The Internet’s Best Reactions/Memes To The End Of Supernatural

Supernatural - an institution, a lifestyle, a religion, the last remaining show from The WB - is ending. The next season, number 15, will be the last for the beloved series. Wanting fans to hear it from them first, rather than a publication, the stars of SupernaturalJensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), and Misha Collins (Castiel) - released a video on Instagram Friday, March 22 breaking the news. In the video, each man looks like they were/are/will be crying, as declaring the devastating news aloud makes it real.

Fans always imagined the series, which premiered in 2005, would outlive us all. However, the news did not come as a shock, as the actors have long discussed ending the series. Most fans knew this was coming, someday. The signs were there. It was just a question of when. That does not mean it hurt any less. Rivers of tears shed all across the internet. It feels like a loved one has a year left to live.

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The best way to stop crying is to start laughing. It is cathartic. What is getting us through the heartbreak are these entertaining reactions from fans. We hope they make you laugh and heal your pain.

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You wake up thinking today is going to be great, ok, like any other. You go about your day like normal. Then Jensen Ackles posts. You read the caption. Your heart sinks. You hit play. You brace for impact. Then… bam! You hear the inescapable words "our fifteenth season...will be our last." That is it. Everyone go home now. It is time to cry. Welcome to feelings hour.


Every Supernatural fan will always remember where they were when they heard the Earth shattering news. Some were fortunate enough to be home, sitting at their kitchen table. Others, not so lucky, were at fan conventions, like C2E2 in Chicago. Thankfully, those fans had each other to lean on face-to-face. Even worse, some were at their cubical in the middle of their office. Crying over a TV show is a completely valid reason to take a personal day off from work and go home early.


"Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” There are many ways to process ones emotions, especially when it comes to a favorite TV show ending. Scream, cry, listen to music associated with the series, and watch it repeatedly.  Have yourself a merry little meltdown, whatever it takes to heal your soul. We will not judge.


It is no secret; some fans believe Supernatural has lived way past its expiration date. Maybe they stopped watching seasons ago because 15 is too much to stay caught up on, or begrudgingly kept watching.

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Either way, once you love something you always love it. Whether or not you want to admit it, deep inside you will always feel some sort of way when it ends. This is true of all relationships - romantic and with TV shows.


In the words of John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), "We have two choices. We can think about what's coming or we can be grateful for this time we have together." Focus on the inevitable or put it in the back of your mind and enjoy what remains - the final four episodes of season 14 and the 20 episodes from season 15. Sam and Dean still have adventures to go on and monsters to hunt. Who knows how this season will end and influence the next? Please, do not be so wrapped up in your negative emotions you miss the ride. Breathe and enjoy.


Or don’t. Alternatively, if you never finish your favorite series, it will live on forever. It is possible to not watch a show in its entirety and never find out how it ends. Intriguing possibility but, if you are a fan who is actually so upset at it ending, could you control yourself enough not to watch it? Serious question. Asking for a friend.


Every time fans of Supernatural hear certain classic rock songs, they think of the series. When most people hear "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor they get amped up, but a Supernatural fan flashes back to Jensen Ackles rocking out behind the scenes in Dean's 1967 Chevy Impala (which better not be totaled post-production). For Supernatural fans, when "Heat of the Moment" by Asia comes on memories of Sam repeatedly waking up in bed in fan favorite episode "Mystery Spot" flood right back. "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas is practically the theme to the series. It plays in almost every season finale. Yet, there is still a huge catalog of songs left to use in the show. Fans are hoping they saved the best for last. Will we finally hear Led Zeppelin or "American Pie" by Don McLean play over Team Free Will?


Many stories happen over 15 years of television. Some great. Others terrible. Many memorable. A few that even the creators overlook. One of Supernatural's running gags is the series forgetting about Sam and Dean's brother, Adam (Jake Abel). Season four introduced Adam, John Winchester's son he had with a woman after his wife, Mary (Samantha Smith), died.

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At the end of season five, Adam fell into the pits of hell with Sam and remained there. His brothers never mentioned him again. Will they finally rescue him in the final season? Probably not.


In Supernatural lore, if you go to a crossroads and bury graveyard dirt, black cat bones, yarrow, and a photo of yourself, a red-eyed demon will visit you to make a deal. As with a genie, you can ask for anything your heart desires. To seal the deal, the demon and the desperate exchange a kiss.

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Of course, there is a catch. If you make a deal with a crossroads demon, you are selling your soul. In ten years, they will come to collect. They will sic hellhounds on you to drag you under, so you will become a demon yourself. Sound worth the risk? It might have been to somebody as, ironically, Supernatural intended to end after season five in 2010. Yet it continued for ten more years. Whoever sold their soul to a demon, THANK YOU. Any takers willing to do it again, for another ten seasons? Bueller?


Supernatural will never actually really be gone. Although said repeatedly, it still stands true: Just because the crew no longer produces new episodes and the actors stop playing their characters does not mean the show is going anywhere. The characters will always be there, as long as fans keep creating new content. They will just be living in new, non-canon stories told through fan fiction, videos, and productions. While we wait for the inevitable revival, the show will also live on through syndication. For as long as we live, there will always be a way to enjoy Supernatural.


Now that Supernatural is over, the main cast can explore their options and work on other projects. New roles could lead to them finally winning well-deserved, prestigious awards. Will they move on to other series? Become superheroes like Chuck's Zachary Levi, who now stars as DC's Shazam, or Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt, who became a household name as Marvel's Star-Lord? Or will they shelve their acting careers altogether and be stay-at-home dads, making memories with their quickly aging children? Only time will tell.


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Goodbyes are never easy, even when you saw it coming from a mile away. Everything eventually ends, thus is the cycle of life and death. (Except for maybe the Winchesters, would have to speak to Billy (Lisa Berry) about that one.) This is why we live out loud and love whole-heartedly, even if it hurts when it ends. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Cue all the cheesy clichés.

Look on the bright side, at least Supernatural is getting an official final season and not just surprisingly ending after the next four episodes.

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What would you like to see from the rest of the series? How did you feel about the announcement? Feel free to talk through your emotions in the comments below.

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