’t even follow through with some of the plots they introduce. The show has received criticism for dropping storylines and leaving glaring plot holes with little to no explanation. While the show is still gaining viewers and adored by fans, it’s hard to ignore these 15 Supernatural Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned.

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15 Adam Is In Hell

Fans have been concerned about Adam Milligan, Sam and Dean’s brother, for years now. He was introduced in season four and is seen for the last time in season five.

He’s used as Michael’s vessel and falls into Lucifer’s cage. Dean can only save one person, and he obviously chooses Sam, so Adam was left imprisoned in hell with Michael and Lucifer. As far as anyone knows, he is still trapped. As much as Sam and Dean have sacrificed for family, you would think Adam would have been saved by now.

Adam’s abandonment has been a running joke among Supernatural fans. The show even pokes fun at him being stuck in hell. In the episode “Fan Fiction” in season ten, when kids put on a play of the Supernatural books, someone dresses up as Adam. Sam and Dean don’t recognize the character until a girl points out that Adam is still stuck in the cage.

14 Jesse Turner Is The Antichrist

Jesse Turner was introduced all the way back in season five. At the time he was treated like an important aspect of the Supernatural universe, but he was never seen again.

He was the child of a woman who was possessed by a demon. Jesse could control people with his mind. He teleported, had telekinesis, and could change people into objects. He was so powerful that Castiel expected him to become the Antichrist. The angel originally planned to kill him because he could be used against all of the angels in Heaven.

A kid that important to angels and demons would certainly interact with the Winchesters again one day, but so far, there has been no word on Jesse’s whereabouts in the show. With the introduction of Lucifer’s nephilim son, Jack, many fans are wondering if Jesse will appear again soon.

13 Sam's Demon Blood Powers

A major plot point in the early seasons of Supernatural was Sam’s addiction to demon blood. While it was once front and center on the show, it has not been mentioned in a long time.

When Sam was a baby, Azazel fed him his blood. This created Sam’s psychic abilities. Whenever he drank demon blood his abilities would become heightened and he would even be able to exorcise demons with his mind. At one point he drank so much, his eyes actually turned black.

He was eventually cured of his addiction by God, but the original demon blood is still in his system. With all of the threats the Winchester’s have faced in the later seasons, you would think Sam would consider using demon blood to give him powers again. However, the demon blood storyline hasn’t come up in years.

12 Dean's Daughter

In season seven, there was an episode called “The Slice Girls.” Dean hooks up with a woman named Lydia, and she ends up giving birth to his daughter, Emma. The baby, however, is an Amazon and ages much faster than a normal human.

Within a few days she was sixteen and showed up on Dean’s doorstep. She lied and said she wanted to leave the Amazons, when in reality she was sent there to kill him. Dean learns this and is still unable to harm her. Sam then has to kill Emma in order to save Dean.

Dean seemed to get over all of this unreasonably fast, with no lasting trauma or consequences. He had a daughter and saw his brother kill her on the same day, and it’s never brought up again.

11 Bloodlines

Fans are excited about the upcoming Wayward Sisters spinoff, but Supernatural has actually attempted a spinoff before. Bloodlines was an episode in season nine that introduced groups of hunters and monsters in Chicago.

The episode centered on Ennis Ross, whose girlfriend is killed as a result of a conflict between different families of monsters. While he investigates, he encounters Sam and Dean, who simply tell him not to become a hunter.

The backdoor pilot was not well received by fans. They complained that the acting was bad and the characters didn’t have the same emotional pull as Sam and Dean. It just didn’t feel anything like Supernatural. The characters are never seen again, despite the fact that Sam and Dean are now aware there are families of monsters running around Chicago. Not typically the kind of thing the brothers would ignore.

10 Garth Is A Werewolf

Garth is a lovable, dorky hunter who showed up in season six, quickly winning the favor of fans. He became a recurring character, showing up every once in a while to help with a hunt or two.

The last time viewers saw Garth, he was a werewolf. After missing for a few seasons, Sam and Dean find Garth living with a group of peaceful werewolves who eat animal hearts and refuse to hurt people. They allow he and his wife, Bess, to live as long as they don’t harm anyone.

In season 12, The Men of Letters start hunting down werewolves. Dean does call Garth to warn him, but he hasn’t been heard from since, leaving many fans to wonder if Garth is still alive.

9 Where Is Becky?

Supernatural - Becky

Becky is infamous among Supernatural fans. She was introduced in season five as a crazy, obsessed fan of the “Supernatural” books.

She’s done some weird and creepy things to the boys. She once tricked them into attending a fan convention where there were hundreds of people dressed just like them. In one of the most bizarre episodes, she drugs Sam and forces him to marry her, sparking controversy among the fanbase.

She hasn’t been seen since her marriage to Sam ended in season seven, although her name was briefly mentioned in season eight. Fans have complained that she’s a mean caricature of fans that takes things too far. While she’s known to be annoying, she was once fairly involved with the show, so it’s surprising she has never been brought up again.

8 Alpha Vampire's Death

In season six, viewers get their first glimpse of the Alpha Vampire. He’s appeared in multiple seasons since then and was killed in season twelve.

He leads an attack on the British Men of Letters after they start a war with American vampires. Sam is there and ends up shooting the Alpha with the Colt, killing him. The vampires that survive the attack flee.

While the Alpha was in charge, there still have to be vast amounts of vampires out there. If the conflict between the Men of Letters and the vampires was that dire, wouldn’t they plan another attack? Wouldn’t they retaliate after their leader is killed? The “war” between the Men of Letters and vampires seemed to be resolved a little too quickly.

7 Repairing The Colt

The Colt Supernatural

The Colt is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the entirety of Supernatural. It goes all the way back to season one.

It was used a lot in the earlier seasons, but as time went on it seemed to be forgotten. It reappeared again in season twelve when the boys face a Knight of Hell named Dagon. She attacks them and uses her powers to melt part of the Colt, damaging it severely. Sam keeps the damaged pieces and mentions that he could try to repair it.

Since then, the Colt has not been seen again. Repairing a gun that can kill almost anything would seem pretty high on the priority list, but it seems like the boys aren’t too concerned (or the writers forgot).

6 Amy Pond's Son

Jewel Staite as Amy Pond in Supernatural

Amy Pond was one of Sam’s old friends who appeared in season seven. She was a Kitsune, a supernatural creature who feeds on human organs, though she did so humanely without killing anyone.

Amy’s son grows ill, so she begins killing criminals because it is the only way to treat him. She was portrayed as a kind, sympathetic character, and Sam agrees to let her go free. Dean, however, disagrees and stabs Amy as she begs for her life, not realizing her son was in the room. Jacob vows to kill Dean one day.

It’s been years since Dean killed Amy, so it seems logical that her son would have tried to find Dean by now. In the six seasons since her death, Jacob has yet to be seen or mentioned.

5 Where Is Chuck?

With all of the hype about finding God throughout many seasons of Supernatural, he sure doesn’t seem like an important part of the story.

Fans began to speculate that Chuck was God when he disappeared in season five after writing the “Supernatural” novels. It wasn’t officially revealed until season eleven. With their theory confirmed, fans were excited to see where this reveal would take the story, but were ultimately disappointed when the plot fell flat.

Chuck and his sister, Amara (The Darkness), disappeared to somewhere unknown to spend some time together. He has not been seen since. The reveal of Chuck as God felt significant, but it didn’t make much of a difference in the dynamic of the show. It just seems like God would play more of a pivotal role in a story that centers on angels and demons, particularly with the recent return of Lucifer.

4 Dorothy and Oz

Felicia Day as Charlie going to Oz in Supernatural

In season nine, the writers made an interesting choice to introduce Dorothy Baum, the same Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy is a hunter and her father was a Man of Letters. She and the Wicked Witch were trapped together, but they are freed by Sam and Dean. She works with Charlie and the brothers to hunt the witch. Afterwards, she and Charlie enter the world of Oz using a magic key.

Eventually Charlie returns, revealing that Dorothy is now the leader of Oz. The key was broken so there’s no way back to Oz. Although that explains why Oz is never seen again, it would seem like knowing it is real would change the way Sam and Dean view the world. There could be hundreds of alternate worlds out there, but Sam and Dean never mention Dorothy or Oz again.

3 Is Gabriel Alive?

Fans have been speculating about the fate of Gabriel for years. He’s disappeared and come back so many times, that it's hard for fans to believe he was really dead in season five.

Gabriel is stabbed by his own brother, Lucifer, in the episode “Hammer of the Gods.” Unlike the other times The Trickster supposedly died, the shadows of his burnt wings are shown, like all the other angels who have died on the show.

In season nine, fans were excited when it seemed like Gabriel had come back to life. He works with Castiel to help Metatron. Later, however, it is revealed that Metatron had created an illusion of Gabriel to trick Cas. When Cas asks Gabriel if he’s really dead, all Gabriel does is wiggle his eyebrows and disappear. This open-ended answer still has fans wondering if they will ever see the angel return, but he hasn’t been seen again.

2 The Phoenix

In the episode “Frontierland” in season six, it is revealed that Eve can only be killed by the ashes of a Phoenix. Rather than a bird reborn from its own ashes, the Phoenix happens to be a man reincarnated through time.  

The boys travel back in time to attempt to get the ashes. They run into Samuel Colt who kills a Phoenix, but they are unable to collect the ashes. Samuel manages to deliver a package of the ashes to the boys once they’re back in the future. Dean drinks the Phoenix ash and tricks Eve into biting him. His blood is poisonous to her, and she dies. Fans wondered if Dean would be the new Phoenix or if the ashes would affect him in any way, but nothing ever came of it.

The Phoenix has never reappeared again and the brothers never speak of it, leaving a lot of questions from that entire plot point.

1 Alicia and Max Banes

In season twelve, Supernatural introduced fans to twins Alicia and Max Baines, the children of a hunter and a witch.

In the episode “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes,” their mother goes missing and they call Sam and Dean to help. They seemingly find her alive at the hotel, but later on it is revealed that their mother is dead and has been replaced by a twig and twine doll that is controlled by a witch. The witch offers a ring possessing her powers to Max, but Dean shoots her before he can decide.

Later, Alicia is also found dead. Max ignores Sam and Dean’s warning and turns his sister into a doll using the witch’s power. The episode ended in a way that left viewers feelings like the twins would return, but, so far, they haven’t been seen.


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