Supernatural: Rick Springfield's Rock Star Lucifer Explained

Rick Springfield's rock star became a vessel for Lucifer during Supernatural season 12. Here's the character's arc on the show explained.

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Here's rock star Rick Springfield's brief run as a vessel for Lucifer on Supernatural explained. When Supernatural arrived on The CW its unlikely anyone involved could have predicted how popular it would become. The set up involves brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who were raised from a young age by their father John (Jeffery Dean Morgan, The Walking Dead) to hunt supernatural creatures, including everything from ghosts to demons. The first season detailed their quest to find their father after he goes missing, and while Supernatural's creator planned a five-season arc, it eventually lasted for fifteen seasons.

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This is down to Supernatural's loyal fanbase and the show's ability to keep things relatively fresh. Over the course of 300 episodes, there's little the Winchester's haven't encountered or defeated - including death itself on a few occasions - so it's probably the right time to bring it to a close. The show also received an animated spinoff in the form of Supernatural: The Anime Series in 2011, but planned spinoffs like Supernatural: Bloodlines or Wayward Sisters failed to move forward.

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Lucifer himself has been one of Supernatural's great recurring foes, with actor Mark Pellegrino infusing him with both humor and menace. His hatred towards God and humanity fuelled most of his actions on the show, but while he briefly reunited with God to face a bigger threat, he eventually felt betrayed by his creator once again. Lucifer has also possessed several characters, including Sam (Jared Padalecki, Friday The 13th 2009). During season 12 he took over aging rock star Vince Vincente as his new vessel, played by guest star Rick Springfield.

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Rick Springfield is a rock star himself, best known for hit songs like "Jessie's Girl," and he's also appeared in General Hospital. A pre-possessed Vince is shown to be somewhat depressed despite his success and feels guilt over the death of a lover. He sees a vision of his lost love, who promises they can be together if he agrees to submit - which is just really Lucifer attempting to possess Vince. After Lucifer takes control of Vince on Supernatural he starts to burn out the body quickly, and Lucifer's attempt to make the vessel last a little longer is thwarted when witch Rowena casts a spell that sends him to the bottom of the sea instead.

He soon makes a comeback, with Vince's final appearance on Supernatural seeing him performing a concert with the intent of killing everyone present. Vince's body is practically falling apart by this point and while he kills a few people the body burns out and Lucifer is forced to depart. Rick Springfield's time on Supernatural may have been brief but he was a lot of fun in the role, and being a genuine rock star added some depth to his performance as Vince.

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