Supernatural: Every Way To Kill An Angel

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

How do you kill an angel in Supernatural? When soldiers of heaven were first introduced in Supernatural season 4, they seemed almost indestructible, and were clearly a huge upgrade from the beasts Sam and Dean Winchester had faced in previous adventures. Now in the post-production phase of its final, fifteenth season, Supernatural has well and truly blown open the mythology of heaven and the angels, with scores of God's children appearing over the past ten seasons. As one might expect, the aura of invincibility that once surrounded Supernatural's angelic contingent has faded, and the Winchester brothers now dispatch angels as if it's just another day at the office.

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The Winchesters' experience in fighting angels will likely be an important feature of Supernatural season 15. There are currently very few of the creatures left populating the heavens, and the angels' status as an endangered species threatens the entire world. However, God is back in business, and seems to be the final villain of the Supernatural story. Having already emptied the contents of Hell onto the Earth to fight Sam and Dean, it seems safe to predict that many angelic types will be standing between the Winchesters and the Lord when Supernatural returns. There's also the return of Adam Milligan to consider, who will likely still be possessed by Michael - the final archangel alive in Supernatural's world.

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Here's every way an angel can be defeated in Supernatural:

  • Angel blades - The easiest, and most common, way to defeat an angel in Supernatural is to use one of their own blades. After so long in the game, Sam and Dean seem to carry these weapons as standard, while Castiel obviously has one of his own secreted inside his famous trench coat.
  • Archangel blades - Like angel blades, but better. These weapons can kill archangels, but only when wielded by another archangel. Since Arthur Ketch used one to kill a demon, however, it's possible that Sam and Dean could use the archangel blade they took from Apocalypse World Michael to kill regular angels.
  • The Colt - The fabled gun supposedly capable of killing virtually anything. Since Lucifer is confirmed to be immune, the Colt may be ineffectual on other archangels. Bog-standard angels, however, should be no bother. Unfortunately, the Colt is currently in several pieces, although the possibility of fixing it has been mentioned.

The Colt Supernatural

  • Angel-killing bullets - Thanks to the Apocalypse World, fixing the Colt might not be necessary. Plunged into a war between angels and demons, the humans of this parallel Earth were forced to find a way of fighting back, and invented special bullets that could do the job. Crowley possessed a gun that worked using a similar principle, but its whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • Higher Beings - Certain higher-level entities who sit above angels in the Supernatural hierarchy can kill the soldiers of heaven without much difficulty. These include Death (or perhaps anyone wielding the scythe), the Darkness, the shadow in charge of the Empty, and God himself. Other beings that have been seen to kill angels include Leviathans, Princes of Hell and Nephilim.
  • Sigils - The Winchester brothers regularly use sigils to repel or banish angels, but this is only a temporary solution. However, the angels themselves know of a sigil that, when carved onto a vessel, can be used as a bomb that takes out anything in its path. This is seen when Gadreel detonates himself to set Castiel free from Heaven's prison.
  • First Blade/Mark of Cain - When a person in possession of the Mark of Cain wields the First Blade, more or less any target is fair game, and that includes angels. Without the Mark, however, the blade is nothing but a lump of donkey bone.
  • Lance Of Michael - Another biblical weapon capable of defeating angels is the Lance of Michael. Unfortunately, the lance was broken by Crowley and while the Winchester brothers do possess the pieces, there's been no suggestion that the weapon is fixable.
  • Kaia's Spear - Since this weapon from an alternate world could hurt the archangel Michael, it surely would be very effective against regular angels. If the archangel hadn't already destroyed it, that is.

Certainly, Supernatural's angels have lost some of their shine as the seasons have passed, but if Sam and Dean do come up against a holy battalion in season 15, at least they'll have a range of ways to deal with the problem.

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Supernatural season 15 premieres October 10th on The CW.

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