'Supernatural' Renewed for Season 9 - Will It Reach Season 10?

Supernatural Season 8

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Sam and Dean's adventures will continue for (at least) one more year, as CW announced that it has given an early renewal for Supernatural season 9. Could showrunner Jeremy Carver's plan to reach season 10 actually happen?

The news, announced via press release from CW, also came with news of Arrow season 2 and a new season of The Vampire Dairies, helping to the secure the network's top ratings performers for one more year. Nothing was mentioned in regards to whether or not Nikita will continue on Fridays in season 4.

Once riddled with the programming "death slot" next to Nikita, Supernatural was rescued from Friday nights to be paired with new series Arrow, the network's (now) most watched show, which led to a ratings increase of 15% from season 8 to season 9. But there's more to Supernatural's renewal than just improved ratings. 

Supernatural Season 7 Finale

Through season 7 and 8, Supernatural went through so-called "growing pains," as many aging series do. After a tiring battle against the Leviathans, the death (and afterlife) of a fan-favorite character, and a surprise trip to Purgatory, fans of Supernatural were wondering if their favorite series had finally become too broken to fix. And then, Jeremy Carver returned to the show for season 8 – this time as showrunner.

Carver, who is considered one of the best writers Supernatural ever had, returned to the series with the goal of reaching season 10 - a goal, he said, that would include returning the show to its origins. And although it took until the second of half of season 8, Supernatural has, largely, returned to its roots, replacing unnecessarily complicated storylines with a coherent and thoroughly entertaining story-arc, the "Man of Letters."

Now that Supernatural season 9 has been confirmed – something that the actors already agreed to last year, along with season 10 – fans will get to see more of Carver's story begin to reveal itself, allowing viewers to see where, if renewed, the show could be heading in its (likely final) tenth season. However, if Carver's plan of bringing Supernatural backs to its roots continue to be as successful, don't be surprised if Sam and Dean continue to battle it out until season 11.


Supernatural airs Wednesdays @9pm on CW

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