Supernatural Spinoff Wayward Sisters Isn't Happening

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Wayward Sisters, The CW’s planned spinoff of the seemingly immortal Supernatural, won’t go to series after all, according to one of the show’s writers. This was the second time that the network had attempted to spin the story of Sam and Dean Winchester off into an entirely new series, with Supernatural: Bloodlines being the first. That series failed to achieve liftoff after airing a backdoor pilot during the original series’ ninth season, but, seemingly undeterred, the network tried again just a few years later with the seemingly much more marketable Wayward Sisters. However, the question of that series’ future has now been answered in the negative.

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The results were familiar but mostly positive, which is why the news that the show isn’t moving forward comes as such a surprise. Writer and Wayward Sisters executive producer Robert Berens made the announcement on his Twitter account today, saying: 

Wayward Sisters Robert Berens

So far, The CW has yet to announce any new series orders for the upcoming fall 2018 season. Wayward Sisters seemed like a shoo-in for the network since it already had an established fan base and seemed poised to be a show ready to tap into certain current cultural events by having an all-female cast in a typically male-dominated genre. For whatever reason, the powers that be at The CW saw things differently and have opted just to go with a fourteenth season of Supernatural instead. 

The decision raises a lot of questions about what was not viable about Wayward Sisters and what shows The CW is looking to order to series instead. At the moment, the network still has reboots of Charmed and Roswell on the table, as well as Dead Inside, The End of the World As We Know It, In the Dark, Playing Dead, Skinny Dip, and an untitled drama from April Blair and Greg Berlanti. Perhaps several of these new shows were attractive to The CW, and the promise of injecting a little new blood (with the exception of two reboots, of course) seemed more viable in the long run than a Supernatural spinoff. 

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Source: Robert Berens

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