Any show that has been on for over thirteen years is going to have its flaws. The CW’s Supernatural is no exception. It is suspenseful, dark, compelling–and sometimes downright absurd.

The show has gone from simple monster hunts to complicated wars between angels and demons. Fans have stuck alongside the show for years, through the good and the bad. Supernatural is known to have both compelling and ridiculous plotlines. From introducing Lucifer himself to live, suicidal teddy bears, the show has gone in many strange, unique directions. Not every episode will be a hit, and passionate fans are not afraid to let the writers know when they are not impressed with the direction the show is going in. Getting frustrated with Supernatural is just a staple part of the fanbase at this point.

While anything is possible in the Supernatural universe, it doesn’t mean every idea the writers come up with will be accepted. They don’t even follow through with some of the plots they introduce. The show has received criticism for dropping storylines and leaving glaring plot holes with little to no explanation. While the show is still gaining viewers and adored by fans, it’s hard to ignore these 15 Supernatural Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned.

15. Adam Is In Hell

Adam Winchester in Supernatural 15 Supernatural Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned

Fans have been concerned about Adam Milligan, Sam and Dean’s brother, for years now. He was introduced in season four and is seen for the last time in season five.

He’s used as Michael’s vessel and falls into Lucifer’s cage. Dean can only save one person, and he obviously chooses Sam, so Adam was left imprisoned in hell with Michael and Lucifer. As far as anyone knows, he is still trapped. As much as Sam and Dean have sacrificed for family, you would think Adam would have been saved by now.

Adam’s abandonment has been a running joke among Supernatural fans. The show even pokes fun at him being stuck in hell. In the episode “Fan Fiction” in season ten, when kids put on a play of the Supernatural books, someone dresses up as Adam. Sam and Dean don’t recognize the character until a girl points out that Adam is still stuck in the cage.

14. Jesse Turner Is The Antichrist

supernatural jesse the antichrist 15 Supernatural Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned

Jesse Turner was introduced all the way back in season five. At the time he was treated like an important aspect of the Supernatural universe, but he was never seen again.

He was the child of a woman who was possessed by a demon. Jesse could control people with his mind. He teleported, had telekinesis, and could change people into objects. He was so powerful that Castiel expected him to become the Antichrist. The angel originally planned to kill him because he could be used against all of the angels in Heaven.

A kid that important to angels and demons would certainly interact with the Winchesters again one day, but so far, there has been no word on Jesse’s whereabouts in the show. With the introduction of Lucifer’s nephilim son, Jack, many fans are wondering if Jesse will appear again soon.