TV News Wrap Up: 'Supernatural' Spinoff Details, 'Lilyhammer' Renewed for Season 3 & More

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The CW's president and a Supernatural producer dish a few details on the potential spinoff; Netflix renews Lilyhammer for season 3; A&E begins development on a Highway to Heaven reboot with Mark Wahlberg producing; FXX sets a February premiere date for Ali G: Rezurection; and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment plans to release the complete original 1960s Batman series on home video later this year.

CW president Mark Pedowitz has already said Supernatural could continue well beyond season 9 if the ratings hold. But even with more Supernatural apparently on the way, the network and the show's producers are still developing a spinoff, which they discussed in a bit more detail this week.

Supernatural Season 9, Episode 10 - Castiel, Dean & Crowley

With the spinoff still in the early stages of development, Pedowitz didn't have a whole lot of beans to spill, but did say that he has seen a finished pilot script and that the show will be set in Chicago. He also confirmed that Supernatural's main characters will crossover to the spinoff at some point, but explained why fans may not see them until the new show has somewhat established itself.

Said Pedowitz:

"For me, for spinoffs to work, you have to stand them on their own two legs, so you can only do those crossovers when the time is right, like we did with 'The Originals.' We didn't see Michael Trevino's character, Tyler, until the seventh or eighth episode. By that time, the show was standing up on its own two legs."

Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver was also intentionally vague when asked to describe the spinoff this week, but he expressed his confidence in the new show and his belief that the two series can run side-by-side successfully. Said Carver:

"We’ve created a world that feels like the 'Supernatural' world yet has so much more story to be told that doesn’t trample on the mother ship’s terrain. You’ve got two shows that are going to be able to exist in total harmony, I think."

While we still know little about the Supernatural spinoff, we have to assume The CW will push forward with it, based on the strong backing from the network's president. And as always, we'll pass along more info on the project when it comes in.

Sources: IGN, EW


Following a successful debut of Lilyhammer season 2 on its streaming platform last month, Netflix decided to renew the popular series for season 3 earlier this week.

Steve Van Zandt Lilyhammer Netflix

The service didn't reveal how many episodes season 3 would contain, but it is obviously happy with the viewer response to the most recent eight-episode season, which premiered in December.

Said Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos:

"We are proud to bring back 'Lilyhammer' for a third season. 'Lilyhammer' is the type of global show that Netflix members around the world have discovered and love and season 3 will see that world expand even more."

Due to the limited availability of its star, E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt, Lilyhammer fans had to wait nearly two years between seasons 1 and 2. Fortunately, it appears the show's third season will come much faster, as Netflix has set a 2014 release date for the upcoming batch of episodes.

Look for Lilyhammer season 3 on Netflix later this year.

Source: Netflix


The Supernatural spinoff isn't the only show involving angels currently in development, as A&E announced it is putting a Highway to Heaven reboot together, with Mark Wahlberg attached as an executive producer.

AE developing Highway to Heaven reboot

Reportedly, the show will feature the same premise as the original, which ran for five seasons (1984-1989) on NBC and starred Michael Landon as an angel assigned to help troubled souls on Earth. The original series also starred Victor French as a human who teams up with Landon's character to assist him in earning his wings.

Casting the new leads likely won't begin until the pilot script is approved, but with Hell on Wheels showrunner John Wirth penning the show, there's a good chance that A&E will move forward with the project.

We'll let you know if and when Highway to Heaven gets picked up.

Source: THR


It's been nearly three months since FXX and Sacha Baron Cohen reached a deal to bring Cohen's legendary British character Ali G back to American TV, but the network has finally selected a premiere date for Ali G: Rezurection, slating it to debut on February 26, 2014.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G

Fans of Cohen's walking satire on urban stereotypes will definitely be excited to see the hilariously ignorant and often clueless character back on television, but unfortunately, they won't have any new episodes to look forward to, as Ali G: Rezurection will simply air the existing 18 episodes of the old Da Ali G Show. However, the new show will add all-new introductions by Cohen and will include some interviews and clips that have never aired before in the United States.

Considering it's been more than a decade since Da Ali G Show premiered on HBO (2003-2004), Rezurection should still serve as an introduction to the character for many American viewers. And for those who simply haven't seen Ali G in a long time, the new show at least allows the opportunity to revisit some classic episodes.

Look for Ali G: Rezurection when it comes to FXX on February 26, 2014.

Source: FXX


Younger generations may forever associate the Batman character with Christian Bale (or dare we say Ben Affleck?), but for many, Adam West is the one and only Caped Crusader and those same folks will be thrilled to hear that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing the complete original 1960s Batman series on home video later this year.

1960s Batman series on DVD

We're not sure which formats the show will be available in, but all 120 episodes - which aired in three seasons from 1966-1968 - are expected to be included, along with all the BAMs, POWs and corny Robin one-liners a Batman fan could ever want.

A years-long battle between Fox and Warners over the rights was to blame for the long wait for the show's home video release, but now that it will finally be available for home viewing, Batman fans will get to take that long-overdue trip down memory lane.

There is no exact home video release date for Batman yet, but expect it to hit stores sometime in 2014.

Source: /Film

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