10 Supernatural Stars Who Are Sweethearts (And 4 Who Aren't)

Supernatural has been around for thirteen years now, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, as it's going into its fourteenth season later this year.

Fans have fallen in love with the characters, and in turn have gotten to know the actors pretty well after all these years. They all have huge followings on Twitter and there are blogs on Tumblr dedicated to them.

While most fans get glimpses of their favorite stars through interviews and magazine articles, the stars of Supernatural are a little more hands on. Fans can attend Supernatural conventions, where they can be as up close and personal as possible with their favorite actors.

They have panels where people can ask questions, as well as meet and greets, photo ops, and more. This makes it really easy for fans to share their encounters with the stars and really get an idea of what the actors are like in real life.

Between conventions, interviews, and general rumors, each actor has gained a reputation among fans. While some of them are the sweetest people imaginable, others have darker sides that fans would rather not acknowledge unless they have to. Others have been ostracized from the majority of the fandom altogether.

With that said, here are the 10 Supernatural Stars Who Are Sweethearts (And 4 Who Aren’t).

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Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural
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14 Sweet: Misha Collins

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

Misha Collins plays the angel Castiel on the show, but he also has a reputation for being an angel in real life. He’s been around since season four of Supernatural and has become a fan-favorite character.

While Cas sometimes makes some questionable decisions on the show, Collins always seems to be doing what he can to make the world a better place.

He’s extremely giving, and even started his own charity called Random Acts. The charity’s goal is to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Collins is constantly using his power as a celebrity to promote good causes and encourages his fans to support them as well. Collins even participated in the ice bucket challenge, which raised funds for ALS research.

Collins is such a sweet family man. He adores his children and loves to talk about them at conventions. He also posts adorable videos with them online, like this one where he cooks with his son, West.

He is married to his highschool sweetheart, Vicki, and has said that he used to write her poems when they were in school. He still does this occasionally, and even has some of his own published work.

13 Sweet: Matt Cohen

While he isn’t one of the most common actors to appear on the show, Matt Cohen has a reputation as one of the sweetest ones. He plays young John Winchester in the episodes in which the Winchesters go back in time.

The actor is constantly appearing at conventions and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to make his fans happy.  He wears goofy costumes, sings karaoke, and runs through the crowd as a general hype man.

It’s easy to tell that he genuinely loves spending time with fans. He believes that it’s important to use his place in the entertainment industry as a way to bring people joy and spread positivity.

He has a campaign on his social media referred to as #You.  He posts inspirational quotes and pictures as a way to motivate both himself and his fans to be happy.

Cohen has said, “Everyday I awake, I feel a huge urge to help someone so that I can help myself. A lot of my strength and positivity comes directly from the fans.”

He has also helped with Misha Collins’ charity Random Acts. The actor goes out of his way to help other people, which is one of the sweetest things anyone could do.

12 (Sometimes) Not Sweet: Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki can certainly be a sweetheart. He goes out of his way to talk to fans, posts videos of encouragement online, and donates to quite a few charities.

His campaign “Always Keep Fighting” has helped people struggling with mental health and addiction and fans are incredibly grateful for it. There’s no denying that the star has done a lot of good for the world and loves to spend time with his fans.

Unfortunately, he also has a darker side that isn’t so sweet.

He’s been known to use his social media to slam people’s reputations from time to time.

Fans have been upset in the past over some of the unnecessarily mean comments that he’s made about service that he has received to his very large, public audience.

While the actor has advocated for those suffering from mental health and addiction in the past, he also was under fire from fans from insulting Philip Seymour Hoffman’s drug overdose.

He called it both “senseless” and “stupid.” That isn’t exactly the nicest way to respond to the news of another actor passing.

While Padalecki definitely has a sweet side that fans love to see, he can be a little insensitive at times. He’s only human, after all.

11 Sweet: Kim Rhodes

Kim Rhodes has been a part of the Supernatural fandom since her first appearance on the show in season five. She plays sheriff Jody Mills and has quickly become one of the most popular female characters among the fans.

Fans love her so much that they’ve been campaigning for a spin-off focusing on her character for years.

Rhodes has always used her involvement with the show as a way to spread the message of women’s empowerment.

She works to let young girls know that they are strong through her and fellow Supernatural actress Briana Buckmaster’s “Wayward AF” campaigns. A proceed of the sales went to help various charities, including Random Acts.

She’s also spoken out about body positivity and self-love on her Twitter, proving yet again she’s a wonderful role model for young girls.

She loves her fans and loves to look at their fan art, participate in meet and greets, and even push for them to get the “Wayward Daughters” spin-off they’ve asked for for years.

The CW didn’t pick the newly named Wayward Sisters up, but she continues to push the spin-off idea alongside other viewers. It’s always impressive when a star goes above and beyond for their fans.

10 Sweet: Ruth Connell

Ruth Connell has joined the ranks of fan-favorite female characters since her appearance in season ten. She’s so loved that when she was supposedly cut off the show, fans threatened to stop watching the show.

Of course, the beloved witch came back and viewers get to continue enjoying her witty comments and impressive magic. While Rowena can be pretty wicked, Connell is the furthest thing from a witch.

The actress has never been anything but sweet. In an interview, she said “we all have our moments, but I try to be kind.” This kindness is shown to the fans she meets at conventions as well as donating to good causes in her personal life.

Like a lot of fellow casts members, she engages in a lot of charity work.

She teamed up with the charity My Hope Chest to sell different merchandise. All proceeds went to help the survivors of breast cancer receive reconstructive surgery.

She also has a daily mantra to live by: gratitude. The actress says that she always treats other people the same way she would want to be treated. Someone who tries to live by that daily has to be incredibly sweet, even if the character she portrays doesn’t always treat people in the nicest way.

9 Not Sweet : Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural Season 12

Mark Pellegrino has played the infamous character Lucifer on Supernatural for years. Fans have loved to hate the character, though they may have finally seen him disappear forever in the season thirteen finale.

While Lucifer has been a popular character on the show, a lot of fans have strong feelings about the actor, and they aren’t all that positive.

He doesn’t have a reputation for being the sweetest person in the world, particularly on his Twitter. While he’s worked with anti-bullying campaigns in the past, some fans claim that he bullies those who don’t agree with his views and uses his platform to gang up on them.

In the past, he has asked fans to help block someone from the Supernatural fandom along with William Shatner.

The actor also isn’t afraid to get political and controversial on his social media, rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. He’s angered fans with comments regarding racism, sexism, and religion.

These comments have upset a lot of fans to the point they made a petition to kick him out of Supernatural conventions. While he certainly has viewers who support and adore him, anyone who makes a large group of fans feel targeted and harassed isn’t going to have a reputation for being “sweet.”

8 Sweet: Osric Chau

Osric Chau as Kevin in Supernatural

While Osric Chau’s character Kevin isn’t appearing on Supernatural anymore, the actor is still very much involved with the fandom. Before he acted on the show, he was a big fan of it himself and has always been very grateful for the time he spent as Kevin.

He’s constantly engaging with his fans on social media, unlike a lot of celebrities. His connection with them is a really important part of his life.

The actor also isn’t afraid to participate in the craziness of the Supernatural fandom, including dressing up in cosplay and making silly videos. On top of being fully immersed in the fandom, he’s also incredibly charitable, like most of the cast.

He’s worked with Misha’s charity random acts and also participated in the ice bucket challenge.

It’s undisputed among the fans that Chau is incredibly sweet. He always works to make the world a happier place for everyone.

When he left the show, he even wrote a letter to fans on Twitter to make them feel better about his leaving. Not many actors go out of their way to have such a close relationship with their fans. He is arguably one of the sweetest actors on Supernatural.

7 Sweet: Rob Benedict

The man who plays God himself on Supernatural has to be sweet, right? Luckily, that’s exactly the case.

Rob Benedict has been playing God, also known as Chuck, on the show since season four. While God has been MIA, Benedict has continued to attend fan conventions and be extremely involved in the fandom.

He truly cares about his fans and costars and is always sweet to those around him.

Benedict actually had a pretty scary experience in the past. He had a stroke at the close of a convention. He got the help he needed and both his fellow castmates and the fans rallied around him.

The actor took it as a learning experience and is so grateful to be alive. He is now a strong advocate for stroke awareness. He works closely with the National Stroke Association and often gets fans to raise funds to help the cause.

He always says that the fandom was a big part of his healing process, so he always wants to make them feel welcome and cared for. He uses his experience to help others and spread joy. He’s helped the Supernatural fandom feel more like a family than a group of fans.

6 Not Sweet: Katie Cassidy

While Katie Cassidy now stars as Black Siren on Arrow, she has starred on another CW show before. Before Genevieve Padalecki came along, Cassidy played the demon Ruby on Supernatural. Much like the demon, she doesn’t have a reputation for being the sweetest star in the world.

There are a lot of fans who have made complaints about the actress. While a lot of them pertain to her time on Arrow, it’s clear there have been issues with her for a while.

It’s been said that she can be quite rude at conventions. She’s also been known to cancel a large amount of convention appearances, and then later appear out and about having fun during the times when those conventions appearances would have been at, making fans believe that she doesn’t care enough to meet them.

Supposedly, when she is asked questions about certain fans ships, she can be quite evasive and even rude in her responses.

It’s fine for an actress to not support certain aspects for a show, but there is no need to act childish in response to fan questions.

A lot of this is opinion-based, so other fans may have great experiences with Cassidy. However, from a lot of reports, she isn’t always sweet to everyone.

5 Sweet: Briana Buckmaster

Briana Buckmaster plays Sheriff Donna Hanscum, another character who would have been a part of the Wayward Sisters spin-off. She’s been around Supernatural since season nine.

Both she and Kim Rhodes are incredibly sweet to their fans and are constantly talking about empowering women.

Buckmaster prides herself on being a positive role model for young girls. She posts uplifting and inspiring things on her Instagram and pushes people to be the best version of themselves.

The actress is very aware of how important the show is to fans and how much her character means to people, particularly the female viewers. She uses her time as Donna and speaking at conventions to help girls with their confidence and body image.

She loves having something she can give the world to make people feel a little better about themselves.

She’s always so happy when she is surrounded by fans, and let’s them know how much she loves them on Twitter. Her passion, kindness, and generosity radiates off the stage, and she loves the energy that the audience gives right back.

Buckmaster is always kind to her fans and no one ever seems to have a bad word to say about her.

4 Sweet: Felicia Day

Charlie in Supernatural

Felicia Day’s Supernatural character Charlie Bradbury is one of the most beloved characters in the fandom. Every time she appeared in an episodes, fans asked for more.

When she was cut off the show, fans were so upset that some threatened to stop watching the show. Day was back on the show in season thirteen as an alternate version of the character, and fans were grateful to see her face back on their television screens again.

The actress has never been anything other than sweet and generous. She is very vocal about different issues, like bullying, peer pressure, and embracing yourself for who you are.

Day even started an “Embrace Your Weird” campaign. The proceeds from the shirts that she sells go to the charity Stomp Out Bullying.

She also wrote a memoir called You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). She wrote a lot about embracing her individuality and finding her place in the world.

While promoting the book, she spoke to a lot of fans and parents who were inspired by her story. She helped people suffering from bullying, depression, anxiety, and more, and she takes that responsibility very seriously.

Fans are extremely appreciative of her willingness to share and help others.

3 Sweet: Sebastian Roche

Sebastian Rocha as Balthazar in Supernatural

While Sebastian Roche hasn’t appeared on Supernatural since season six, his character, Balthazar, was a really important part of the show.

Fans were upset when he left the show and still ask the creators to bring him back for an episode. Roche himself was also loved by the fans, and has always been incredibly sweet and gracious about his time on the show.

Like many of his cast mates, Roche dedicates a lot of his time to helping others.

He’s very vocal about different causes and has always been passionate about helping children in any way he can.

He worked closely with the Dream Builders Project (DPD) to help combat child abuse. He’s also big on helping with the betterment of third world countries as well as the environment, and is an ardent supporter of Greenpeace.

Roche believes in using the platform that comes with fame to make the world a better place.

When asked about his favorite superhero, he said that his favorite heroes don’t wear capes. He admires anyone who try to change the bad that is happening in the world. Also, much like the heroes he described, Roche is always trying to make the planet a kinder place.

2 Sweet: Mark Sheppard

Crowley in Supernatural

Mark Sheppard was at the center of gossip among Supernatural fans after his departure from the show in season twelve. His character, Crowley, has been around for years and was certainly a favorite of most viewers.

There were rumors of a falling out between him and the writers, but it’s never been made clear what exactly happened. While Crowley won’t be returning to Supernatural, fans are grateful for the time they got to spend getting to know the sweet actor who played him.

He has given a lot of his time to the viewers of the show, attending countless conventions.

Fans who have met Sheppard always attest to how sweet and caring he is to everyone he meets. He’s said to be real and genuinely cares about his fans. Sheppard also cares deeply about his family, constantly sharing sweet photos of his wife and children on his instagram.

It shouldn’t be surprising that he, too, is extremely charitable. It seems to be a running theme among the Supernatural cast.

He once sold a shirt with Crowley on it and all proceeds went to Camp Conrad Chinnock, a charity that helps children cope with their diabetes.

Crowley may have been a demon, but Sheppard acts more like an angel.

1 (Sometimes) Not Sweet: Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Jensen Ackles can be extremely sweet. He gives so much of his time to fans at conventions, loves to sing, and absolutely adores his children.

He’s extremely supportive of Misha’s Random Acts charity and Jared’s “Always Keep Fighting” campaign. Ackles also helped raise money for hurricane relief with his castmates.

However, his sweet side isn’t the only side to him. There are times when the fandom wishes that he could be a little bit nicer.

He and Jared have been known to take jokes a little too far. Once at a convention, they made a pretty uncomfortable assault joke and fans weren’t exactly happy about it. While they didn’t mean any harm, the joke was said in poor taste and caused outrage on Twitter.

Ackles has also been labeled homophobic by fans in the past. At conventions, when fans ask questions about the ship Destiel or the romantic tension between Dean and Castiel, he refuses to answer.

He once told a fan not to ruin it for everybody, causing controversy among the fans attending. That kind of behavior from Ackles causes some fans, particularly LGBTQ fans, to feel alienated or even disliked by him.

While Ackles typically is sweet and caring, he has another side to him that a lot of fans see as problematic.


Can you think of any other Supernatural stars who are sweet? Can you think of any who aren't? Sound off in the comments!

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